Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Dakron followed Blaze cautiously.

The Lord of the Undying Storm stopped at the lip of the crater, staring down at the rising moon reflecting on the water’s surface.

Kallak would have loved this place…” He murmured.

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Erebos narrowed his eyes, Well…stag! guess the element of surprise will be my weapons. He watched carefully, planning out his every movements. He could use his telepathy in order to see his enemy’s plans, though if they had a natural telepath or a one who was also had an affinity in the mind (psionics) they might notice him. The taller figure worried him. It reminded him of a toa, though judging by the stature it was not.

He would also see Rena and Dakron, two figures he had met in the City and that showed no signs of hostility towards him.

The Lord of the Undying Storm was not a natural telepath. He had no training in mental shielding, although his mind was not structured the same as other beings, almost alien in its organic composition. Yet his many years of otherwise useless experiences had taught him a thing or two, and he had trained himself to detect mental intrusions.

Sort of.

The Storm couldn’t shake the feeling they were being watched, or something terrible was about to happen, or… Well, something bad. He looked about rather quickly, trying in vain to see the source of his concern. No, there was just the moonlit crater, and those insolent insects standing around him. But his suspicion remained, and the untrusting eye he glared at the collective party with may have betrayed his thoughts to them.


Skipper searches for a guard in a stealthy fashion this so that he could lend his shape.

Azure follows a few meters behind the others.


Streke continues scanning the grouns below.

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Tarkur also searches the area, he motions the gucko to descend and it does so they could see things a little bit clearer.

“Thanks. I don’t see anything so far.”

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“No problem.” Tarkur replies.

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Sterro was waiting Arion next to a Gukko platform in the CoMM. He seemed rather bored, till a tall Okotoan with dark blue armour and a black cape came to him.
“What fo you want?”
“It’s me, idiot?”
“Ari-I mean boss?”
“Yeah, can’t show up here with my regular armour. Don’t want to attract the eye.”
“I mean an somebody looking like you would still look kinda suspect.”
“Comoared to my true self?”
“Do what should I call you now?”

@Jcton Rena came closer to Capella.
“Hey, can I ask you something?”

Capella nods,

He might notice a trail, footsteps that marked the obsidian plane in small scratches, if he did indeed follow these scratched trail he just might find himself at the same earth village where a patrol has went.

Sonata continued her journey towards the home of the Dark Mist. She was going to be on a warpath as soon as she met one of their members.

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“When was the last time you talked with Mark?”

“OK, Ganoru. Now that we have that out of the way, when can you show me your base? The one in which we will imprison the victims?”
“I prefer their heads. Just their heads.”
“Patiance, Sterro.”
“Well we need to go to the base to the base to brainstorm about catching all of them!”
“Yeah! Unless you magically have a list in which you figured it out everything!”
“I have!” Arion said as he showed him a list with the targets and with some short bios about them.

Capella looks at the night sky,
“It was about three years ago…the floating arena had crashed down and we were separated. I don’t think I’ve really had the chance to see him since…I do miss him…”

edit, was reading through this and noticed I wrote ‘Sonata’ despite it being Capella

“Wait, you haven’t met him after the arena crash?”

After Sterro finished reading the list, he looked unimpressed at Arion.
“Really? ‘Izin- he might be somewhere in the Ice Region’?”
“Don’t blame me, I barely saw that guy.”
“It’s like this for almost most of them.”
“I really tried to look into some of them. Some just dissipated! Nobody in the underworld of Okoto have heard of Tekan! Or of Azure!”
“Well let’s not go for them for now.”
Arion took the list. “What about Baze?”
“I don’t think starting with the sidekick of Ekimu would be a good idea.”
Really bad start.”
“Just talked about him.”
“Can we kill somebody please?”
“Look, I am on this thing. I do anything for those money, but I don’t want to get messy from the beginning.”
“How about Capella?”
Sterro said nothing for a few moments. “Capella?”
“Yeah, she is pretty neutral for the most part. She has a book shop or something.”
“She is relative to Symphony.”
“But she would still notice her missing!”
“We can cover her up easily!”
“I don’t know about her. I don’t want to start with her…”
“I-I… What about Kavix?” Sterro said, taking the list from Arion’s hand.
“We can take him later.”
“Or Nuuma?”
“It’s set in stone! We start with Capella!”
“OK, I’ll go right now.”
“Na-uh, Sterro! I go with you!”
Another moment of silence. “You don’t trust me?”
“Oh, I do. But I kinda want to see you in action, you know?”
“In action… Yeah…” Sterro said, clearly not OK with Arion’s sudden change of plan.
The half-Okotoan half-spider took him in a one-arm hug. “Oh, come on! It will be great! We will decapitate her! And we will poke her eyes out, and we will spill her blood into the sea, and then you can have what’s left of it, I promise!”

Skipper followed it until he found the earth village where he continues following the trails and searched for a party of dark mist members, he had assumed made the trails he followed.

“As far as I know our last major conversation was just before some assassin attacked us then we had a crazy mask thing, my old…friend decided to go on a murder spree, I though he was dead then he was not. Next thing I knew the arena was falling…and craziness happened…We got separated I went to the City of Mask Makers and started helping the injured, met my childhood friend, helped him to a hospital… and then was recruited for a very long journey… not to mention that old friend was there and he was good…a lot happened and we never really got a good chance to talk a lot after that.”

He would find a small earth village, the guards were outside a pub. This is the same village that Kryuna, Lync, and Hiraeth(?) tailed the guards to, speaking of which they might see Skipper, if Skipper stays in the open.
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She sighed and sat down next to her.
“We also lost contact with him three years ago.”

Vladin finished eating and stood up.
“I’ll just go prepare for the night. Thank you very much for welcoming me.” he said, departing for the living room.

“So shiny one.” Athena said, obviously refering to Hitora. “What happened in the last three years?” she asked out of boredome.

Sterro and Ganoru entered the closest inn to the Forge which at this point deserves a name seeing how often it is used. The two walked to the bartender, who might recognise Arion as Ganoru.
“Good morning, sir!” said Arion on a less deep, shier voice.
Sterro made a few steps away, looking on the window for something.
OOC: Oh, yeah. By the way. This plotline is happening in the morning of the day in which most other plotlines seem to happen. Aka at this point Rena’s crew just got out of the mountains.

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Skipper moved cautiosly through the village walking towards the village trying to mske sure that just the guards wouldn’t see him.

“Well, the land might’ve changed from my time, but the seas have stayed roughly the same.” He explains. “So I went there. Joined a pirate crew. Got fed up with the captain a little while ago, and I left.”