Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Gladius looked back at the party. Everyone was still in tow, even the Collected. Maybe at some point I should actually read Ekimu’s note…

The Lord of the Undying Storm, unsatisfied with the progression of the discussion, turned away in disgust. Really, I wish that super-ancient evil would show up so I can lop his head off and leave. This is as boring as Sultus’ lectures on being a good person.

He glanced back towards the mountains in drawn-out boredom. Where is that tiny mallet with a man at?

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Skipper continues looking for a window to peek at the guards from not noticing lync.

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Azure followed her group

Tarkur continued searching for Streke’s friend.

Reige continues down town in the mask makers city towards the nearest exit.

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He is tried his best to stay on the newest trail. He was a rather good tracker, so this hopefully shouldn’t prove to much trouble.


“Okay, We’ll keep a low profile to you get back.” Kryuna said as she took a seat in the corner of the tavern, motioning for Hiraeth to join her. @Axels


Vladincontinued reading, and reading, and reading, and reading, till it was obvious that he is not going to go to sleep at the same time as the rest of the family.
After a while, the lights coming from his room would be the last ones to light the house. Vladin’s eyes were red, and he could feel them dry.
He was just halfway through the first journal.

Streke continued looking as well.
“Maybe he’s somewhere else.”

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“Yeah, probably.” Tarkur replied as he turned the gucko around.

Ooc: are they near the black crater?
Ic: Streke continued to scan the ground, looking for any sign of his friend.

OOC: I would say they are about halfway through the stone region. Maybe they could see it in the horizon.

IC: Tarkur does the same.

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The journal detailed his various attempts at making multi-element masks and the results of his failures, explaining why there was a room in his house filled with medical equipment, and his adamant desire to keep these experiments secret to keep others safe.

“How he did so many of these in just three years?”
He said, looking at the other three books.

Lync flashes her companions a quick thumbs-up before slipping outside. She moves slowly, taking some time to enjoy the air as she wanders closer to Skipper.

“Nice day, isn’t it?” she asks as she gets closer. “Any particular reason you’re out here instead of inside?” @Tarkur

The most recent trail cuts through the older ones, moving to the south-west for the most part. The ruined statues are getting more common now, crumbling pillars and faded visages half-covered by roots and vines.The jungle around him is as still as ever.

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As it turns out, the group doesn’t make it far before being interrupted. Vohman sighs, skirting around a growing crowd of villagers. It isn’t hard to see what they’re gathered around - the pair of Hunters towers over the assembled locals, easily visible to others nearby. The group might possibly remember Bramble from their adventures three years ago, but are far more likely to recognize Vra’axinni from the City of the Mask Makers.

The villagers around them are a mixed group - some are wary, some curious, staring and whispering to each other from a distance. Others are more… vocal, directing questions and in some cases slurs at the pair from a far closer distance. Vohman gestures for the group to follow him around the roadblock.

“Nothing to see here, really. Unless you feel like delaying your trip for the show, of course.”


Vra’axinni eyes the crowd warily, unsure of their own intent.

Vinum attempts to crane his head over the crowd to get a better look at the pair of newcomers.


Skipper turns to face Lync and stares at her, before analyzing her, she seemed harmless so he just made a “shhhs” sound holding his finger over his mouth to indicate that she should be quiet. After this his focus is turned back to the guards in the bar. Lync would see that Skippers form was slowly changing into one of the guards form. “Not speak, quiet.” the concealed as a guard Skipper said.

“Ari–” Sterro started, as Ganoru gave him a deadly glare. “Ganoru. Can I go to the post?”
“You want to rent a beard?” Ganoru said in his ever curious tone.
“Yes. I want to send a message.”
“To who?”
Sterro paused for a few moments. “A relative.”
“Fine, tho the nearest is at the edge of the City.”
“Thank you.” he said.
As soon as Sterro left the inn, Ganoru turned back to the bartender.
“I need Capella’s location and I know you have it. Or at least rumors of where she is. Please, tell me.”
He said, sounding more like Arion than Ganoru.

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It would be hard for Gladius to forget the Hunter who had trapped him and his party in a massive trap, at the dead of night, completely undetected. He tapped Hitora’s shoulder and murmured some small explanation of who bramble was in case he had forgotten.

“I don’t recognize the other fellow.” He whispered, eyeing Vra’axinni suspiciously. “Wait… It’s him. Great.”

Bramble looked around cautiously. Most of the slurs slung at him went over his head, however. He was older, but not that much older.

“Well?” Bramble said, nudging Vra’axinni slightly. “What happens now?”

Vra’axinni looked around. “We should head farther south.” He said.

Hitora nodded to Gladius and started towards the pair, about to activate his gauntlets, when Keya got in front of him. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” She asks him quietly.

Gladius grumbled in his throat. “He tried to execute the Lord of the Whatever he is. Ekimu and I shut him down but he wasn’t very happy. I doubt we will be greeted with open arms, but at the same time his appearance here bears no good intent.”

Begrudgingly, Gladius motioned to their tired guide to halt, and began approaching the suspicious pair.

Bramble suddenly recognized Gladius. He was about to cry out his greetings, but stopped when he saw Gladius’ expression. He began instinctively creeping behind Vra’axinni.

Vra’axinni watched Bramble, somewhat confused, then turned to the approaching people.

Melody walks over to the counter and sits on a stool. Xol stood behind her. Melody spoke to the barkeep,
“We’re looking for a certain bounty hunter, a fire okotan.”

Capella sighs,
“If you ever see him, please let him know that I’m waiting.”
She glances at the Lord of Undying Storm, wondering what was going through his mind.

Erebos formulated a plan. He needed to find a way to the black crater and this is what he came up with.

He would first create a distraction, a loose boulder could do so, maybe a landslide at best. Once those by the crater were distracted he would head into the crater.

Erebos looked for a nearby hill and used his telekinesis to knock down small rock. If he was lucky those at the campfire would hear it and notice it.

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The guards inside bought themselves a few drinks. They stayed for a bit and one of the guards even spoke with a small child, through the interaction it appeared the guard was the father of said child.


Kryuna studied the guard, and the child, searching for any details, as well as trying to hear their conversation without being too suspicious. @Jcton