~Plorg 2.0~

[Bless you Oonie I’ve been sitting on this for two days now]

There is, there are some trees you can delve under or perhaps go off the road. You know this: the helicopter cannot go below the trees, for the trees are close by and would hurt the chopper’s blades.


Then let’s head for the brush, maybe check to make sure there’s enough of a clearing for our own vehicle first.

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I second this

Anything you could throw at the helicopter?

Don’t think that a raptor would be able to throw something at an helicopter. Honestly I don’t think a raptor would be able to throw pretty much anything a significant distance. Also it wouldn’t be a good idea to expose ourselves and probably get shot.


we probably couldn’t throw very far, but Bill can! Humans are some of the best throwers in the animal kingdom.

But we shouldn’t exit the vehicle. Is there anything in the vehicle that Bill could throw?

um… and who will drive if bill isn’t? I don’t think a raptor would be able drive

He could throw the item while staying inside the car. He’d just need to lean his head and arm out the window for a few seconds to throw it.

I don’t see much point in throwing something. I doubt there’d be anything large enough to damage the helicopter.

This sounds good to me.


We elect to head for the brush.

We go off-road, going onto the forest foliage to get the helicopter away from us. Bill seems to know his stuff, driving carefully along the forest brush and ensuring that none of it snags the car. However, one thing we did not account for: the heat of the bullets. Suddenly, as some of the machine gun bullets hit the forest ground, the light into flame, burning some of the underbrush as we drive quickly away.

The helicopter seems to stop following us in that moment, turning away and allowing us to drive further into the forest. Eventually, we come to a bit of a stop, with Bill taking a few breaths. He looks more stressed than before.

How big are the flames getting, and how far are we in comparison? Depending on how Bill’s feeling, we could use a minute to plan the next move if possible.

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The flames do not look to be very big so far. But they are spreading among the brush.

Doesn’t seem like there’d be anything we could do. We should keep moving.

Let’s check in on Bill, inspect any damage to the car, then move on steadily.


How much fuel is left in the car?

About 6/8ths of the fuel is left.

We elect to check on Bill.

“Hey, you alright?” you ask.

“Yeah,” he says. “Doesn’t feel right knowing someone was looking for us. They must have known we were going down the roads. Thankfully, we should not be far from the other settlement. Should we continue driving?”

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Yeah, I see no reason for stopping here or going back.


you realize that 3/4s is so much easier to visualize right :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I definitely don’t see much else to do besides keep moving, unless we want to hunker down to wait and hide in case the helicopter comes back.


(new to this thing, so make sure to tell me if this is certified s t u p i d)
I would say that we keep driving at a steady pace until we reach the end of the forest, at which point we stop the vehicle far enough away from the forest’s end so that we couldn’t be seen by anyone above, and we go ahead and make sure the helicopter is gone before we continue.

Here’s a dumb idea: let’s continue in the direction of our destination, but before we clear the brush, rig the car to drive off in another direction in case the chopper is still patrolling from above.