Salvation: Part II

“I would ask our head scientist that question, Wildsong,” Thunderblast says.

Zepar would find that much of Salvation’s layout had remained the same. There were only two changes the Omega Key had made:

First, hangars thirty-one and thirty-two were gone, replaced with a single, spacious chamber perched above Engineering at the rear of the ship. What purpose this chamber served, the map didn’t say.

The second was that Little Iacon, the miniature city in what was once Salvation’s main hangar, was now a vast, spherical cavern in the center of the ship. Tangled networks of bridges, catwalks, and platforms ran throughout the cavern, and tall, cylindrical towers extended from the circular floor and ceiling.

Shockwave remains with Epsilon.

“And that is?”

“I always forget how inquisitive Autobots are,” Thunderblast says with a chuckle.

“Speak to a bot named Quasar; he should be in the lab.”

“And… Where’s that?”

“Alright, you can handle the ones going to specific individuals, I’ll distribute the rest.”

“All right, fine. Have you seen Mister Blight lately? I personally haven’t. I hope he is not dead.”

“we were going to meet back at the Sunrise, Why?”

“Cause I have a letter for him, that’s why!”

“And I just told you where to find him, now hand me the flyers, I have a job to get to.”

“OK! OK! Relax, lady!” he said, giving her the papers.

She takes them. “Thank you, now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m sure Mr. Halfrunner is expecting me.”

With that, she turns, and walks briskly to the Antillian Sunrise

“Uhm… He isn’t quite all right…” he said, following her.

OOC: I’m gonna assume you mean “is” not “Isn’t” which makes more sense in the context.

IC: “He perfectly fine, thank you very much.”

OOC: No… He isn’t.
IC: “Some doctors were taking him away. He was greatly wounded.”

“Might I suggest you consult a map terminal?” Thunderblast asks. “I’d love to answer every one of your questions- of which I’m sure you have many- but I am a busy Decepticon.”

“I see…” King-Quan nods. “Well, what do you suppose we should do?” He asked.

"That, I’m still trying to figure out, " Forcep says.

“Yeah, play your game.” she said leaving, guiding herself to the lab.

Zepar soon arrived at the bridge and looked to see if Topside was busy.

The lab was located on the deck below the bridge- a spacious, rectangular room filled with cutting-edge Decepticon equipment.

Topside stood with his back facing the entrance onto the bridge, reading from a datapad.