My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

@MaximusPrime @ManeBionicleGali It is indeed from an Elves set.
Here is the list of new ones from toy fair:

So, um, season seven starts tomorrow...




(Insert Fluttershy's "yay"!)


I just saw the third episode and I just have one thing to say.

Flurry Heart was just so adorable AAAAHHH

K, I'm done now.

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"I didn't get a rocktorate because I can shred on the guitar like no-pony else". ~Maud pie

So... a new episode... And I made a thing from it.

Turns out, Rarity is the one that shreds on the guitar like no-pony else.

So... Either Applejacks parents are dead, or the MLP staff is wrong.
The most resent episode makes it clear that they are gone, and the line "They left us something to remember them by" makes it very clear in my mind that they are never going to come back.
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The newest episode 'The Perfect Pear' was amazing.

the song was stuck in my head for days, the designs and personalities of the Apple Parents were really nice, and the way everyone talked about them, along with the wood salespony tearing up when he was talking about AJ's dad basically all but confirmed the two to be deceased.

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I don't like the show much. Watched a season because of my cousin. It was meh.

The first season is the weakest but mostly due to, well, being the first season (like any show). I really enjoyed the later ones starting with season two (Discord is best) and like others been saying the show has it's dark moments. The IDW comics are probably more darker in tone than the show in general and not just because of the art style. I've been needing to catch up with the last season and still haven't completed season 4. I need to do so in time for the movie... I also need to catch up on the IDW comics; I'm REALLY far behind on those.

A late reply but this is Fluttershy:

Not one here really talk much about the upcoming movie:

For someone who doesn't follow the fandom, I rather wait for the dvd release to avoid various of people at the cinemas.


The colors are so bright and overwhelming...


I like how the villain looks like an edgy OC

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Fun fact: the stories shared in the episode that came out today are the referred-to origins of the characters in the MLP comic series "Legends of Magic" #2, #3, and #4. #1 is about the Royal Sisters.

So... Are Thorax and Pharynx going to be the Changeling equivalent to Celestia and Luna? I am okay with this.

So i have to be honest here my interest has been peaked when it comes to this MLP movie after i happened to flip the artbook for the movie. A number of interesting desgins jumped out at me when i flipped through

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did not expect to see u here

It did average as expected. Did anyone bother to watch the movie recently?

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I used to like this show but now I think it's honestly dead, people just need to give up.

I don’t know, season 8 has been going pretty well. I don’t think there’s been a truly bad episode in it yet. My least favorite so far was probably Maud Couple, but even it was okay.

well yeah, I just think the series has to pay it's due and just end.