Other Smaller Islands [Pitch] [Worldbuilding]

Now, before you dismiss this, yers, I know TTV said they won’t be doing any more islands in G3, and we will be staying on Artakha. BUT. This is not adding completely different islands. On @Oomatu’s pitch art of Artakha, he drew a couple of small islands off Artakha’s northern coast.

That sparked an idea in me. Why not add more islands, while developing Artakha aswell? Of course, we don’t have to go on these islands like we did in previous years, but we could have some background informations on them. (Nyhran in G1, for example)
So, this is my pitch for other smaller islands off the coast of Artakha.

  • Mahri

  • Sunken island, became an underwater city

  • Karzahni’s island @Tempelbeast1

  • A bizzare land said to have ice volcanoes and living stone

  • Island where the mad being was imprisoned

  • Home to races of Skakdi and Vortixx

  • Kojol

  • Large and unexplored

  • Filled with lush and tropical jungle

  • Nyhrah

  • Mysterious and unexplored

  • Said to be inhabited by Matoran ghosts, and thus is left alone

  • Odina

  • Mountainous and barren

  • Mostly unexplored

  • Home to deadly species of Rahi

  • Artidax

  • Far off the coast, part of the chain of volcanoes that form Mangai

  • Barren with black sand beaches and a giant volcano in the middle

  • Daxia

  • Island of legends

  • Said to house a great civilization

  • Home to beautiful Rahi known as Crystal Dragons

  • Possible Metru Nui style year to take place here?

  • (Actually based off of G1 Artakha)

Thank you for reading! If you have any ideas for other islands, questions or just things to say, feel free to do so!


I’m not sure if the TTV would ever canonize it, but I certainly hope so.

I do have a question, though. When you say the Skakdi and Vortixx races, do you mean species or are these two groups former Matoran that were mutated?


I suggest @Tempelbeast1’s pitch, he explains it there.


Karzahni used the Matoran form as a template for the Vortixx and the Skakdi. And then added characteristics (abilities, physical characteristics, etc.) from other creatures and former experiments to make them.


Oh, I forgot to write that the island has trees with dark red leaves, underground caves with lava instead of groundwater, and almost constant cloudiness with rare sunny days. in fact, I forgot to write about the island!

Leaves look, some like that.