Oomatu Art: Le-Wahi, The Sky Jungle

Updated with new artwork! I also used this as an opportunity to create a “Frankenstein” amalgamation of weaponry for Lewa [Ax/Tonfa/Wings]. In the background, you can see the Temple of Uxar nested among the Sky-Jungle.


I love how all those rocks are floating.

I really enjoy the idea of there being floating islands in Le-Wahi, it adds a mystical feel that fits with BIONICLE and works for the elements of air. I especially like the inclusion of little details like the ruins.

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The floating rocks are awesome, and I’m all or Loowa.

Well, this came sooner then expected… well, on to gushing:

This is amazing, I love how it still keeps the vibrant green Le-Wahi while also branching out into the floating mountains idea. Absolutely beautiful.

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(or chima)

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I can sense the sarcasm in your parenthesis @michael_benk

I mean the painting is great, but the concept is nothing unheard of and personally I don’t like the pronunciation of lewa you propose. Still pretty nice drawing

Lewa needs a cape. Other than that, I think this looks really cool. Also, if those floating islands are held aloft by magnetism or often find themselves in great proximity to storms due to their elevation, maybe it’s possible that a small Lightning tribe might make their home on them as well? They could be like a part of ‘Village of the Sky’ folklore, only revealed to be real later on in the story as they actually come to have a stake in the events that are transpiring far below them.


Hey, if you got suggestions I’d be happy to take them. This is a community thing, and your opinion is as important as mine. I’d heard this concept thrown around the past couple days so I thought I’d take a stab.

Rather than having rocks flying around (would make more sense to have the rocks floating for pohatu in the stone region) have the plants just floaing by themselves like super tiny planets with trees and plants floating.

This sounds epic.

I could totally see the air tribe wearing capes with bamboo ribbing so that they could be used as gliders. I say bamboo specifically because it’s a very flexible wood that would still work for a cape, but also is ridged enough to provide structure to the glider.


Maybe you could make a darker ‘storm’ version of the picture in which the highest stones are getting struck by lightning? Or lightning strikes the highest stones and then jumps from one to the other to the ground? I feel like that could look epic.

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So, how fast are you at drawing these? Because there was only about a half an hour between when you said you were gonna be doing this and when the actual topic was made…

I had actually been working on it off and on all day. Probably in the neighborhood of 2 to 3 hours.

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Ok, that makes a little more sense. This is way too too for a half an hour of work.

Once again, an excellent piece. I hope you keep crankin’ 'em out!

I think that having the floating rocks and such fits much better with air than the jungle atmosphere that G1 had (though that worked for the most part too).

If villages are built on the large floating rocks, I imagine that characters would need a way to get from one rock to another… maybe you could try to illustrate some sort of flying device? Either what @Matanui606 said with the ridged capes or some sort of Da Vinci-esque flying machine.

Brilliant work once again. I really like the ancient ruins style you’ve pulled off here.

So far the style of these paintings are a lot more reminiscent of G2 with a twist on the elements, and I like that.

Interested to see where you go with the rest of the Toa. Keep up the great work!

I think you mean reminiscent of the G2 concept art, because nothing like this ever reached the final product…