My Team: the Toa Rode

Since my Cliff Screecher got such a positive response from everyone here, I figured I might as well jump in and introduce you to my Toa Team - the Toa Rode! There’s eight of them, so I decided to save space and make one big post for all of them.

The Toa Rode (loosely “True Heroes”) were formed shortly after the Reformation of Spherus Magna with the aim of helping the Matoran and Agori integrate into a peaceful society. They helped to build a large village called Spero - the Agori word for hope - and they defend it to this day.

The Toa Rode is made of eight members (from left to right): Solra, Ferrik, Grivon, Kahfen, Gahla, Nuto, Vilkin, and Kryon. If I had to pick one as my self-MOC, it would be Gahla. Yes, they’re all Inika builds. TBH, I don’t understand why Inika get so much hate.

Gahla, Toa of Shadow

Mask: Kanohi Fluox, the Great Mask of Elasticity

Tools: Shadow Katana, Cordak Blaster, Firestaff

Team Role: Leader

Skills: Mask Making, metallurgy

Gahla was a Ta-Matoran from Nynrah who was renowned for his Mask-Making ability. Eventually, his skill attracted the attention of the Order of Mata Nui. He was recruited by the agency to practice his trade on Daxia, but he eventually proved useful as a spy. On a mission, he ran afoul of one of Makuta Mutran’s prototype Shadow Leeches, which drained his inner Light. Thanks to his mental training, the shield surrounding his mind served as a barrier which prevented his moral light from draining out, but his powers and armor had changed. (Yes, I know it wouldn’t work that way in canon.)

Fearful that he might face persecution from the Order because of his status as a Shadow Matoran, Gahla wandered the universe, using his shadow powers to help whoever he could, eventually making his way north to Metru Nui. During Teridax’s Reign, he was chosen, along with Kahfen, to become a Toa. The first Toa of Shadow used his dark powers for good, defending the Metru Nui Matoran from the horrors that the Great Spirit Teridax unleashed upon them.

After the Battle of Bara Magna, Gahla and Kahfen sought to begin a new team of Toa intent on protecting the Agori and Glatorian as well as the Matoran. They adopted the name “Rode” to show that they were pure of heart, even if their origins were shrouded in darkness – and in some cases, mystery.

Gahla has the ability to create, control, and absorb shadows. He can shroud areas or targets in darkness and produce blasts, beams, and waves of destructive shadow energy. An agent of the Order of Mata Nui, Gahla has a mental shield that renders him immune to telepathy, mind control, illusion, and mental blasts.

Gahla wears the Kanohi Fluox, the Great Mask of Elasticity. When active, it makes his body elastic and resistant to harm; at full power, it allows him to stretch his body several times its length, allowing him to quickly cross long distances. It is identical in function to the Kraata power of Elasticity. He carries a Shadow Katana and a Cordak Blaster. He also carries a Firestaff, which allows him to shape metal and has very limited fire powers.

Gahla is an intelligent, confident leader. He takes charge during a battle, but when contemplating long-term decisions, he prefers to consult the other members of his team before taking action - not out of hesitance, but out of respect for his brothers and sister. Although many would consider his power to be evil, he sees it as merely another tool to use against those who would do the Matoran and Agori harm.

Kahfen, Toa of the Void

Mask: Kanohi Darven, the Great Mask of Adaptation

Tools: Searer Sword, Zamor Launcher, Freezing Zamor

Team Role: Tactical leader

Skills: Chemistry, engineering

During the construction of the Matoran Universe, the Great Being who would come to be known as Velika secretly created his own breed of Matoran - Matoran to represent the element of the Void, otherwise known as Space. He made only one hundred Void Matoran. He disguised them and scattered them throughout the universe without disclosing their true nature.

Kahfen settled in Metru Nui, living among the Ga-Matoran, where she worked as a scientist and developed many advancements. She was put in a Matoran Sphere by Makuta Teridax and lost her memory. She was later moved to Ga-Koro and returned to Metru Nui with the rest of the Matoran of Mata Nui. She helped rebuild the laboratories of Ga-Metru and had begun to recover her previous work when she was called to the Temple of the Great Spirit along with Gahla.

At the Temple, Kahfen and Gahla transformed into Toa, but Kahfen was surprised when her armor turned from a deep blue to a shimmering silver with gray undertones. Once she discovered how to use her amazing power, she turned it against the minions of the Makuta and protected the denizens of Metru Nui. On the surface of Spherus Magna, she and her newfound Toa brother started the Toa Rode, making sure to welcome misfits like themselves into their village - and their team.

As a Toa of the Void, Kahfen is able to manipulate the fabric of space to achieve a number of effects. She can teleport herself and others, open portals to other places in the Core Dimension, and fly at great speeds. However, all these feats use up her elemental energy. Unlike most Toa, she is not able to absorb her element, and so she must be especially careful with the amount of elemental energy she uses. Uniquely, she cannot create her element, and so cannot use a Nova Blast. She is highly intelligent and knowledgeable in the ways of science - especially physics and chemistry.

Kahfen wears the Kanohi Darven, the Great Mask of Adaptation. When active, it senses her surroundings and automatically changes her body to best help her survive in any environment. It is identical in function to the Kraata power of Adaptation. She carries a Searer Sword, which fires particle beams. It was given to her to compensate for the limited offensive applications. She also carries a Zamor Launcher, which she loaded with Spheres that she filled with liquefied gas. They freeze her enemies on contact.

Off the battlefield, Kahfen is shy and awkward. She has lots of great ideas, but is anxious to share them. She’s mild-mannered and soft-spoken, and cares for all living things. On the battlefield, however, she’s practically a different Toa. Her strategies are bold and her attacks swift and decisive. She protects life and will show no mercy to anything that threatens it. Sometimes she even questions the effectiveness of the Toa Code, although she has never broken it. She maintains a good relationship with all the Toa Rode and is especially close with Gahla.

Grivon, Toa of Stone

Mask: Kanohi Rand, the Great Mask of Mutation

Tools: Clawed Warhammer

Team Role: Deputy leader

Skills: Combat

Mask by KhingK

Grivon has been a soldier all his life. As a Po-Matoran, he served as Captain of the Guard of his village on the Tren Krom Penninsula. His village was protected by Toa Nidhiki; after he left to join the Toa Mangai, Grivon and a Ce-Matoran named Haly were chosen to become Toa and guard the village. At some point, Grivon left for Metru Nui as well, where he fought in the Toa-Dark Hunter War. He took many lives during the war, causing some to question how closely he adhered to the Toa Code during the conflict. He witnessed his former hero all from grace and join the Dark Hunters.

In the days leading up the Makuta’s attack on Karda Nui, Grivon’s and Haly’s village was attacked by a legion of Rahkshi. Grivon managed to evacuate the Matoran, but the village was destroyed and Haly perished. Grivon wandered the Norther Continent, mourning his sister and trying to atone for his failure.

After the reformation of Spherus Magna, Grivon helped the Matoran of his village emigrate into Spero and joined the Toa Rode, who swore to protect it. While out patrolling, he encountered a female Hapaka who took a liking to him and began to follow him everywhere. Grivon eventually tamed her and named her after his fallen sister.

Grivon is able to create, control, and absorb stone and solid Protodermis. He has been known to coat his weapon in solid rock, increasing its attack power. Grivon is the strongest of the Toa Rode and is able to maintain his footing on unstable ground.

Grivon wears the Kanohi Rand, the Great Mask of Mutation, which allows him to selectively mutate any being within his line of sight, to the point where he can give and take away powers and abilities. However, he cannot use his mask power on himself. He carries a Clawed Warhammer, which is made from a rare, dense material. He boasts that only a Toa of Stone or Earth could wield it effectively due to its immense weight. The claw allows him to throw boulders long distances.

Grivon is solemn and often irritable, even toward his teammates. He has little patience for anything he considers to be nonsense. However, he has a soft spot for Rahi - especially Haly. He is completely dependable and never breaks his word. He expresses annoyance toward all the other Toa Rode, but he seems to respect Ferrik.

Ferrik, Toa of Iron

Mask: Kanohi Ruhum, the Great Mask of Friction

Tools: Protosteel Greatswords

Team Role: Weapons expert

Skills: Melee combat

Ferrik was a Fe-Matoran living on Stelt. He made a living as a weapons-smith, although his skills were considered only somewhat above average. He made weapons for Stelt’s famous gladiators, but his weapons were given to the underdogs - the ones expected to lose.

During Teridax’s Reign, Ferrik was chosen to become Stelt’s first Toa and defended his home from the threats of the Makuta’s armies. During this time, Ferrik received training from Stelt’s finest gladiators. He was asked to participate in the matches, but refused due to his obligation to follow the Toa Code, as well as his belief that Stelt needed every able-bodied warrior they could spare to survive.

After the Battle of Bara Magna, Ferrik helped his people establish a new settlement on Spherus Magna. However, he began to feel guilt due to his involvement in Stelt’s death matches. He joined the Toa Rode on the condition that they help him stop his people’s cruel practices once and for all. The others accepted, and put Stelt’s fight commissioners permanently out of business.

Ferrik has the ability to create, control, and absorb all metal - an ability that makes him an invaluable ally in a battle against any biomechanical or armored opponent. In addition to his natural durability, the armor surrounding Ferrik’s torso, as well as the decorative blades on his shoulder, are made of Protosteel.

Ferrik wears the Kanohi Ruhum, the Great Mask of Friction. It allows him to increase or decrease the amount of friction generated by his body making contact with another surface. He can use it to slide across rough terrain or climb up smooth surfaces with ease. He can also use it to reduce his air resistance, giving him a minor enhancement of his natural speed. He carries two Protosteel Greatswords that join together. It is said that his weapons were fashioned from Protosteel that he himself created with his power.

Ferrik is a simple, joyful spirit. He is praised for his optimism and is sometimes thought of as the heart of the Toa Rode. He is clever and resourceful in battle. He knows the skill sets of his teammates and how to coordinate them. He tries to be friends with everyone on the team - even when they’d rather be left alone.

Nuto, Toa of Gravity

Mask: Kanohi Fizkon, the Great Mask of Evasion

Tools: Gravity Ward

Team Role: Heavy-hitter

Skills: Creativity, geology

Mask by KhingK

Nuto was a Ba-Matoran miner on the Southern Continent. During his work, he would sometimes dig up relics of long-lost eras, and was known to collect them. On one such occasion, he unearthed the broken fragments of a Kanohi Mask. He showed it to his best friend, a Bo-Matoran named Vilkin, who decided that it must be the mask of a great hero of an age long since passed. They decided that they would take it to their temple and rest it on the Suva to honor fallen Toa.

When the broken Kanohi was set upon the Suva, it began to glow and emit a strange energy. Unknown to either of the friends, it had once been the mask of a Toa who spent his last moments imbuing it with his Toa Energy. That energy transformed the two Matoran into Toa. They remained the best of friends and defended their village for a century until the migration onto Spherus Magna.

On Spherus Magna, Nuto’s village joined the community that would become Spero. Thus, he and Vilkin joined the Toa Rode and have remained valued members of the team ever since.

Nuto has the ability to generate and manipulate gravity to his will. Unlike most Toa, he is not able to absorb his element, and so he must be especially careful with the amount of elemental energy he uses, lest he run out completely and have to wait for it to recharge. Nuto isn’t as well-educated as his brothers and sister, but he is creative - especially regarding the applications of his powers.

Nuto wears the Kanohi Fizkon, the Great Mask of Evasion. When active, it automatically moves his body to dodge any attack; however, it does not offer an enhancement of his physical abilities, so some attacks cannot be dodged. It is similar is nature to the Kraata power of Dodge, but with some differences. Nuto carries a Gravity Ward that can split into two smaller shields, which he uses both for defense and melee combat.

Nuto comes off as gruff, but he is frequently praised for his compassionate and understanding nature. His ideals are as constant as the ground upon which he walks, and his sense of right and wrong is unshakable. He maintains good relations with all members of the Toa Rode.

Vilkin, Toa of the Green

Mask: Kanohi Kotahi, the Great Mask of Fusion

Tools: Twin Forest Jet Blades

Team Role: Scout

Skills: Botany, acrobatics

Vilkin was a Bo-Matoran botanist on the Southern Continent who dedicated his life to studying and documenting all manner of flora. When his best friend Nuto brought the broken fragments of a Kanohi into his study, Vilkin figured that it must be the mask of a great hero of an age long since passed. They decided that they would take it to their temple and rest it on the Suva to honor fallen Toa.

When the broken Kanohi was set upon the Suva, it began to glow and emit a strange energy. Unknown to either of the friends, it had once been the mask of a Toa who spent his last moments imbuing it with his Toa Energy. That energy transformed the two Matoran into Toa. They remained the best of friends and defended their village for a century until the migration onto Spherus Magna.

On Spherus Magna, Vilkin’s village joined the community that would become Spero. Thus, he and Nuto joined the Toa Rode and have remained valued members of the team ever since.

Vilkin has the ability to create, control, and absorb all forms of plant life. Having studied plants all his life, he was able to make excellent use of his power, even as a rookie Toa. Although he is not as experienced as some other members of his team, he has an understanding of his element that most Toa don’t acquire for millennia. Additionally, Vilkin has trained his body to be highly agile.

Vilkin wears the Kanohi Kotahi, the Great Mask of Fusion. It allows him to forcibly merge other beings with himself and keep the majority of control over the resulting fusion. He uses it to temporarily absorb foes or even weaker allies into his essence in order to gain power. Vilkin carries twin Forest Jet Blades, which have jet turbines mounted on them. He can use these to generate wind gusts, or strap them on his back and fly.

A perpetual optimist, Vilkin is almost always cheerful, but can become serious when faced with a challenge. He is something of a practical joker, but beneath his jests lies a hidden wisdom. He has a great respect for nature and prefers not to use his power to interfere with it unless he deems it necessary.

Kryon, Toa of Ice

Mask: Kanohi Aldiin, the Great Mask of Carnage

Tools: Cold-Fire Lance

Team Role: Berserker

Skills: Combat

Precious little is known about Kryon’s past. He is rumored to be the first Toa of Ice, created by the Great Beings during the construction of the Matoran Universe. He served on a Toa Team with a Toa of Lightning named Teuria, but left them to join the Hand of Artakha. Under Helryx’s guidance, he underwent a process that would serve as the prototype for the Order of Mata Nui’s mental shields. The experiment left him with the ability to deal mental blasts to anyone who tries to access his mind, but it cost him his ability to speak.

After the Hand of Artakha disbanded, Kryon vanished from history. It is known that at some point, he upgraded his armor, tool, and mask. He switched from the Great Kualsi he used to wear to the Great Aldiin he wears today. The reason for this change is unknown.

After the reformation of Spherus Magna, Kryon was found singlehandedly destroying a troop of wild Rahkshi. The Toa Rode approached him out of curiosity, and he showed an interest in joining their ranks. Although slightly put off by his silence as well as his savagery in battle, no one refused him.

Kryon has the ability to create, control, and absorb ice and frozen Protodermis. He is exceptionally skilled in melee combat and has precise control over his elemental powers. As a result of tampering by the Hand of Artakha, he reflexively delivers mental blasts to anyone who tries to read or influence his mind, using their own psionic powers against them. However, he is unable to speak. His armor, tool, and mask are all made of Protosteel, and his name is carved above his heartlight.

Kryon wears the Kanohi Aldiin, the Great Mask of Carnage. It must be activated with an objective in mind. Once active, it triples the wearer’s strength, speed, and durability, but it reduces their mind to that of a beast, robbing them of their ability to distinguish friend from foe. Most Toa would consider the Aldiin to be immoral. Kryon carries a Cold-Fire Lance, which can transform his power into freezing blue flames that spread by “igniting” other objects. Ferrik surmises that only the Nynrah Ghosts could have developed such a weapon.

Kryon is a cryptic individual. Like most Toa of Ice, he prefers to be alone, but he will work with his teammates when necessary. He and Gahla seem to understand each other, but his relationships with the other Toa Rode are strained - especially Vilkin and Solra. He treats the Matoran and Agori with a gentleness that one wouldn’t expect from him.

Solra, Toa of Plasma

Mask: Kanohi Faras, the Great Mask of Magnetism

Tools: Rotating Plasma Saw

Team Role: Destroyer

Skills: Surveying, using his powers

Solra was a Su-Matoran Lava Farmer living on an unknown island that was protected by a Toa of Magnetism named Aukume who wore an Akaku. Eventually Aukume fulfilled his destiny, became a Turaga, and chose Solra as his successor. Toa Solra trained under his Turaga mentor and they became close friends.

Solra wore a Great Rau, which he often wished to replace with a more powerful mask, but Aukume told him that he was given the Rau for a reason, and to trust in his destiny. Years later, Aukume was killed by a wild Rahkshi. Dismayed that he wasn’t powerful enough to save him, Solra recovered Aukume’s Toa Disk and had it made into a mask, forged in the shape of a Noble Akaku to honor his friend.

After the reformation of Spherus Magna, Solra’s village migrated to the community that would become Spero, and Solra became the final member of the Toa Rode.

Solra has the ability to create, control, and absorb plasma. Due to the destructive nature of his element, he made a point to learn to use it with precision. Wearing the Mask of Magnetism helps him with this, since plasma has a magnetic charge. Solra is highly observant, often spotting things that others wouldn’t.

Solra wears the Kanohi Faras, the Great Mask of Magnetism. It allows him to generate and manipulate magnetic fields to the same level as a Toa of Magnetism. It is one of few elemental Kanohi in existence, and is likely the only one of its kind. Solra carries a Rotating Plasma Saw, which spins at high speeds and can launch bolts of plasma great distances.

For a being who controls so hot an element, Solra’s demeanor is very cold. He works well with the other Toa, but does not like to engage in talk or pleasantries. In fact, he seems to speak only when necessary. He is particularly annoyed by Vilkin, and he frequently clashes with Kryon.

If you’re still here, thanks so much for reading! I hope you like them!


Honestly being Inika builds they are a bit plain. But the colour choices and thought put into their features is nice. The outdoors backgrounds are also lovely, moss always looks right and the frozen pond is unique from just snow.

My favourite besides Gahla (I like his colour blocking and I have a weak spot for Jaller Locobolts face…) would be Nuto, the shoulder pads and purple part usage makes him stand out. But it would be great to see some more purple introduced elsewhere and general tightening up of all their colour schemes. But I am sure part limitations are an all too real problem like all of us so no biggie.


Very nice. Some of their colorschemes could use a little tweaking, but altogether they seem like a good start.

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but none of them have an ignika or a skyboard or are hunched over

these look pretty cool, but the are all
really simple.
i like the shadow one the best.

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I wanted them to all have similar builds, being on the same team, and I have an absurd number of Inika torsos, so I figured I might as well make use of them. Also, Nuto literally has all my purple pieces, LOL.

Thanks. Honestly, simplicity was my goal here. I don’t think Toa need to have overly complex builds. I’m glad you like them!

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