Salvation: Part II

Lurch looks around the simulation, as the memory transforms back into the endless flat landscape of its default state.

“That is a very good question…” he says under his breath.


“I see.”
Fortress said.
“Is he a medic to?”

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Shockwave continues to monitor the Cortical Psychic Patch, leaving the Omega Key and the trove of relics Epsilon had brought him alone, for now. He saw it best to devote his full attention to this singular endeavor; he saw the bothersome Autobot zebra’s quest to perfect cloning as a waste of time, and he could decipher the relics later. The Patch, on the other hand, showed promise.

On the other side of the hall, Grommet enters his lab. Sprocket hadn’t accompanied him, much to his delight; coupled with the retreat of the New Decepticons, that meant he might actually have the chance to get some real work done… until the next distraction reared its ugly head again.

Sprocket had immediately left for the Omega Conflux as soon as he was able; surprised to see it guarded now by an Autobot and Decepticon duo, along with the fireteam Requiem-IX. The guards stood apart from each other, leaning against the walls as they passively surveyed the chamber’s strange mechanisms and the holo-map that filled the room. Sprocket notices the biomechanical plant growth that was now weaving its way between the hovering platform’s machinery, and his fingers twitch in anticipation. If only he had the time to thoroughly analyze this room! And Grommet would be practically beside himself with glee in studying these new plants, he reckoned. But Grommet wasn’t here right now…

Well, that’s his loss, he thinks. Why should I care, anyway?

■■■■■■■■■■■■ and the bridge crew leave the Antillian Sunrise; Topside lingers a moment longer, glancing around at the faces of the other patrons- Autobots, Decepticons, and bots who didn’t give a d*mn one way or the other. They were all enjoying their hard-fought victory together. It warmed the spark, to be sure, but for Topside, the moment was bittersweet. With a respectful nod to Halfrunner- a silent thanks for the free engex- he leaves for another spot in Little Iacon…

In the medical bay, Forcep examines the body of a New Decepticon soldier, thoroughly shot through by a healthy variety of ammunition. Many of them were mortal wounds- this warrior should have been incapacitated, if not killed outright, within seconds. But he’d personally seen this fanatic continuously shrug off these fatal injuries during the battle, only being brought down when the Predaking had relieved him of his head. It warranted investigation…

…Much like the odd mechanisms which had appeared within his laboratory, which produced a continuous supply of small black canisters containing samples of two types of fluid. One was the Blue Cybermatter the Omega Key produced; the substance had been known to our heroes and the crew of Salvation for some time now. The other, however, was a shimmering green liquid, its properties yet unknown.

Salvo takes a moment to peel herself away from her broken mech suit to recount her inventory. She still had Shockwave’s prototype Corrupter rifle- which she didn’t expect to be making a profit on anytime soon- and a few more of those odd grenades the cyclops had brought with him when he first joined the crew.

Her thoughts drift to Laslow, her fellow Autobot, now dead at the hands of the predacon Skystalker. She’d been too late to save him, and the vengeance got from seeing his killer slain by the hand of Starchaser was hollow. She chuckles at the irony of a Decepticon- inadvertently though it may have been- avenging the death of an Autobot. Stranger things have happened, but it wasn’t something she’d ever expected to see Autobots and Decepticons fighting together.

I suppose anybody could learn to play nice with the bad guys with extinction being the alternative…

Greasemonkey begins to prepare the transwarp drive for another jump. Salvation had sustained little damage in the battle, thanks to her new energy shields. Before her first batch of upgrades on OL-0, she’d been accruing injuries faster than the crew could patch them up; she’d have been shot to pieces by now, the cyborg reckoned, and most of her crew with her.

“Those ruffians will undoubtedly think twice about giving you trouble now, my dear,” he laughs, patting the control panel affectionately. A passerby could almost swear they heard the hum of Salvation’s engines momentarily rise in pitch for a second, as if in reply.

Yep, she’s a real marvel alright,” comes the voice of Thrift, from behind Greasemonkey; the cyborg groans and rolls his left eye. Why couldn’t he go bother someone else?

“Don’t tell the Gambler I said that,” the junkion continues with a laugh.

“You mean the sorry excuse for a ship you’ve got wasting space in the hangar?” Greasemonkey quips.

Hey!” Thrift snaps, offended. “I’ve spent good time and money on the Gambler; built her myself, I’ll have you know!”

“Ah, I see. That would explain some things, then…”

Arthropoda directs the insecticons under her thrall, gathering wounded crewmembers from the gorge and flying them up to Salvation. In the side-chamber of her hive, Facelift dissects his latest “generous donor of inventory”, humming a jaunty little tune as he did so.

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Spectrum shook her head.
“H-he is-is p-prankster!”

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“Interesting. Perhaps… I could meet him sometime.”

Soon after Starchaser came rocketing into the cavernous chamber. Flying around in her space fighter mode, she twisted and turned, weaving through and around the engines and equipment. Seeming to take little care or notice of the workers around her. All the while blasting music at an exceedingly high volume.


Spectrum enthusiastically nodded her head.
She returned back to her work, restarting the song she was humming. [quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:8451, topic:49995”]
Lurch looks around the simulation, as the memory transforms back into the endless flat landscape of its default state.

“That is a very good question…” he says under his breath.

Sidestep says (quite loudly) “HEy, SHOCKY. Mind letting us out?!”

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The more she worked, the stranger his anatomy would seem. It was anything but natural. If anything a mechanic or engineer would be far more suited to repairing him than a medic. He seemed just as alive as anyone else, but by all rights he looked to be a machine. Having been built rather than born.

Spectrum took partial notice of this, doing her best to keep working.

Fortress kept quiet. Having nothing to talk about.

It would also seem strange that a bot so large and powerful had gone completely unnoticed until now.

Spectrum scrambled around Fortress’ arm, continuing the work. Occasionally, she’d pause to think for a moment, analyzing the abnormal structure of Fortress’ arm.

The giant took notice of her occasional pauses.
“Is everything alright?”
He asked.

“J-just t-thinking!” Spectrum replied. “D-different a-arm.”

Greasemonkey sighs, and his hand grips the head of his cane tightly.

“Look at her go, eh, old man?” Thrift chuckles.

“I’d prefer not to, thank you,” the cyborg deadpans. “I’d much rather she leave if she’s going to be so noisy.”

Shockwave’s voice echoes down from the simulated sky above.

“Have you finished your interrogation, SideStep?” he asks.

“Yep.” SideStep replied.

Fortress noticeably tensed up. He knew he would have to explain himself sooner or later. But he still didn’t look forward to it.

Starchaser continued to fly about. Rapidly shifting through her four different modes. Still completely in her own world.

Breig came walking in, not looking too happy. The booming music not at all helping. In a fit of frustration he picked up a spare wrench and chucked it at the acrobatic decepticon. And by some miraculous chance actually managed to hit her.

“Would you keep it down!”
He hollard, before storming off back to his lab.

Starchaser stopped and changed to robot mode. Looking at Greesemonkey and the others. Turning off her music.
“Sorry! Was I disrupting anything?”

“Acknowledged,” Shockwave replies. A moment later, another flash of multicolored light blinds SideStep again as he and Lurch are roused from stasis and brought back into their own bodies.

“Yes, miss, you were,” Greasemonkey says to her.

She flew down and landed in front of the engineer.
“Sorry. Its just that since we’re leaving soon I can’t exactly fly outside the ship like I usually do, but I just can’t stand being grounded for too long. I just need to fly you know? And I’m pretty sure this is the biggest open space in the ship, plus all the huge machines and scaffolding make for a fun obstacle course.”

Spectrum peered up at Fortress’ face, patting his arm reassuringly.
“I-is ok-kay.” She said, smiling. “N-not b-b-bad differ-rent.”[quote=“Chromeharpoon, post:8466, topic:49995”]
“Acknowledged,” Shockwave replies. A moment later, another flash of multicolored light blinds SideStep again as he and Lurch are roused from stasis and brought back into their own bodies.

“Well that was quite an experience.” SideStep said, rubbing his optics.

“I’m… Aware.”
Fortress said nervously. Surprised that the small shifter hasn’t started asking questions yet.


“Yes, let’s not do that again, shall we?” Lurch deadpans, swinging himself off of the table.

Until you fly into an induction tube and inadvertently open a black hole in the middle of engineering, yes,” Greasemonkey replies.

“Just… be careful, would you? And do try to keep it down, if you please.”