Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Upon reaching the shore, Vra’axinni looks out at the sea, and in the distance, he sees it: the island that she calls home.

Only then does he realize something he missed before.

He might need a boat.

Looking on at the stairs, Vinum takes a deep breath, and starts climbing to the Forge. It was now or never. He had to talk to him.


“Well, what a lovely view!”

Bramble inhaled deeply as he enjoyed the fresh sea air. Standing proud, he watched as the sun glimmered off the waves sweeping slowly over each other and drifting quietly into shore. It wasn’t entirely what he was expecting; a walk to the beach, but it managed to be a decent trip nonetheless.

“…So now what?”

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Vra’axinni points to the isle in the distance. "Do you see that? It is difficult to spot, but there is an island just over in that direction. We need to get to it.

Bramble squinted slightly at the isle. “Uhh… Okay.”

“So, I’m not exactly the best swimmer, so we’d probably need to make a raft or something…” He glanced around at the treeline. “Not the best materials for that here, but there’s probably something… I’d think…”

Vra’axinni thinks for a second. “Perhaps there is a village on the shore somewhere near here?” He thinks aloud.

After a few minutes, he starts trekking along the shoreline, looking for a village, or at the very least an abandoned boat.

Vinum looks at the large door in front of him, thoroughly intimidated by it, and the idea of what lie behind it, but he knew he had to talk to Ekimu. So, he did the only thing he could think to do:

He knocked on the door. “Hello?” He asked.

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“Oh man, are you guys on some sort of great quest to find masks of power and defeat evil?!?” Twenty Three asked excitedly.

“And the Mask of Time is on that list of masks to find.” Blaze said, breaking his silence of thought, “Are your leaders able to talk with us on the way to finding the mask of Psionics?”

“I want to try and find the Mask of Time as soon as possible before your enemies have any chance to cause calamity with its power.”

“Well, the Beast King is most wise and informative, he may know, but he is all the way back in the region of jungle, it would seem that going there would take up a considerable amount of time.”

Blaze looks at the group, awaiting their verdict. His eyes showed a desperate desire to help protect the island…but Ekimu would see it as some hope this could redeem him, gain him forgiveness, for his experiments in the Jungle Region. (@rainsong)

“I suppose that there’s also the trial, but I figured that would have to wait until your quest has finished.”

“The Mask of Time is one of the most sacred, powerful and, if mishandled, potentially dangerous masks on the island.” Blaze said, “Nobody knows just what would happen if its powers were misused or if, Elements forbid, it was broken or destroyed except that it would likely be bad, very bad.” His fear was clear and it was starting to cloud his judgement a bit.

“Mask of psionics or mask of time?”

OOC: He never mentioned any other mask than the Mask of Time in that whole bit of talking.

IC: “The Mask of Time.” Blaze said.

“Like I said, lost to time. It would be anywhere or anywhen.”

“I meant that we could talk about the Mask of Time and those who 44 serves.” that last bit about 44 had just a hint of venom in his tone…44 had wronged him or threatened at least one person who he cared about.

“I don’t think anyone knows where they are these days.”

“But their ways from before they vanished may yet be known.” Blaze said.

“They vanished with the mask, I don’t know what else you’re asking for.”

Blaze seemed angry but took a moment to calm down, “I just don’t want to be caught unawares if they reappear.” He said.

“They are lying cheats are are not to be trusted. That’s as far as I know.”