Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

“You went from anoble Mask Maker to a pirate?”

“I was never a Mask Maker.” Hitora responds. “Just a warrior. So, I became a warrior of the sea.”

The kids hugged him good-night before they went to wash up for bed.

Icar and Korā nodded, “You’re most welcome.” Icar said.

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“How so? I remember you saying that you were the Mask Maker a kjillion years ago. Or at least a higher up figure.”

The Lord of the Undying Storm heard those words and it was all that was necessary to grab his attention. He listened in silently as he stared up at the moon.

Kryuna looked around at the others. “Do you say we follow them in?” She asked. @Axels @jayzor17

He chuckles. “You must be misremembering. I said I was a warrior from long ago. I never held a title as prestigious as Mask Maker.”

“Maybe…” she said, tapping her chin. “And you?” she asked Keya.

She shrugs. “Never met my parents, taken in by a ship captain, he went crazy, I left.” She lists off.

“The norm.”

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Hiraeth nods. “Worst case scenario, we end up fighting them.”



Tarkur continued to search the ground of the Stone Region but saw mostly dirt and sand.

Era headed towards the nearby town in search of a place for information about Domau.

@Ghid, @Toa_Vladin, @Runa, @KAI_BORG, @jayzor17

Azure continued behind the others in a normal pace relative to how fast they were travelling.

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They would see the guards head into the pub. The guards wouldn’t notice Skipper or Kryuna’s group as they had/have no idea they are being tailed.

Capella nods,
“Knowing him, I bet he just got lost somewhere.”

Erebos watched the group, he had recognized some of the group and guessing by location and circumstances, he didn’t need his telepathy to guess they were after him. Ekimu most likely sent them here and might becoming here himself. His time gap to act was only getting smaller, but he needed a good time to do so.


“We tried searching for him, but even his gang said that he is nowhere to be found.”

@jayzor17 Jevis continues following the path left in the underbrush.


Seating on the sofa, looking through a window at the night sky, Vladin started thinking at his relatives. His twin sister, Athena, was probably still at her house, not interested in him. Mark and Ghabix were still gone. Vladin looked at the six Toa Stars. Do they see them?
Suddenly, Vladin stood up. Rena was with Blaze, he could bet everything he had on this. After what he had discoveted today, Vladin felt like he could not trust Blaze anymore. He ran to his backpack, took the first journal, and started reading it completely from beginning to end.

Athena’s feet were hurting as she continued following blindly Gladius.

“May I ask you something, bartender?” Ganoru asked.

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Skipper looks for a window from where he can see the guards.

The path soon begins to cross over with many other trails; many of them older and more subtle. Still; they all seem to have been made by an Okotan rather than any of the local fauna

The bar is maybe half-full, various groups of patrons scattered across various tables and dotting the bar. None of them seem to pay the newcomers much attention.

Lync notes the stranger, her curiosity piqued by his odd behavior. “You two go on ahead; I’ll meet you in a bit.” @TheMOCingbird @Axels

“Of course, of course; what can I do for you?”


OOC: Again, tge bartender would be familiar to Ganoru.
IC: “I am looking for a girl… I think her name is… Capella?” he said, describing her. “Have you sean her? Heard of her? I know she is usually active in the underworld so don’t hold any info.”

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