Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

“He stole a mask of power,” Blaze said, “The island would appreciate it being returned to its proper place.” His tone conveyed he knew the wolf’s affinity with arson.

OOC: Correct me if I’m wrong but, didn’t 44 steal the Mask of Time?

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“I do not have it. Sorry.”

OOC: Yep

“Who would know who has it?” Blaze asked, seeming to relax a little.

“How long ago was it?”

“More than 6 months ago.” He answered.

“It was probably in the posession of the great deceivers,” she Replied, before trying to spit on the ground, but just ended up drooling.

“Who are they?” Blaze asked, trying to stay calm.

The Lord of the Undying Storm slowly rotated his head towards Blaze, staring daggers into him. Boy, if you give a detailed speech I will cut you to ribbons.

“Scientists, or proclaimed scientists who tricked us into believing that they created us.”

Blaze was looking worried and angry, “What else do you know about them?” He asked.

“I know they were lost, lost to time. Or something. I don’t understand it.”


“Fair enough.” Jaspar stands in front of Ilza, clasping his hands around hers and pulling.

Kiva shrugs, shuffling his feet. “I, uh, can’t really say I’ve ever thought about it before. I’ve never assumed a plant could think. No offense meant, of course! It just, you know, most plants…” Out of words, he devours the rest of his fruit instead, chewing furiously.

Ekimu chortles, shaking his head. “Do these ‘Great Deceivers’ still have possession of the Mask of Time?”

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With Jaspar’s help, Ilza just manages to get unsteadily to her feet, wobbling in place a moment before she could get steady, “Okay, I think I can walk, um… where to now?” She asks.

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The comment broke him out of his self-induced trance and his head snapped up with a literal snap. “Oh, uh… Right. Well, you might have a point.” He forced a smile as his empty palm dissolved the fruit rind and grew a beautiful cluster of yellow flowers.

“I can literally just do this whenever. Don’t know how well I would do communicating to individual plants, though. Nature as a whole speaks to me; tells me its troubles, when it feels afraid or alo-”

######“They were supposed to be white…”

The Lord of the Undying Storm flung his mouth open under his helmet to tell Ekimu to stop giving the mutt info, but he slowly closed it again, cool wisps of air billowing out of his eye holes. He slowly retreated himself to the ground.

What a darn perfect time to remember what I promised. He grouchily glared at Twenty-Three.

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“That’s probably what made them lost in the first place. I’m sure it will turn up eventually.”

They would recognize the walls as they neared the noise, as they approached they would see an okotan, bearing the Dark Mist’s rune on their shoulder climb up the wall and disappear into a cave entrance that the group had not see before.

The guards point their spears at Skipper, ready to strike in case of any sudden movements.

Melody and Xol would continue their journey, looking for Geet’s murderer.

She sprints off into the obsidian planes, she knew she was near… She stops at a nearby village, taking a rest.

Symphony sits in his cell, arms crossed. The time was coming… hopefully his plan went through. The okotan’s eyes were closed and his ears focused on the echoes of the halls. Soon…

Erebos continued his dash into the Ice Region, he knows, he knows! He knows where is mask is! The aro-kati waves his arms in glee as he runs in the snow.

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A satisfied grin flashed across Kryuna’s face as she saw the Okotan scramble up the entrance. Bingo. She thought. Kryuna stuck to the walls, trying to still stay hidden in the shadows, making her way toward the cave entrance.

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Hitora inspects his surroundings as they walk on, looking for anything that might prove to be helpful in finding where they’re going.

Vinum, having settled into the City for a while, decides to go and try for what he came to do: Looking for Ekimu, to try and become his apprentice.

Vra’axinni beats through the brush, making headway in their trip to the shore.


Bramble trailed close behind, with less of a determined step as Vra’axinni had. The smell of saltwater caught him by surprise; why were they heading to the coast?

Thirty Three put her hand onto her chin as though she was contemplating ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ could be that, or might be that it suddenly appears in hands of your great, great, grandchildren. Who knows with these things? Right?”