Salvation: Part II

'Fireworks, I want to make them." Llun says, “My plan is to take a hole that you make with this cannons and enter through it. It’s a suicide mission, so I won’t ask anyone to come with me.”

“D*mn right it’s suicide!” Flyby retorts. “I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed, for spark’s sake.”

“It would significantly weaken our enemies. What’s one spark compared to a thousand?” Llun retorts, “I’m a close combat specialist, tight quarters are where I fit best, not a battlefield. So unless you have a better plan I’m considering finding an alternative route to blow up that ship.”

On the bridge, Flyby growls and runs his hands down his face.

“Why are half the bots on this ship insane?” he mutters.

“Look- Llun, is it?” he says to the mercenary, “One bot is not gonna be able to take down a Decepticon command ship. If you’re looking for a close-quarters fight, sensors show some New Decepticon stragglers still trying to get into the fortress. Figure you could do some good in there?”

The blade would definitely move quickly around the place, the idea of striking it down seemed impossible as another blade deposited from King-Quan’s shoulder pad. While the other served as a distraction, the freshly deployed one would fly towards a Mercenary’s blank point and in an attempt to stab him through his head.

King-Quan blocked his dual swords with his longer energy blade. “I have no corral with you.” He stated. “All I want is your master.” He declared as he used his strength, attempting to overpower Banzaitron within that blade lock.

Scorchlock blinks. “How is this part of the trial?” He asked himself before he had a few ideas in mind that pop out of nowhere. “Maybe, I can blast the main ship out of the sky.” He smirked. The Wrecker checked out to see if Armageddon was in close proximity.

The Wrecker glanced at the three. “Howdy.” He greeted with a smirk.

Fortress moved to the side, the blast narrowly avoiding his head, but ripping through one of his shoulder turrets. All the while keeping a strong grip despite the sheer cold. Parts could be replaced, and taking out such a powerful target was of the upmost priority. He lowered a mass driver cannon and fired it point blank.


“To be fair I don’t think anyone did any psychiatric diagnostics when they let bots on the ship.” Llun says partly amused, “into the fortress?.. I might be a bit lost so you’ll need to lead me.”

Pixel charges at the same mercenary, aiming to throw himself into their chest.

Another mercenary is killed, and the remaining four focus on shooting down the flying blades.

Banzaitron resists and pushes back.

“You’re gonna have to get through me first, pal!” he growls.

Bludgeon steps out of the elevator, drawing his great sword from his back.

SideStep had already managed to complete the trial and return to Salvation. However, the two consoles that the cybermatter had repaired were still nearby, waiting to be used.

“It’s right under the ship,” Flyby says. “You can ground bridge there.”

The slug scrapes across the side of the Predaking’s head as the beast veers to the side, damaging its left eye and eliciting a howl of pain. The Predaking claws at Fortress furiously with its claws, unfurling its great wings as the Autobot’s body continues to freeze over.

Pixel is successful.

The claws left surface level gashes in his chest plate. Fortress pulled his arm down, trying to throw the predacon on to the ground. Only to feel a brittle snap. His arm moved, but the predacon did not… He then realized his hand had broken clean off. Still tightly gripped around predaking’s neck.

Fortress took several nervous steps back. This was an enemy he was not equipped to handle.

“I recommend our immediate course of action be to retreat. I am unable to handle this predacon in my current state.”
Fortress said, mainly towards ■■■■■■■■■■■■.

Laslow, hidden in a tree, aimed a shot at Predaking and fired, his scope glinting in the sun.

The Predaking recoils away from Fortress, tearing the Autobot’s severed hand off its neck. Energon pours from the gaping wound on the side of its face, only to freeze over the torn armor in a matter of seconds. As Fortress backs away, a well-meaning squad of Autobots and Decepticons rushes the Predaking, and the armor on its neck shifts. Its mandibles draw back as the dragon breathes a jet of white gas onto the bots, flash-freezing them in an instant. With a swipe of its bladed tail, the bots are shattered to pieces.

■■■■■■■■■■■■ and Topside were busy fighting Lockdown together, the bounty hunter proving to be an even match against the captains, even in his damaged state. Much of the crew had dedicated themselves to repelling the New Decepticons, leaving our heroes to fight the predacons.

Forcep remained away from the battle, tending to the wounded.

The shot strikes the frozen energon over the Predaking’s wound, inflicting little damage to the dragon. Skystalker snaps his head in the direction of the shot, his evil grin growing even wider. He shoots into the air and darts toward Laslow, flames streaming from his wings as he stretches his claws out to grab the Autobot.

Laslow jumps from the tree with a yelp, rolling on the ground, then hopping to his feet.

Fortress shifted into his vehicle mode. Opening the door for Starchaser, as she was the only one not currently engaged with a predacon.

“Get in. We are both to injured for combat. We must fall back, until it is safe.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice.”
Starchaser said, limping on board. Once she was in, Fortress closed the hatch and drove off as quickly as possible, deeper towards the center of the ancient structure.

Meanwhile, Treadquake was still nearby in his battle mode. He eyed Predaking, staying out of his immediate like of sight. When the beast roared he fired his grenade launcher, hoping to lob the explosive right into its mouth.

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The blades didn’t stay into one place, they moved around ever so gracefully like two twins before they deflected the blaster fire at them, due to their energy and plasmatic capabilities.

King-Quan would resist as well, as he seemingly didn’t appear to be flinching or budging while his optics furiously glanced into Banzaitron’s. “Very well, I shall grant you a warrior’s death.” He promised as he let out a growl in an attempt to break the sword lock and stab forward with his blade to Banzaitron’s chest, attempting to impale it.

Scorchlock glanced back at the console and checked out if Armageddon was in close proximity to the planetary’s defensive systems.


Skystalker rams into the tree, uprooting it and setting it aflame. The predacon lands and whips around to face Laslow, hissing at the bot.

A few crew members remained around the fortress’ central spire, avoiding the predacons and picking off any stray New Decepticons trying to storm the entrance.

The Predaking had closed its jaws after destroying its latest victims, and the grenade bounces off the dragon’s snout to detonate harmlessly below it. The predacon begins to feed, deploying tendrils from its mouth to suck up the energon from the broken bodies by its feet.

Treadquake does, however, gain the attention of the fourth predacon, Skylynx. The white bird-dragon squawks at the Wrecker as red lights flash angrily along his limbs and trunk. The clone stamps the ground before charging headlong at Treadquake, crackling tongues of crimson energy zapping the ground as he ran.

The text on the consoles change to modern cybertronian, informing Scorchlock that there were several defenses around the fortress which were currently inert, and would aid our heroes in repelling the New Decepticon assault.

The Mercenaries dodge the reflected blasts. Two of them draw blades of their own and begin to stab at the flying blades.

Banzaitron jumps backward, out of the swords’ reach.

“‘A warrior’s death’?” he laughs. “Primus, dude, you sound just like the old man!”

Bludgeon’s student holds his swords by his sides, shooting at King-Quan with the ion blasters mounted over his shoulders.

Laslow stared down the predacon, holding his rifle like a club.

“Well? Is that the best ya got ya big Lizard!?”

Scorchlock lifted an eyebrow as he placed his hands down on the console. “Talking about big guns, eh?” He activated the defensive systems of the fortress. Ordering them through commands to fire at the New Decepticon Assault.

The blades flew out of the way, the attempt being futile at best in attempting to stab two flying blades. They continued to fly around, as one would fly in a zig-zag potion towards a mercenary, while the other blade moved around in an attempt to impale the Mercenary through his head.

“How impudent of you,” King-Quan stated before he noticed the ion blaster fire coming towards him, as he dashed out of the way. The Warrior scoffed lightly. “Where is honor in that, Bludgeon?” He asked, as he formed his sword into its gun mode, and fired a plasma beam at Bludgeon.

Fortress pulls over and stops nearby. Too weakened to fight, he remains there. Saying nothing.

Treadquake sidesteps just as Skylynx passes him, turning around and slamming his claw and down, trying to grab the predacon’s neck and smash it into the ground.

Proceeding this, Pixel begins rapidly punching the chestplate, striking at one point multiple times.