Official RPG How-To Topic: Writing, GMing, and More (or Less)

I have to hard disagree with on you that. Regardless of how it’s used, D&D proper is definable, for if it was not, no one would know what you’re talking about. And D&D is built entirely around stats and combat. It’s a wargaming system built around individual characters rather than entire units and armies. Experience points, leveling up, new gear; as far as rules, system, and often even story structure is concerned, the base game by itself is combat focused. That’s why other TTRPGs specify their systems are narrative-based.

I do agree that, despite how the system is set up, plenty don’t use it that way. Just like plenty of families rarely play Monopoly as intended, using house rules and other changes. And while official D&D has been incredibly supportive of this attitude over the years, changing their game to better match this attitude to some degree, it is hard to argue that on a fundamental and system level it isn’t built mainly for combat. Even after all this time, it’s just wargaming on a smaller scale with extra dialogue and acting.

And that’s why some, while no doubt still under D&D’s influence, leave that system entirely. Start over, build something from scratch to better fit their purposes. More often than not, Forum/Message Boards RPGs* fall closer to storytelling games than D&D. It is a similar, but very different culture and way of play.

Personally speaking, the combat focus is not the turn off for me. Not even armies, unit miniatures, or constant need of grids of the wargaming siblings. That’s fine to me, I love combat. It’s the stats and constant need for almost everything to be decided by dice that burns my soul. It’s tabletop, so it needs some board game element, and simulated randomness for the unpredictable nature of battle. I get that, but if I’m fighting someone I much prefer to be out witted and maneuvered than defeated purely on the whims of some dice idols.

*Or Play-by-post role-playing game if you’re Wikipedia. Accurate, but that’s such a long name.

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All your opinions on RPGs will now be discarded. Thanks for playing.


Literally this.

Couldn’t have cut it any finer. I don’t mind DnD, I just don’t care for it whatsoever. I’m in it for the creativity and writing.

Heh, well in all honesty I haven’t touched DnD after I figured out how it operated. I doubt I’ll ever test it out because I really just don’t care for it.

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It’s literally no different from how a lot of RPGs are written here, save for the rules on magic and combat and stuff, and that’s merely to make sure things make sense as a game. Otherwise it is inherently improv, and character writing and acting are a HUGE part of the experience. Acting, drama, etc. come down to the players, because that sorta thing doesn’t need rules in a book.

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Uhm …

To be fair, what Ghid is postulating in this topic is significantly different from the level of codification in D&D.

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It is, but he’s being a bit silly if he’s just gonna knock an entire RPG system without actually trying it IMO. Especially when he says, “I’m in it for the creativity and the writing” when discussing why he doesn’t care for DnD. It is as if he is saying you cannot be creative with the system, which is wrong, solely because it has rules. Which is silly. And why I’m pointing out that even this topic, trying to help people with writing, also postulates common writing rules, which doesn’t inhibit creativity but rather allows it to flourish. It’s the same with RPG systems.

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well uh
don’t ask for my views on animation genres

Most DnD that I’ve ever seen has been entirely verbal, which doesn’t lend itself very easily to, y’know, writing. Yes text-based DnD exists, but even with recent events it still seems to be the secondary option. Maybe I’m wrong.

It’s also silly to imply Ghid hates rules because he’s a born rebel and during the time that this was being typed has already graffiti’d the entire west coast simply because Ghid dislikes the DnD system. It has rules, and the rules it has I do not like, which is why I do not like it.

Also, like, literally all of ajtazt’s post. I DO like his post this was just bad timing

Anyway I’m welcome to continuing this particular debate… elsewhere, as I don’t want to clutter this topic too badly. Sooner or later someone’s going to have a question and have to sift through this argument to see if it’s been asked before.

I suppose I misunderstood what you meant by “writing” then, because “writing” can also imply acting or how a story is conveyed through visual or verbal ways too. (Like with acting.) Now I understand why you dislike it.

That’s not what I said, or even remotely implied. I was thinking you disliked DnD because of how it restricts your creativity rather than just because of it having rules. That was how the message was being conveyed to me. (I need to word myself better in the future.)

Alright, I agree. 'Tis a silly debate.

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The next chapter is up! We Can’t Expect Godmodding To Do All The Work is the last chapter in The Basics. Next time we’ll begin to cover material more suited for those already writing and looking to improve their skills.


“Your master of the flail is called Flavius?”
“Sounds a lot like flail.”
“Maybe that’s why he became a master of the flail.”

I eat it.


really I should’ve seen this coming


Are you going to be doing one on the basics of storytelling?

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Honestly, it probably wouldn’t hurt to put one in there. I, of course, only ever write compelling narratives and works of art, as proven by my literature here on the boards which is always excellent please do not go and verify this claim just accept that I am right.


And uhm ahem uhm… :point_right: :point_left:

What about worldbuilding?


but of course.


I know I have written nothing to prove the following claim true but I would love to have swing at that and I believe I know a bit on the subject. :flushed: :speak_no_evil: :100: :gregf:




we could do like a collaboration if the almighty ghid permits hint hint cough cough ghid

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I offer no promises. Impress me or you’re out.

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And the next post is up! We begin The Next Level with To Fill A Paper, which I hope will be the final word on the topic of good writing. Direct any and all complaints to me so I can get laughed at for my grammar errors

Also feel free to directly reference or quote any of the topics here in your own RPs - or if there’s a glaring issue, let me know and I’ll pretend it doesn’t exist for three days before finally admitting it does and sulkily changing it.


I can die happy.

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