Okotan Adventures (RP Signup)

I think the height is a little bit much, seeing as he’s still an Okotan, and the mask is a no-go. He’s in Okoto, even if he had one to wear, it’d basically just put a huge target over his head.

Fair enough. I can switch him to a gold Okotan mask and just say he’s slightly taller than most other Okotans. Will that work? Adjusted it; does it suit your liking? (@Runa)

Yeah, that works.

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Thank you. The images are just for reference and he doesn’t have (Nor should he own) a lightsaber, or any weapon similar to it, or a Staff of Shadows, replica or otherwise. So, am I in? Just asking for clarification’s sake.

Yeah, you’re in

Muchas gracias, amigo.

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Name: Darren
Element: Fire
Equipment: Heavy Armor, Mace

Personality: Stubborn.

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Is it to late for one more?

Never too late.

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Name: Kryuin
Element:(The element(s) they were born into) Ice
Equipment: Short sword and buckler, scarf a black coat kinda like a trench coat, but open in the front.
Appearance: A lot like the protector of ice but without all the armor.
Bio/Personality: Kryuin is an adventurer and master sword fighter out to find a way to increase his skill and strength. He kinda fulfills the chivalrous knight stereotype. He is not to fond of Ekimu having such a tight grip on the islanders, but he decided to come any way.

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Mind if I join in?

Go ahead

All right, this is my first RP. Here we go.
Name: Geet
Element: Stone
Equipment: A long chain and dagger
Appearance: Dark grey and chesnut, He bears a Komau similar to the metru style.
Bio/Personality: A quiet adventurer, with the occasional noisy mood swings, Hates moles, and pitfalls.[He thinks he is smart] not really :grinning:
I fixed it

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unfortunately, being G2, only the six main elements can be used in this category, sorry.

awesome, quick question, how does my character get into the story? do I introduce him or do I just pop up? This is my first time playing a RP of any sort.

He can just show up and say he was late and was told where to go.

ok cool

A ventriloquy dummy
Wears brown wood like armor
Knows how to carve wood and decided to come along on an adventure