Nuparu [Characters][Art][Pitch]

There have been a few topics where the character of Nuparu has appeared. In these topics, Nuparu is depicted as a female inventor from Tiro. For the sake of freeing up those topics for other discussion, I’ve decided to create a topic focused on Nuparu’s character. Keep in mind that her character is not canonized by the TTV, so everything posted here is brainstorming.

This topic will be updated as more material is presented in the posts below.

Character Description: an inquisitive and innovative Matoran from Tiro. Goes against the Tiroan value of technological evasion. Exiled from her home for her disruption of everyday life.

Contributions: Revolutionary in the technological advancement of all of Artakha, especially during the Civil War.

List of Potential Inventions/Innovations

Concept Art
Early Nuparu Designs @Noupix

Nuparu @Noupix

Exile Nuparu @Noupix