Salvation: Part II

GC stood up panting.

“Everybody STOP!” He yelled, holding his hands out.

Actaeon would get his new shield ready. He transforms into his space-fighter altmode and soars towards the Heretics’ ships. It was better to strike now then to wait for the enemy to strike first.

Driftburn wanders around the halls looking for himself, when he hears Scrapshot muttering alone in a room. He came in on hearing Scrapshot calling himself the “real fake”.

Driftburn huffs aloud alerting Scrapshot if his presence,
“I was thinking the same. I’m the real fake… but seeing your sorry aft-pipe makes me question our conclusions.”

Scrapshot sighs,
“So what do you suggest?”

Driftburn smiles walking into the room,
“Starting now, we’re both real, neither of us is the fake… so let’s protect this key from those heretics… Big brother would’ve done the same.”

Scrapshot raises a brow ridge,
“Would he? He was extremely dedicated to the decepticon cause… although he was honorable when dealing with us. We really didn’t know that much about him. There’s a chance that if he was still alive that-”

Driftburn grabs Scrapshot and lifts him to his feet,
“Then who am I? Am I not what we thought what we knew of our brother? I honestly doubt that he would betray us like that, but we both know he’s dead. We both saw it…”

Scrapshot backs off,
“Fine… We both will live as if we’re both real, but at the end of the day we might become one, like we used to be and when that happens, I doubt the both of us will be around.”
Scrapshot looks at the key,
“Our current objective is to protect this key at all costs. We aren’t a triple-changer anymore, heck we can’t even transform… so we’ll need each other to protect this key…”

Driftburn nods and readies his weapons.

Daria completely calm throughout this occasion points her Big Stick at Nova Prime and pulls a different trigger, partly hoping that chaos-rift combuster would come into play. She comments to Gatecrasher, “Good save.”

Song ignored him, as his yell would not stop a life-threatening laser shot.

“No problem.” He said with a slight smile.

Zepar smiled wickedly as his eyes blazed with purple light and a flame-like aura washed over the Dark Energon Saber.

He charges at Nova, not caring about anything else. I mean, it wouldn’t be his fault if Nova accidentally got in the way of his blades.

A cannon on either side of Nova Prime takes aim at Wildsong, firing simultaneously.

It just so happened that trigger was for the rift combuster. The clusterbombs litter the platform on which Nova stood and explode, shrouding the Prime in fire and smoke. Unfortunately, depending on how close Zepar and Wildsong were, they may have been hurt as well (@Toa_Vladin @BlackBeltGamer98)

“On the ship,” Forcep replies.

“Yeah?” Salvo’s voice crackles through the comlink.

“This’d better be important.”

A storm of plasma from one of the attack crafts’ weapons races toward Actaeon. Designed to pierce the hulls of Autobot warships, this weapon and its munitions could make short work of one bot.

Those on the ground below could hear the harsh buzz of the weapon in the sky above.

She tried to swoop into the air, above him, and land behind him.

The explosion throws Song up into the air, hitting her by the roof.
Destabilised, she tries to land in a safe spot.

“Yes, but the ship is quite unavailable at the moment.”

“Where are you?”

Daria mentally notes what trigger that was most of them were still unfamiliar to her. She charges in after the explosion with the bayonet ready.

Actaeon activates his Vector Shield, letting the energy barrier expand over him.

Scrapshot watches the flurry of rounds descended from the heretics’ ships in the sky.

Driftburn walks up to the window,
“I know what you’re thinking, but we’re the last line of defense.”

Scrapshot nods,
“And as such we will server out part and make sure the key in secure.”

Driftburn nods,
“Get ready.”

Scrapshot smiles and readies his weapons.

Nova’s hand suddenly shoots out of the smoke, reaching for Daria’s neck.

The Vector Shield was only available to Actaeon in robot mode.

“What do you think I can do about that?” Forcep snarks. “I’m a doctor, not a quartermaster.”

“I’m on the beach,” Salvo says.

Song hit her head too hard to be able to react to Nova’s new attack.

“And who is the quartermaster?”

“Copy!” she said, before she turned to Blackbeak. “Follow me.” she said, before flying towards Salvo’s position.
Blackbeak squeaked tiredly before following Delta.

Seeing it not work, Actaeon would go into robot mode and do the same.

Daria thrusts the gun upwards, aiming to put the bayonet between her and the dishonored prime.

Zepar was thrown back and something in his mind snapped, the aura surrounding the Dark Energon Saber roared like a furnace as Zepar charged at Nova Prime again.

OOC: And now, Zepar is hulking out.

“That would be Salvo,” Forcep says.

On the beach, Salvo had taken charge of a small force of allies, who had set up amongst the rocks.

Salvo looks up, listening to the gunfire echoing from above.

“They’re shooting at something,” she says. “Long as it’s not us, we should be good.”

The shield would offer little protection- only enough to perhaps just save Actaeon from certain death as the plasma overloads and destroys the energy shield in a great explosion. Actaeon would not escape without great injury.

The blade sinks into Nova’s hand, eliciting an annoyed growl from the Prime as he draws his arm back.

The smoke clears to reveal Nova standing on the platform, his armor bearing a plethora of dents and scorch marks from the explosions. The injuries gave off a strange blue-green glow.

“I was hoping to get another moment or two before I had to slaughter you all,” he growls.

“Oh, well. I guess if there’s one thing I’ve learned after a million years of unending torment, it’s that you can’t have everything you want…”

Now can we attack?!” Lurch shrieks.

“That’s as good an invitation as any!” Topside quips. In one fluid motion, he deploys his rifle from his forearm and opens fire.

In the control room, the miniature of the island shifts to display the transformed city below, and projects holograms of the enemy warships above Salvation.

Zepar said nothing but lunged with the Dark Energon Saber, his other greatsword slashing wildly.

The Splitter brothers hovered uneasily, preparing for the onslaught that was sure to come.

SideStep stared up at the sky from the ground.
“Aw, frak.” He muttered.

Spectrum squealed in fright and darted out in front of Nova, shaking her head and holding her hands up.
“St0p!” She squeaked.

Nova Prime’s feathers split apart into cannons again. One takes aim at Spectrum, and another at Zepar. Another swivels around to aim at Topside, who’s fire went almost unnoticed by the Prime. The cannons fire.

Lurch, Thrift, and Grommet fire their weapons in kind, sending a missile, a blast from a gauss cannon, and a volley of corrosive slime at Nova. ■■■■■■■■■■■■ and Shockwave ready their cannons as the pilgrims in the room remain indecisive for a moment longer.

Facelift sets Sidewinder down on a table and transforms into his tank mode.

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A series of muffled cracks! and booms! echo from the sky overhead. The clouds above the island suddenly turn a deep shade of orange as a hailstorm of plasma blasts and missiles rains down from the Twenty-sixth Fleet. Throughout the city, various self-appointed leaders shout at their subordinates to take cover, or to open fire as the battle begins.

The enemy ordnance crashes down upon the sea, the beaches, and the cliffs, sending up waves of boiling water, bursts of shattering rock, and plumes of fire. Streams of stone and techno-organic plants tumble down from the tall cliffs, striking Salvation, the spaceport, and the pilgrim’s city below. Some of the barrage strikes the Fleetcarrier and the platforms around it, causing more debris to rain down upon the city.

Bludgeon watches the barrage run its course from one of the Armageddon’s hangars. He was… disappointed, having hoped that his adversaries would have had something more than whatever sorry excuse for a defense that this was.

Beside the warlord, Banzaitron, his student, points down at the stretch of water between the cliffs. Through the mayhem, Salvation could be seen in her dismantled state, with many of her components now engulfed in flame.

“What’s up with that?” he wonders.

“Curious, indeed,” Obsidian drawls, hovering behind him. “Though at the moment, it seems to provide us with yet another tactical advantage. If the Salvation’s weapons were operational, our enemies would no doubt be making use of them now.”

“This is hardly fair,” Strika chuckles.

Spectrum transforms into a miniature version of nova and points her own feathers at him.

The Splitter brother rocket towards the ships, hoping to cause as much damage as possible without getting destroyed themselves.

GC fell back quickly, and transformed, he quickly began slinging as much lead as his cannons would allow.

In the back, Laslow quietly tried to line up a shot from the shadows of the room, aiming for nova’s head.

Juliana ran for cover, while trying to keep an eye out for stragglers.

Pixel sought out the most well-armed out of these in his sight.

“Ah!” screamed Blight, also taking cover. His weapons were not designed to combat vehicles.

In the distance, he might see Juliana taking cover as well, looking for anyone who needed help.