Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

“Ah.” Athena said, slowly nodding her head. She already knew Pheore to an extend, and seeing that she was already related to not one, but two Protectors, chances are that Vizuna was also a distant relative of her, tho absolutely nobody from the family cared enough to check.
“Why?” she asked.

Dakron nods tiredly. He sets out his blanket and bedspread and sits down.

“Ekimu’s business.” Gladius retorted. “He’ll let us know if he wants to.”

He squinted at the skyline. “We shouldn’t have spent so much time.” He murmured to himself, but could still be heard. “There’s still…”

“Oh great.”

The Lord of the Undying Storm was some way up the mountains in the middle of Okoto. He was hot on the heels of the party after Erebos and he didn’t even know it. He had made the mistake of looking down.

“Please let me get my power back.” He grumbled to literally nobody as he slammed his fingers into the rock above him to create a handhold. “The sooner I catch this Erebos the sooner I can say goodbye to that short golden-”

A shivery convulsion ran through him at the thought of his golden hammer raining down on the side of his skull. Sighing deeply, he continued the climb.

“There’s still what?” she said, crossing her arms.

As they walked an unsuperviced Virky had begun evesdropping after hearing the commotion currently she was located near one the shops she was doing errands at.

Azure continued walking keeping her distance from Athena by walking next to the collected.

Blaze steps up to keep watch.

Gladius rotated his head with the deadest possible glare. “There’s still too many urchins in the sea.” He grunted. “It’ll never be big enough.”

His head snapped back to its normal position and he continued mumbling to himself about unrelated topics.

Athena slowly clapped her hands sarcastically before folding her arms.

Ilza follows.

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The Lord of the Undying Storm clambered on top of the peak. It was cold up here. Not nearly as chilling as he would prefer, but it felt good nonetheless.

It felt really good.

The cold air seemed to sweep right through his bones, the cold refreshing his tired body. He didn’t process how bad off he must have been for that to have any effect.

With a tired smile, the Storm began trudging across the peaks towards his destination. He could almost see it from there…

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After taking his breath, Vladin stood up, looking at the remainings of Blaze’s house. He turned to Icar, not really knowing how Blaze’s father would react.

Athena was counting her arrows while following the group.

“No, I’ll take the watch. You sleep.” Rena offered on her dead serious tone.

Ghanix arrived in his village. The whole road drained all of his strenght. He was ready to return to his house and finish his day on a high note, trying to forget of the brother.
Suddenly, a big mass fell on his from the sky. Ghabix fall down on the sand, with a big body of something on top of him. He struggled to get the wight off him, but to no avail.

Icar looked at what remained of Blaze’s home, looking saddened by this as he knew Blaze did his best to be able to pay off the place as soon as possible, he was only a few payments away from paying off the last time this happened.

Blaze seemed like he was going to protest but thought on Rena’s words. He was tired and had taken watch in the canyon. “Alright, just wake us if anything approaches.” He said.

“So uhm… That was a thing…”
Vladin said on a somewhat optimistic tone, trying to light the morale.

Athena finished counting her arrows. She had 17 more. For a regular archer, or for an inexperienced one, it might have been enough. But not for her.
“Mental note: buy more arrows.” she thought as she continued following the rest of the group.

Rena nodded and walked away, walking on the edge of the crater. She didn’t knew about the others, but something was telling her that Erebos was close, or that at least he was approaching.
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After a few moments of agony, an Okotoan of Stone finally took the weight off Ghabix. He quickly jumped up. He was extremely confused to see almost the entire village standing around him. The family of the victim was there too, including the brother. Not even him dared to watch him. Instead, they were looking at the Okotoan that took the weights off him. They weight turned out to be another body, mutilated in the exact same way: no hands, no feet, no head. Blood was still licking from it’s open wounds.
Ghabix touched his back and looked at his hand. He still had fresh blood that licked from the body on his armour.
He lowered his hand and looked around at the rest of the village, while the only relative of the new victim, a wife, was approaching slowly the remaining of her love, looking like her entire universe was crashing down around her.

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The journey from the city center to their destination is a short one, leading them through the tangle of the capital until the building Kiva had described is in front of them. Despite its unique appearance, it sits wedged between a modern-looking wooden tavern and an ancient stone building that seems to be a bakery. Villagers come and go around them, all seemingly ignoring the building of interest.

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The Black Crater looms ominously in front of the travelers. Everything is still around them. There are no footprints, no droppings, no signs of other life. The sound of waves crashing against the shore carries faintly from the coast, sea breezes carrying the slight tang of saltwater with them. Dark clouds loom off the coast, hanging ominously in the western sky. The only features of the land, save the crater itself, are various rock formations, like jagged fingers poking from the sand.

Ekimu casts one last look at the city. It would be lying to say that he had no qualms about leaving it, especially given recent events. After all, the last time he had gone for a trip he had found the Collected in his forge. Alas, it had come to this regardless. He had spoken with the Captain of the Gaurd; the city would be safe while he was gone.

Content with his decision for the moment, he turns back to the task at hand. He had to admit, there was something relaxing about the forest; the trees and rocks sculpted with a natural beauty his works paled in comparison to. Now, he should find the Lord of the Storm somewhere around here…


The Lord in question would find strength returning to his body as he travels, weakness fleeing from his limbs like the last warmth of day. He’s far from back to his usual strength, but it’s a start. Given his large frame and ample head start, it’s likely that he would have long since left the City of the Mask Makers behind.


“What. Is this?” Athena asked on an unrespectfull way, seeing the building.

Rena was walking along its edges, waiting for Erebos to show up.


Dakron followed her cautiously, ready for when Erebos arrived. He had met him once before, and that was not a pleasant experience.

Rena quickly turned to him when she heard the blind Okotoan following her.
“What are you doing?”

Dakron signed his response, saying that he was ready to help in any way that he needed, and that he wanted to keep Rena company. He added that she seemed rather lonely at times.

“I still don’t understand your signs.”

Dakron sighed.
He scratched out his response in the ground.

ooc: If it was rock, he would make scratches in the rock with the blade of his scythe. If it was dirt, he’d just trace the letters out.

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