Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Blaze’s face said it all, No wonder 44 works for them; I bet they get along SSOOOO famously. He thought.

“Are you alright, your face looks strange?”

“Bad memories.” Blaze said, “I am, unfortunately, familiar with 44 and his tendencies having been on the receiving end of his pyromania.”

“Yes, I suppose that you’ll be needed at the trial when it takes place.”

Blaze nods, then looks at the others for their thoughts.

OOC: I’m honestly surprised few seem to have commented on how Blaze’s current mask looks like the MoUP, one that only bears a basic resemblance and looks like a cobbled-together piece of scrap (which it technically is).

“Hmm…” Jaspar taps a finger on his chin, looking around thoughtfully. “Well, it is the middle of the night. If you hadn’t rested when we got to the village I would say we find an inn and get some sleep. But if you want to take a look around before bunking for the night, I’m sure we can find some interesting sights to see.” He adjusts his backpack, leading the way into the city.

Kiva laughs nervously, cutting himself off forcefully. He clears his throat, looking out the window. “Oh, uh, look at that, uh, that time! We should really, uh, see what the Elders have for you, right?”

@Axels Lync motions for Hiraeth to follow her, keeping a careful watch behind them for any unseen guards.

As their journey wears on, various stones start cropping up along the side of the trail, most too weathered and moss-covered to make out any distinguishing details. The few that remain seem to be totems, depicting blocky animals worn and chipped by the years gone by. The other thing he might notice is the silence - the usual chitter of birds and other jungle life is non-existent now, and it seems that even the wind has died, leaving the wood hushed and still around them.

“We’re getting close,” Vohman calls over his shoulder. (@Ghid @Tarkur @KAI_BORG)

Before he could reach the door, he would find a pair of the City Guard standing wait in front of him.

“What business do you have in the Forge?” one asks.

OOC: tbh I forgot. It’s been a while since I approved the character.

IC: Ekimu sighs. “Blaze, might I remind you that mere minutes ago you were insistent that pursuit of Erebos be our top priority? I cannot dispute that the Mask of Time is an important artifact, but Twenty Three, would you say that the Mask is in a position of immediate peril?”

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Blaze slumps, Ekimu was right; he did say the Mask of Psionics should be top priority.

OOC: No worries, it has no powers being a scrap metal mask.

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She simply shrugged in response.

Keya nods, keeping silent, listening for any movement other than their own.

Hitora clenches his fists, his body tense.

Vinum almost falters, before speaking. “I am here to speak to Ekimu. Is he free?”

Vra’axinni continues up the shore, presumably with Bramble in tow. Soon, he sees something in the distance. “I think that may be a small town. Can you tell?” He asks Bramble.

OOC: I know; it wouldn’t have gotten approved otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue:

“As I thought,” Ekimu says, nodding to Twenty three. He steps forward, putting a hand on Blaze’s shoulder. “Patience is a virtue, my apprentice. You can neither craft masks nor fight darkness all at once. It is a process, and you must be willing to learn both the wisdom to prioritize your efforts and the patience to not act out of haste if you are to succeed. I assure you, we shall return for the Mask of Time, but not now. Now Erebos is our quarry.”

“Can’t say he is. He left the city earlier today; said his Forge was not to be disturbed.” The guard frowns, jutting their chin out. “Sorry kid, you’ll have to talk with Ekimu another time.”

Blaze nods slowly, some scars poking through the gaps in his mask as he remembered how his haste caused him pain. “Yes, master.” He said, “Erebos should be our first concern.” He gazes into the fire in thought, recalling what he did these past few years and what may be in store for his future but he promises in his mind to never use more than one element unless he had Ekimu’s blessing and his supervision…provided the Mask Maker let him remain his apprentice.

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Hiraeth nods in response, eyeballing their surroundings. He keeps a hand on an axe, ready for something to go down.

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Vinum looks dejected at first, but then gets an idea. “Did he by chance say where he was going? I might like to help him if it’s within my ability.”

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The cave would lead them to a large opening, a broken bridge could be seeing on the other side of a deep crevice. A door at the end of the bridge. The dim light from the sky shown from the purplish yellow crystals in the ceiling. Old webs hung from the stalactites, as the old rumors and legends once told, this used to be a nest of the skull spiders… used to. Now it was the home of a group, the Dark Mist. A faction hellbent of usurping the powers of old.

The guard they followed up was no where to be seen, it was dreadfully silent.

(G2 concept image for reference of what the place kinda looks like, although instead of that circle thing, it would be the rune of the Dark Mist)

Melody and Xol continue to walk soon seeing the city of Karios in the distance.

Sonata leans against a large stone, she felt all alone… her child and husband… both taken by that tyrant… and now she’s alone… it’s likely she’ll die if she goes through with this.

The hunter would make his way through the deserts… He knew where it was… the plan… so simple! he would get the mask… and fulfill that request… Makuta’s request…



It’s a flawed approval. Runa originally dismissed the MouP Blaze and demanded there be an iteration with a normal mask; her’es the edited image to prove it

Why Blackbelt chose to not post this version in signups when it wasn’t previously approved is beyond me, but I think it should be retroactively taken into question especially since he would have no way to determine what the MouP looks like


Morrus strained to look out the window to see if there was, like, a clock or someth-

“Oh, uh, right.” He mercilessly crushed the flowers and slowly headed towards the door.

Gladius tensed at the change. The silence was… Eerie.

“I don’t like this.” Gladius mumbled to no one in particular. The broken skull spider claw he had found a while ago on the trail came back to his memory.

The Lord of the Undying Storm couldn’t help but glare down upon Blaze. So pitiful to see this, this fool, hushed in his request to find the mask of… Time, was it? Whatever. Maybe if I had the mask of time, I would make this not take so long.

“So you’re a Mask Maker.” He spied him from the bottom of his eyes.

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Ilza shrugs a bit, “Yeah, sure, why not.” And with that, begins to follow him.

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“I’m Ekimu’s apprentice.” Blaze said.

OOC: considering the time since OA 1, can’t I get a little leeway? This mask Blaze is wearing is just cobbled-together scrap in a basic resemblance to the MoUP and has no powers whatsoever.

“Not alone on that sentiment.” Hitora muttered in agreement.

I’d say it’s a good idea to discuss this, but perhaps we should do it elsewhere? I don’t feel like the RP topic itself is the right place for this discussion.


There was some sort of snort in reply.

“Look at this.” He suddenly pulled out his axe and tapped the wolf-like carving on the back of the head. “Look at the mastery with which it was crafted. Nobody knows who made it, or when it was smithed. The legacy of its maker is nowhere to be found.”

“Now look here.” He pointed to the blade of the axe head. It was sharp as a diamond, but cut deep with innumerable scratches, deep grooves were carved at random places, and the metallic sheen was having difficulty showing up consistently. All signs pointed towards a considerable amount of wear and heavy use.

“You’ve seen me throw my axe. Where is it written that it will return to me?” He turned it over in his hands, the blade being so large it occasionally cut off the light from the fire. “Yet I live and fight by the confidence that it will always end up back in my grasp.”

“You people are so simple.” He chuckled. “Go here, do this, kill that, take it there… No respect for the grander picture. No faith in what you cannot understand.”

“What is your point?” Blaze asked, stoking the fire with one of his swords.

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