My MOC's :P

Here are some MOC's that I would like to share. I mostly post on Flickr and have been at it for almost a year now. Thought I would post them here for y'all to see. Enjoy!
(Don't be afraid of Critiquing my MOC's as long as it is respectful)

First is Sed Sidrall, My most recent but I still need to post more pics :

next is Paquate, My most popular MOC smile


Tohunga Oxi-gen:

GT-27 The Iron Giant:

The Thing (from the recent remake of the thriller movie, "The Thing")

Toa Vultraz (messing around with design)

Mata Nui revamp

Hahli Mahri revamp

and finally my first official MOC, Mironius

Thanks for viewing!



All of these are amazing! open_mouth I think my favorite out of the bunch is Vultraz, and second would be the Hahli Mahri revamp.

Your Mata Nui should have been how the giant Mata Nui set looked like.

Is everyone able to see the links?
cuz those are my best

I saw the links. They are pretty impressive MOCs. I would like to review all of them, but that would take a while.

I feel offended :/ EDIT: let me be more clear, saying that you, ven and awesomenessborn arethe only decent mocers is a complete lie, just because you can build massive mocs doesnt mean you can say everyones suck, its very mean :C there a lot of great mocers out there just look! you cant just say everyone else suck its rude, personally I have limitations to my builds because bricklink doesnt ship to where I live

also I am not saying your mocs suck, I am just saying that saying everyone elses suck is a stupid way to put it

Gorgeous! What can I critique?

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I understand that you have an opinion, and let me just tell you how much a camera cost where I live: 100[censored]euro
and you know what else? I have not once in my life got advice on how to improve my mocs,I started with a brick then I built a strange house then I built a bionicle as ugly as the hordika, now all I think is that my mocing skills have improved to at least good enough, when I see a moc I dont base it on [censored]ing photograhy. and dude dont say they suck and they need to improve, because that means your a [censored] at least say "you arent the best but take this advice" and tell them whats wrong with it. you are entitled to say whatever but be nice and say whats wrong with it! opinion or not tell them how to improve, and tell me is and opinion telling them they suck and not telling them WHAT they did wrong?
see if you being honest is okay, but not telling them how to improve makes them go NOWHERE

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Here, I can't even build titans that will look good and not sloppy and I never bought any pieces off bricklink or ebay and I don't have good lighting either. I'm a lot like you in a sense. U all have the potential to becoming a decent moccer in my eyes and the only thing separating u and the best is experience.

What I did is that I observed others mocs and see what is good about it. They might even give u inspiration! but never copy, that's a big NO. See what pieces are used and not used very often lift the technic lift arms. Dont build titans or mocs like sidorak and u can tell by how many good mocs are using that technique. the answer is none.

The other tip is to mess with pieces for HOURS. think outside the box. Try to show ur personality in the moc, create new building techniques, use appealing colour choices. Lastly, talk to some experience moccers and ask what is good and bad, but make sure the mocs are in the proto stage so u can improve and use their advice.

lastly, try to get a good/decent background and light. This I think is the MOST important. the lighting needs to be able to show the viewer the moc and make it pleasant to look at. with the background, all I used is new christmas wrapping paper (the white side) this i best for a lot of mocs but it doesn't work with white so use poster boards.

I hope this helps and good luck!


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thank you for the advice!

Have you seen ToaKylerak's stuff? He's a great MOCer, and even though I'm his brother, I'm not telling a biased opinion. You should really check out his stuff. Other people like it, too.

All great but I especially love Toa Vultraz and Mironius! ~Detox

So as to not discourage any LEGO builders here, please do not bash others' works. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, but there's a line between critique and harrassment.

You're beginning to cross the line here. People don't become better at building MOCs by being told that their creations "suck". Your comments were rude and unnecessary, and I have some constructive criticism for that: Cut it out. Pretty please.

It's understandable that you have high standards, and I actually respect the fact you seem so passionate about MOCing. But remember, just because you have your opinion over someone's creation doesn't entitle you to begin insulting them. Simply put, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all.

We're supposed to be a friendly community here. C'mon now.

(All this aside, these MOCs look pretty great. I'll have to go in depth at a later point)


also may I just point out I wrote offended as a joke cause of my bad mocing skillz

I really think that your MOC is really good! One suggestion (even though I'm not amazing) is the make the trans orange dark grey/black and put gold/maroon armor on the legs

already fixed the leg m8

oh...sorry then hah


He said his mocs suck and I said they didnt hahah

oh! okay