Salvation: Part II

After a short timeskip, Grommet is able to repair the worst of the damage.

“Forcep sent me a message after you were brought up to see him,” Halfrunner explains.

The two enter the extravagant bar, the polished furniture and gold trimmings cast in a violet glow from a few dim lights hanging overhead. Busts of Megatron and models of famous Decepticon warships decorate the interior, along with holo-paintings of Kaon, the Nemesis, and other Decepticon imagery. There were about forty patrons in the Peace and Tyranny currently- all Decepticons, of course, and most of them very unfriendly-looking.

After Facelift and Actaeon walk inside, they are stopped by a large bot with a construction vehicle alt-mode and a rather large figure.

“Okay, act casual,” Facelift mutters to Actaeon. “Sell it to 'em, remember? Like we talked about.”

Salvo nods.

“It’s my job,” she sighs. “I’ll be here whenever we’re not getting blown up or otherwise confronting imminent doom.”

“O-oh! That was nice of him! I’ll have to tell him thank you later!”

SideStep sits up.
“Thank you.” He told Grommet gruffly.

Halfrunner nods.

“He’d like that, I’ll bet,” he says.

“Don’t mention it,” Grommet says, exasperated. Rarely did he work on people; his expertise was more in mechanimal biology and medicine.

“Well, I guess I better get to work!” She tells him, and she walks to a door behind the bar.

She reappears on the stage, where she motions to the DJ, and begins to sing.

When she finishes, she bows to the crowd, her white bandage visible around her waist.

OOC: hey, I know this one!

IC: The crowd, as usual, applauds Juliana. The junkion patrons, in particular, seemed to especially enjoy the performance. A few of the unkempt and garishly-colored natives of the landfill-planet even try to instigate a standing ovation… but sadly, it doesn’t take off.

The DJ, with his opaque black visor and spray-painted, psychadelic color scheme, gives an enthusiastic thumbs-up, accompanied by an approving smile.

SideStep stood up and made his way to leave the lab.

Shockwave continues his work, which was proving to challenge even his intellect. Grommet walks with SideStep, to ensure that he would be alright.

The door to the lab that Sprocket and Grommet shared was open, and through it one could see the Omega Key and the Cube strewn upon the floor.

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Juliana bows again, and then leaves the stage, and goes to the bar to quench her thirst.

Upon her arrival, she could hear Halfrunner telling a story to a pair of Decepticons.

“…I tell ya,” he says with a laugh, “before that day, if you’d asked me if a piece o’ stale terran breakfast food could be considered a weapon, I’d’ve said ‘no’ like the most o’ men. But that day… that’ll certainly be one to stick with me 'til my grave.”

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“U-uh, Mr. Halfrunner, may I have a glass of plain energex please?” She asked nicely. “Also, what is this about stale breakfast weapons?”

“Ah, that, lass,” Halfrunner says as he grabs a glass, “was a life-changing event that forever altered my perception of warfare as an institution. Also learned me to be more cautious of the junk Thrift carries around in that ship of his.”

“Junkions, man, I tell you…” one of the Decepticons Halfrunner had been talking to muses, shaking his head and smiling.

Zepar looks at the captains, he was expecting a reprimand for his Decimator stunt that could very well have killed the Salvation and all aboard her.

That was likely to come later, after the conversation with Corona had been concluded.

“W-well, it can’t be that bad!” She protests. “He gave us this fine door!”

Halfrunner nods as he slides a glass of blue engex toward Juliana.

“Mm-hm,” he agrees. “That’s not what I was meaning, Juliana. What I meant to imply was the knack that many junkions have for repurposing the odd trinkets they hoard as surprisingly effective weapons.”

Hoarding carries with it a certain negative connotation,” Thrift himself says from behind Juliana, having somehow snuck up on the party without anyone noticing.

“May you be so kind as to refer to it as ‘collecting’?”

She had just finished the glass, when the junkion appeared.

“O-oh! Mr. Thrift! I never got to thank you the other day for helping get the door in place!”

Epsilon 5 gets up, “Well, I’m gonna see if I can’t give the pilot that nearly sank the ship a piece of my mind.” He said to the AI.

Daria nods and makes her way out. Next it was time to check on Deus to see if he was doing any better or if his testing was complete.

“I see now why this place is recommended.”
Actaeon says with a hint of cockiness.

“Oh, my pleasure,” Thrift says. “Just helping out.”

The AI nods their head.

“Take care,” they say.

Deus was still being repaired. The hatchling’s injuries were many.

After a tense moment., the Decepticon leaves Actaeon and Facelift be.

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