Reppirax - heretic crusader (Gilahu's BP Makuta Revamps)

Name: Reppirax
Kanohi: Tagial, Great Mask of Void
Assigned region: None
Status: Dead


Widely considered to have been the deadliest blade of his time, Reppirax also was a brilliant tactician and a charismatic leader. His loyalty to the Great Spirit was exemplary, although this loyalty made him treat those who in his eyes defied Mata Nui without any mercy. He was known to kill beings on the spot if he felt like they weren’t paying enough attention to the Three Virtues. Those who openly rebelled against Mata Nui and his servants, the Makuta and Toa, he didn’t kill, but instead banished them with his mask to the Zone of Shadows to forever wander far away from Mata Nui’s light in empty darkness.

As the centuries and millennia went by, the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe turned away from Mata Nui more and more, ignoring the Three Virtues and becoming greedy, crooked and dishonorable. In those times only the Matoran and the Brotherhood stayed true to the Great Spirit in Reppirax’s eyes, and he demanded Miserix to give him an army to remove all sinners from the universe, so that it might become righteous again. Miserix refused, pointing out that all races had a duty to fulfill and that Reppirax – despite his devoutness to Mata Nui – couldn’t possibly judge what Mata Nui and the Great Beings planned when they created not only the Matoran and Makuta, but also the Vortixx, the Skakdi, and everyone else. He told Reppirax to think on a bigger scale – and Reppirax obeyed, since it was Mata Nui who had made Miserix his superior.

Reppirax left Destral to travel through the Matoran Universe, but all he saw were transgressions everywhere. He checked his righteous ire, instead preaching the Three Virtues on his way, invoking everyone to live again how Mata Nui desired them to, and promising those who would follow and support him on his mission to redeem the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe a world of light, benevolence and abundance. At first only a few beings followed him, forming the order that later became known as the “Great Spirit’s True Servants” and eventually the “Cleansers”. As his fellowship grew and grew, not only those who believed in his words joined Reppirax, but also those who were attracted to power and wealth, for soon the “Great Spirit’s True Servants” became an influential faction in many villages and cities of the Matoran Universe.

When the Barraki rebelled against the Great Spirit and shortly after Mata Nui nearly died due to the Matoran civil war in Metru Nui, these things had a deep impact on Reppirax. How could there have been someone who could even think of overthrowing their benevolent Great Spirit? How perfidious had the Matoran Universe become that even the Matoran, Mata Nui’s most loyal subjects, were waging war against each other? Could it be that Miserix as Mata Nui’s voice in the Matoran Universe had been wrong? And if so – had he ever truly been Mata Nui’s voice? And if not – who would be more suited for the task than Reppirax himself who had devoted himself and his actions completely to the Great Spirit since the day he was created?

Eventually Reppirax decided that it was time for him to do the right thing in Mata Nui’s name and to wipe out everyone who didn’t serve the Great Spirit with all his soul. In Reppirax’s eyes Teridax acted more than correctly when he had the leaders of the war parties in Metru Nui massacred. There was no other way. The sinners had to die, so that Mata Nui could fill the universe again with beings who respected him.
Again Reppirax demanded Miserix to give him an army, and again Miserix declined. Reppirax saw this as the ultimate evidence that if Miserix had indeed ever been Mata Nui’s voice, he most definitely wasn’t anymore. This time, however, Reppirax wasn’t completely dependent on the Brotherhood as he already had a small army recruited from his followers, the “Great Spirit’s True Servants”. He began his crusade in the south of the Matoran Universe, killing everyone who wasn’t a Toa, Turaga, or Matoran, or opposed him and adding any Rahi he encountered on the way to his forces.

He had killed thousands already and his army had more than doubled in number due to all the Rahi and scared Matoran – even a few Toa – joining its ranks, when an envoy from the Brotherhood reached Reppirax, demanding in the name of the Brotherhood and Mata Nui, that he stop his crusade immediately, that he was to disband his army at once and that he was to turn himself over to the custody of the Brotherhood. If he didn’t agree to these terms, it would mean war. Reppirax only laughed at these words, telling the envoy that he, Reppirax, was acting in Mata Nui’s name, and thus the Brotherhood couldn’t expect any mercy, if it chose to oppose him.

Thus it came that only centuries after the Great army of the Brotherhood was disbanded after the defeat of the Barraki, it was formed again on the southwestern coast of the Southern Continent to stop Reppirax’s armada, this time commanded by field marshal Ornek and the two generals Xirok and Cenred.
Reppirax knew that he could win the battle – his core troops were way better trained and equipped than the hastily assembled army of the Brotherhood, but taking the beach would cost too many of his soldiers their lives which would have left him too weakened to deal with a second army after that. He decided that his best bet was to take Destral and then use the island’s teleporting device to move freely across the Matoran Universe. Taking the elite of his soldiers with him, Reppirax departed from the coast of the Southern Continent and left orders to keep the enemy occupied.

With most of the Brotherhood’s forces being with Ornek, Destral only had few defenders left aside the automatic defenses and the Makuta within the fortress. Knowing most of the secret traps, Reppirax didn’t fear the defenses as much as the Makuta who threw down lightning bolts and disintegration beams at him from the near impregnable walls. But Reppirax had taken care that those of his fighters who were able to use Kanohi came prepared, and thus the Makuta’s attacks were mostly stopped by force fields or deflected. Still, Reppirax’s fighters weren’t able to get to the Makuta on the walls either, where the defenders were able to use their devastating short range abilities. The situation became a stalemate.
Since the defenders of Destral where too few in numbers they where only able to hold the central fortress against Reppirax’s superior numbers, who went through the laboratories and construction yards of the rest of the island in search of materials for siege weapons. Reppirax was more than confident that within a few days he would be able to breach the walls and start the massacre, in the end being able to take the throne with Miserix’s and Teridax’s dead bodies lying before it, and then all that would still stand in his way would be Ornek, and after him, no one. And Mata Nui would approve and thank his most loyal of servants.
That was when one of his lieutenants pointed out ships on the horizon, flying the banner of the Brotherhood. Ornek had used the powers of the Toa of Water under his command to pull Reppirax’s ships to the beach, where Cenred’s and Xirok’s forces were decimating them ship after ship. The situation under control, Ornek took his reserves and set sail to Destral, planning to fall Reppirax in the back.
Destral’s defenders saw the ships, too, and prepared for a sortie, to crush Reppirax’s rebellion once and for all between Ornek’s troops and themselves.

The battle was terrible. Reppirax’s well trained and equipped soldiers of all species proofed to be far superior to Ornek’s Toa who refused to kill, weak Rahkshi, and few Exo-Toa, who on the other hand outnumbered Reppirax’s warriors two to one. It seemed as if Reppirax would win, when suddenly confusion broke out amidst his ranks, as Makuta after Makuta, led by Teridax and Miserix, teleported right into their formation, while the less combat experienced Makuta flung all they had at the confused and surrounded “Cleansers”. Reppirax himself was eventually forced to participate in the battle and his Lightstone Blade raged terribly. He nearly killed Gantil and badly wounded Gorast, but in the end saw himself surrounded by Jarnat, Erdorn, Piraunga and Icarax, to whose combined attacks he eventually fell amidst piles of dead and dying Toa, Rahkshi and the last soldiers of “The Great Spirit’s True Servants”.
The last of his loyal troops died shortly after, both on Destral and on the shore of the Southern Continent, where Cenred swung his mighty axe and beheaded Reppirax’s second in command.


Reppirax carried the legendary Lightstone Blade, a weapon rumored to have been created by the Great Beings. While charged with light energy it was extremely effective against any beings with a strong inner Shadow - before the Makuta decided to rid themselves of their inner Light, hitting them with the Lightstone Blade was like an electric shock running through their body, numbing them for some time. Also the place where the blade bit into them would be cauterized, preventing the Makuta to use their Quick Healing ability. After the Makuta became beings of pure Shadow and their Antidermis became gaseous, striking through their armor with the charged blade would have instantly vaporized their whole Antidermis and killed them. Thus Teridax had the Lightstone Blade destroyed soon after he became the Brotherhood’s leader.
The blade could be charged either through direct contact with Lightstones or by exposing it to the “daylight” inside the Matoran Universe for a certain amount of time.

He wore the Kanohi Tagial, Great Mask of Void, which allowed him to open a portal to the Field of Shadows.

Backstory and MOC based on @Sciencegiraffe’s Makuta Reppirax
Again I have to admit that I took some liberties :sweat_smile:

So, what’s there to say - I managed to make a custom cape for him (with the help of my mom ;))! Actually turned out maybe not perfect but better than expected. Unfortunately the only good cloth I could get was only black on one side, but it’s not too bad, I think. I’m a little proud of how I managed to attach it.
I somehow seem not to be able to build perfect upper legs - they’re totally ok, I know, but they’re still the worst part of teh MOC in my opinion (the gaps on the back are necessary for knee articulation - but at least I managed to cover them from the front, and the cape hides them pretty well otherwise)
I would have liked to not include silver in his colour scheme at all (except for the sword), but since I don’t paint parts those parts on the upper legs made it necessary.
Those outsticking bars on his hands are needed so he can hold his sword.

Well, that’s number 6 done. C&C welcome, enjoy!


The color combination is really neat and the torso is creatively built. This looks very good.

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I dunno about the sword on a stick, seems kinda weird.

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I mainly wanted the sword to have realistic proportions and didn’t know how else to achieve them. While that “stick” definitely isn’t ideal in terms of look, I figured it still works - after all that part of the sword wouldn’t be used offensively anyway.

You did a great job with the MOC itself, although if I had to give some ideas on how to improve it I’d say to build the shoulders a little higher and add more red.
Story-wise I think it’s just fine that you re-imagined my character quite a bit, but I did originally imagine him to be more of a “Jack the ripper” and less of a “Mohammed”. Then again, I did also think of him as a “skitzophrenic” or “multi-personality disorder” type character, so I guess part of what I imagined is a little closer to what you had in mind.
In regards to the sword you did great. I like your spin of it’s abilities and I’ll be adding it to my own version of his story.

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Well, I admit that even I’m missing the red on his mask, but I don’t paint parts, so…

Well, “Jack the Ripper” basically is some kind of crazy serial killer, right? Well, I figured the “You don’t believe in what I do, so I kill you” menatality of the medieval crusaders was more interesting and came pretty close :wink: And most of all it could be used to gain followers.

Glad you like the sword!

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Well, that isn’t the crusade mentality, though. The Crusades were started with the purpose of taking back the holy lands from the Turks, who had begun to kill Christians who made pilgrimages there. The Crusaders saw it as their duty to take back those lands in order to save the lives of their people, as a self-defensive measure. Admittedly, the soldiers got out of hands and stopped following their mission at some points - example: the ransacking of Constantinople, but I wouldn’t consider that part of the Crusades, nor does that fit the mentality of killing other people based on beliefs.

Unless you’re talking about the Gihadists’ side of the Crusades, in which case, I get what you’re saying.

Although, debating about the Crusades would be getting really off-topic and doesn’t belong on the boards here anyway.

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