RaptorTalon V12

Hey Guys! RaptorTalon is back (Yaaaayy…) You guys have prolly all gotten sick of seeing him by now, but this time…THIS IS IS TWELFTH VERSION! WHOOO. (I need a life) Anywho, onto the MOC.

THEME SONG https://youtu.be/g2wDnGEaeSY

GEN 1 Bio. (Aka the story that I have scrapped) (BTW this “G1” Bio was taken right from the last version.)

NAME: RaptorTalon.
RACE: Robot/Hero.
AGE: 37. (a teenager in robot years)
BIRTHPLACE: Hero Factory.
TOOLS: Shield, minigun, energy sword, double talon blade.
FAMILY: He has two “brothers” but he is a robot, so none?.
ALIAS(S): “Master of the core”, “Hero of the core”, “Fire of the Core”, “Creator’s bane” all formerly.
PERSONALITY: Strong-willed and willing to die for what he believes in. as of late he has become more cold, and is trying to cope with some of the new ideas that have been reveled to him. he is normally kind and a hard worker, as well as a strong team leader. but at times he has been known to break under stress.
BIO: RaptorTalon was created by the Kerosiian being known as “the Creator” to be a super-solider to end all of the Kerosiian’s many wars. yet the quaza they used for his heart-stone showed to be to strong and pushed his mind into control over the programming. he then escaped and crashed on a quaza mining planet were future Hero cores were being dug. he exploded and shot his core into a mine. leaving it to rest for many years. his core was later found, and was made into a Hero core, making him the newest rookie on the Galex 11 team. he climbed the ranks to commander of the team and led them through many wars and battles.

Gen 2 bio. (The new story)

NAME: RaptorTalon. (may have some alias(es) but those are unconfirmed.)
GENDER: Cybernetic Male.
RACE: Hero.
SPECIES: Cybernetic being. (aka robot for you illiterate people)
AGE: Unknown.
BIRTHPLACE: Hero factory(?)
FAMILY: None. he is a robot.
PERSONALITY: He is normally soft hearted, and is known for being energetic (most of the time) and a friendly person. he normally tends to solve things with words, and take charge. even ignoring the appointed leaders at times. but when he becomes angry, he becomes cold. dark, and threatening. With no sense of mercy, or honor. Something that tends to scare even his own teammates.

Onto the MOC!

Them amazing feet. XP. But you do get a look at his new legs, (which are custom BTW) and I personally love them, they are prolly the best thing I have made. I love them. Thanks to the guys on the OS team for helping me make this MOC.

Upper legs are the same, just filled in some gaps.

Gonna let the rest of the pics speak for themselves. Enjoy!

So that was RT V12! Been a little over a year since I posted his first version, and he has come a long way. Here is an abridged history. https://youtu.be/esQP6P5LfYU

He is by far my best MOC, yet I am proud that some of my other MOCs are almost, or as good as he is. I would like to thank the OS crew, for helping me with this.and Likus, who’s idea for a better waist kickstarted this MOC.

So here are some thanks.


And everyone who gave the last version some critique. expect a review and slideshow of this MOC on my youtube channel soon (aka, whenever I feel like it) and please give your thoughts. Good day!


So it was spoilers!

As I said, this guy is amazing! Definitely the best one yet! I love all his weapons and his overall look. Great job here!

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Sppppoooolllleeerrrrzzz… XP.

Thanks Gabe!


Probably my favorite version to date, he just looks so incredible. I do have one issue though an that is the crotch piece does stick out a little to much at certain angles.

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Looks very Nice! I would like to see him with Kardymis and some other peoples MOCs on some sort of team… But that just won’t happen xD… And how do I become part of OS (If there is a way)

Thanks! and I dunno about the crotch piece, I personally like it, but I see what you mean.

Thanks! that team idea sounds cool. and as for being part of OS…uhm. be a friend of us for a while, then whatever, we recently brought Dragoneye in, after he guest starred, so We dont have a defined way.

Cool, I would love to be a guest one time, but I don’t know how to use Google plus, and I live in the UK…

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If you do not know how to use Google plus…

too bad. we are based off of Google plus, but you should get the hang of it…

as for the UK thing…


No comment.

lookin beefy and heroic


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Thanks! kinda intended.

@RaptorTalon I just don’t know how to make or join calls, And I said I live in the UK because of the time difference if you ever decide to have me on…

Yup. Google hangouts should be easy to figure out, but the issue is the time. we normally record the podcasts at night for us mericans.

I don’t like the thighs, the torso is really skinny, and the back of his torso has a lot of black.

I love the lower legs, all the weapons are amazing, and that shield is pretty cool too.

Well, I hate to say it, but I really prefer his previous version. This one isn’t as good as the other.


actually a “cyborg” (slang for cybernetic being) is a organic creature with some degree of mechanical components added in.

Anyhoo its still a good moc.

(love the theme song btw its a great band)


Thighs are the same as last time. just with some gaps filled in. and I will agree on the torso, even if I dont mind it. Thanks for your comment.

Oh crud…

Thank ye.

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rip in peace battlecry

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I like that song a lot. but this one fit a lot more with RT himself.

Battle cry is G1 RT’s theme. this is the new RT’s theme.


Wow! My only suggestion is to fill in the middle of the torso a little more! :smiley:

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Yup. Thanks!

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For a while I’ve wanted to create my own cool hero. You seem to have done this, so I’m not going to beat around the bush and say…

I need ideas!

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