Prototypes, Misprints, Mismolds and rare masks

Hi. I just started collecting misprints and I already have a lewa 2016 misprint. I am not working so I don’t earn money. I just wanted to see if I can buy any prototypes, misprints, or rare masks from you guys. My budget is under 100 dollars and I am looking to get the GPKK (extremely unlikely), VMKK (extremely unlikely as well) and or the WMKK (nope). If not, I would like to get the toa misprints/mismolds etc or some other metal mask, or the clear red hau nuva. If you guys can sell some, that would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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well my friend i happen to be selling a misprinted green matatu here -ToaGali416 be sellin things!
if you reserve this once my ebay is finally set up i can sell it to u?

What does it look like? :eyes:

You sure this exists? I searched it up and I couldn’t find any official translucent red hau, only a custom resin mask on etsy

It isnt a transclucent. Black Six has 5 of them. I’ll ask him later if he is willing to sell but the mask has red and clear infused. I think when lego was filling the mold with red, it didn’t properly fill so part of the mask is marbled with red while the rest is clear. My misprint is a small gray smudge on lewa 2016 mask chin.

Well the price is at 100 euros which is a little over my budget. Sorry :’(

fair enough - the most i could probably discount it would be like 85-90 ish

Ok I might think about it depending on the rarity.

I’ve got two misprinted Kraata. First one’s one of the weird “stretched” mismolds:

And the other’s a Guurahk Kraata missing the sand blue, further documented here:


The only misprint I have is this gear piece in dark gray.


On the left, next to a dark bluish gray ball joint connector and a light gray gear of the same type.

Wow those are cool. But I dont have any rahkshi so they wouldnt be of any use.

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did not know black6 sold stuff

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A bit of topic but I have a Han Solo Minifigure head missing an eyebrow


and its not scratched off?

@Eilrach No, it came like that. I know that some people use erasers to try and erase lego prints. It’s nice since it is on a generic-looking face so if I ever need to make a fig with an eyebrow missing I can.
(It came from the A-wing Starfighter set from 2013)


He said he is not willing to sell any at the moment. But i will offer him 20k in 20 years.


Speaking of minifig misprints, I’ve got the calculator minifig from the Lego Batman movie series but the visor print is out off line or maybe they were all like that?

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