Rahkshi [Concept Art] - Mask of Monsters

This is the fastest I’ve ever made one of these concepts… yay.


This pitch brings back the idea of taboo masks.
This specific mask, the Mask of Monsters, is one of the few mask a Matoran could wear and use its effects… at a price. The user mutates and gains size, strength, speed and a random set of powers (and maybe a couple of limbs) becoming a Rahi-like monster. The problem is that the users essentially Hulk out and become mindless beasts -hence the taboo status- until the mask is forcibly removed from them.
What makes the Rahkshi special is their connection to Makuta and the Mask of Control. This lets them (mostly) keep their intelligence and consience, making them extremely formidable, as well as hide in plain sight if they choose to remove the mask. As per Bionicle tropes, the Cult of Makuta have six.


As for the piece, there is only one mold for the mask, but have four holes on the top to allow connections for horns. They use the same connections that I believe some of the Disney minifig bags use (two examples I can find are this one for Donald Duck with his hat and Aladdin’s genie with his hair) and could be arranged in different positions or use different horn pieces depending on the Rahkshi.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it.


Interesting concept. I assume this will function as the head-spike combo that G1 had? Or would they still have the spiky back/neck look with this?

not a bad idea, and i really like the art in here. very crisp.

This is actually a cool and really creative idea. The one thing with the horns though; if it were hypothetically produced, kids would be losing the horns everywhere.

I really like this. Definitely looks good without the addons, and could definitely be used for other characters thanks to the versatility of the design.

This is a pretty nice take on how the designs could work out. I think the fact that the horns and spikes aren’t part of the actual mold is a good decision, really making the piece more versatile and allowing for greater options.

Pretty Well translated pieces.

Wow. I never thought about them wearing masks. These look pretty cool. I like the idea of the horns, but I think they would work better if there was a different mold for each Rahkshi. That could explain some of their powers too, instead of the transformations.

Wow really an improvement from what I heard the rakshii are at this point. In the ‘official’ G3, their are changed due to invoking their shadowy side of their elements. I found that to be very confusing. This is a way better choice. It adds to the identity of the rakshii, that they were willing to go as far as turn themselves in monsters for Makuta. It is not a gradual change, maybe even one a rushed decision. It shows their devotions. Great job!

So, are there only six Masks of Monsters, or can more be created if needed? I’m not saying more should be made, only the possibility.

I don’t really know what you mean. If the heads stay like this, I’m pretty sure they’d need a chest add-on for the back spikes as a separate piece.

I don’t think you’re wrong… buuuut Lego has already made hair add-ons this small so… shrug

I’d say they’re both difficult to make and use rare materials, hence why so few exist (along with the taboo thing, it’s not like any sane person would want to make one). In my head not all of them were made by the Cult, and some are possibly both centuries old and stolen.

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That’s true. Every single Alien in the Galaxy Squad sets that I bought lost their tiny antennae within a day.

Your idea for the piece is pretty cool, but I think it would be better if Lego would make different molds.

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Does each Mask of Monsters have a unique ability that is connected to their G1 powers, or are their powers derived from their weapons instead?

If it was from the mask, it could be that the mask grants a power based on the wearer. So putting it on will cause the blank mask to be imprinted, and it gives a matching power.

However, this would change their current idea that the powers are corrupted versions of the regular elements. If they change that, then I could see the masks being a good alternative.

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I kind of pictured the powers and mutations being loosely random and unique to each individual.

If someone put one on and turned into a giant acid-snake monster, that’s what they’d turn in to every time, regardless if they’re using a different Mask of Monsters. Same probably goes for the powers.


Here’s my take on the mask. Keep in mind this mask has 7 holes instead of 4. Any feedback is appreciated.


I’m not sure about the masks being the cause for the Rahkshi’s transformation (I like the idea of the light/darkness dichotomy being the catalyst for that), but overall, I really like the design.

Correction, I like both of these designs.

Perhaps we could try to tie in some corrupted mask/light/darkness dichotomy with these.