Salvation: Part II

Lurch shakes his head.

“I can’t imagine I’d be high on Bludgeon’s list of candidates,” he says. “I haven’t been in the field in centuries.”

“I suppose we don’t we.” she says, turning to smile at Caedia.

Broadwing transformed into robot mode. The key held in his hands.

“Fix… Me…”
He said. His voice was more angry than anything.

Brieg came rushing to the door, skidding to a halt as his hooves struggled to gain traction on the smooth floor.
“That beast took the omega key! What are you doing! Subdue him!”
He said in a panic.

SideStep growled with frustration.
“How do I get more memories from you?” He muttered under his breath.
“What about the where the spy operates, what do you know about that?”

“I am currently indisposed,” Shockwave says tonelessly, gesturing to the inert bodies of Lurch and SideStep hooked up to the Cortical Psychic Patch.

“We found his base of operations, didn’t we?” Lurch asks, referring to the hidden bunker in a park in Little Iacon, discovered by Blight and Juliana.

“One of them, anyway. With a ship this massive, he may have several.”

Lurch’s memory shifts to a time earlier in the war, and the scenery changes to a dark room cluttered with computers and communications equipment. A figment of Lurch crouched over a triangular device, poking at it with tools, occasionally looking up to make sure he wasn’t being intruded upon.

“You… Made me… Now, fix me…”
Broadwing said again. Becoming noticeably more aggressive. Being near Shockwave always put on edge, and now seemingly denied his one true goal didn’t help.

“Shockwave what is going on here? Do you know this beast?”
Brieg asked.

“Oh, what’s this?”
SideStep tried to see if he could recognize the device.

“Yes,” Shockwave affirms. “His name is Broadwing.”

The device was an Autobot datacard. The figment of Lurch was trying to get at the valuable information stored within it.

“Well what is he doing here? Why would he take the key?”
Brieg asked frantically.

“He… Made… Me.”
Broadwing growled.
“Now you… Will use this… To fix me.”
He said, pushing the key towards Shockwave.

“What are you doing with that?” SideStep squinted.
“Was this recently?” SideStep tried to recognize the surroundings.

“I am surprised to see you alive,” Shockwave continues without a hitch.

The scene looked similar to the spy’s hideout in Engineering, but it wasn’t the same room.

“No,” Lurch answers. “This was some time ago.”

“Well then,” Caedia said as soon as Juliana finished. “I’ve got things to do, so if that will be all, I’m going to take my leave.”

SideStep tried to determine if Lurch was lying.
“This is taking too long, we need to get right to the heart of things.” SideStep growled, getting increasingly frustrated. “All the evidence points to you, I don’t get it!”

The Patch allowed limited insight into Lurch’s mind; he wasn’t lying. What SideStep was seeing was a memory of a previous operation, back when Lurck worked for Soundwave.

“And what evidence is that?” Lurch asks.

“I’m full… Of… Surprises… Now fix me.”
Broadwing asserted again.

“As I have previously stated,” Shockwave says as he gestures toward the Cortical Psychic Patch, “I am currently preoccupied.”

SideStep sighed. [quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:8424, topic:49995”]
“And what evidence is that?” Lurch asks.

“Your eyes are the right shade of red, the spy has the same color as you. Also, you’re skilled in espionage and weren’t at very many battles on the ground.”

“If you’d gone over my medical records,” Lurch says, “you’d have found that I’m not fit for combat anymore- not since those d*mnable dinobots chewed me up and spat me out- literally, I might add.”

“Oh! W-well um, goodbye! Don’t be a stranger!” She called as Caedia left

Caedia all but ran away from the two, wove a sharp corner, and was gone. Pixel, too, had vanished.

Blight let out a heavy sigh and turned to Juliana. “Don’t let her get to you. She basically hates everyone and everything.”