Rainbow of Justice- Honor Guard Part II Hagah Entry

This is my entry to the Hagah contest. I did a 1-1-1-1-1-1 color split, with pink Pouks, bronze Gaaki, purple Bomonga, and of course light blue Kualus. Gaaki’s mask is original. I designed it off the cuff, but it came out a bit like a noble mask of possibilities. Pouks wears a noble Kakama.


Can you scan your drawing and/or flip it, it’s kinda hard to see the way you uploaded it. Nice purple bomonga and red pouks, I haven’t seen those color combos until now.

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I’ll do it tomorrow. I just saw the announcement that they extended the deadline, so I’ll be adjusting a good bit. But I just worked the last 6 hours, so I’m basically done with this for tonight.

Thanks, by the way. For Pouks, I was inspired first by the memes, then by seeing how good red and brown went together on the Visorak. Bomonga us a callback to G2 Onua.

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Red Pouks oh my… never in my wildest dreams…

cool art!

Oh hey, this is a really cool color scheme. Purple Bomonga and Red Pouks look sick. I most prefer the 6/1 split to line up with the Krana-Kal colours but at the same time I really like how interesting some entries have gotten with it, like this. Good luck!

this sure is interesting
Tiny Norik is hilarious.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of red pouks. The brown visorak already uses that color scheme, and I think it’d be a shame if two characters used such an unconventional color scheme.