Onu-Wahi Concept: The Lush Maw + Next Art Poll

The caves and tunnels of Onu-Wahi lattice the roots of Mata Nui’s greatest forests. Clear springs and sunlight bring life to this abyss, nurturing vast ecosystems of algae and moss.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the livestream! I had a great time and some great discussion about G3. A special shoutout to @Matanui606 who kept me company while I wrapped up this piece.

With the Wahi wrapped up, what do you guys want to see next?

  • Toa Designs (Round Two)
  • Koro Architecture Styles
  • Rahi and Vegitation
  • Island Maps

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I’ll be sure to watch this if I remember, and hopefully I will. :stuck_out_tongue: Either way, I’m excited to see the finished version!
EDIT: Welp, forgot to watch the livestream. Darn you Beauty and the Beast!

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We’ve already had a long discussion about my thoughts on Onu-Wahi, I just hope twitch doesn’t screw me over this time…

Hopefully not. I know this is probably the most acticipated environment, so I will try to deliver best I can.

Don’t worry, there’s an orgy of evidence that it will be amazing.

EDIT: Thanks for the shout out, always a pleasure. I already have most of my feedback during the stream, but I would like to reiterate how much I like the ziguraut design as well as the inclusion of candlehead. Also that Rahi option in the poll was super tempting.

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another @Oomatu original.


Once again, the artwork is fantastic.

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This is one of my favorites, @Oomatu.

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