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Profanity and Sexual Innuendo

Our audience has a wide enough range, but there's still a lot of younger people on here. Please try to keep the swearing/sexual innuendo to a minimum. Of course, there's a wide range of what's considered swearing and what's considered innuendo, and we aren't going to list every single little thing here. Suffice to say, the staff will edit anything we find unsuitable at their discretion, but try to use common sense and keep this place child-friendly for the most part.

Debates/Flame Wars

Obviously, since this is a place where people can share their opinions, there is undoubtedly going to be a time where at least two people will have completely different ones. Controversy creates discussion, but please don't let this get out of hand and start attacking each other instead of civilly debating or discussing a topic.

Religious/Political Discussion

We get it, politics and religion are a fundamental part of who you are. They shape your worldview and how you treat people. The problem is, they're such a fundamental part of who you are, it can get very heated very quickly because some debates end up feeling like a personal attack, no matter if they actually are or aren't. The TTV Cast ourselves hold a very wide and conflicting variety of beliefs and opinions, but we've seen first hand both in our group and in countless other sites that going too deep into religious and political discussion opens up a huge can of worms. Please, please, please try to keep it to a minimum.

Note: Yes, this line is especially blurry, and some times it's relevant (for instance, talking about Matoran forms of government or whatnot), but we reserve the right to discern when to stop it before it gets out of hand. We will try our best to not be biased.


Spoilers aren't cool. Things like plot twists or character deaths are a huge part of the entertainment experience, and sometimes a plot twist can totally make or break a film/television show. We've all had that moment where we came across a plot twist and it totally blew our minds, and it's the primary thing we think about when we remember that story. We also remember being spoiled for something we looked forward to and how that kind of ruined whatever we were going to watch (I'm looking at you, Game of Thrones).

So being spoiled is kind of a big deal. We should have spoiler threads made for people that want to discuss new story/spoilers when they come out, and also spoiler tags to use, so please try to keep spoilers like that there. There's also a specific spoiler policy for certain pieces of media that you can find in each forum, so keep that in mind.

Duplicate Topics

We have a very nifty search feature that gives you live feedback on what you're looking up, and we've tried to make it as seamless and convenient as possible to search for topics that have already been made. Please use that before making a new topic. We don't have any revival limit, so you can reply to that topic whenever you want. Just don't clutter the forum with topics that already exist.

Double Posting

I realize that at some points you want to bump your topic, but the truth is that there aren't always going to be discussion going on there. Double posting is only okay if you are the creator of a creative work and have an update. Otherwise, don't do that.

Topic Titles

Make sure that your topic titles are descriptive actually say something about what's inside the thread. Don't use "Look what I found!" or "Really cool thought I just had!" topic names, but actually post what your thought or what you found was.


We're a English speaking group, and English is primarily the language used on this forum. We want to be able to read your posts, so posting in another language or purposefully messing up your text just does you no favors. Obviously, there are exceptions when it comes to context, but as a rule of thumb, make sure you're speaking with English and pay attention to spelling and grammar. Also, be aware of formatting too. Bright text colors are just terrible to look at.


We all know what the acronym stands for. Stupid, pointless, annoying messages are kind of a staple of any forum, but we want to weed out as much as possible. I was hoping this would be common sense, but I guess it's worthwhile having a rule about it anyways. Please don't post stuff that's unreadable, or off topic. Also, if you make a post that's only a shipping hashtag with no context...that's probably going to be removed. Most of this, as always, will be up to the staff discretion. Again, please just use common sense.

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Amendment I-

Screamers, pop-ups, or jump-scares are absolutely prohibited. This is a very serious offense and will be worthy of suspension without warning if this rule is ignored.