Salvation: Part II

A diagnostic drone glides over.

“Good afternoon, crewwoman Juliana,” it greets her in its pleasant, artificial voice. “How can I be of service to you?”

Daria grabs,
“Then you shall have it.”
she looks to pay Salvo.

Actaeon looks at the insignia letting out a disturbed sigh,
“Then… let’s do this thing.”

“W-when will I be free to go?”

After the transaction was complete, Salvo relinquishes her hold on the rifle.

“Do some good with that,” she tells Daria.

“If there’s one thing you got, it’s spirit,” Facelift compliments Actaeon.

“Professional recommendations suggest plenty of rest, and avoidance of strenuous activities- such as heavy lifting or combat- for one to two days,” the drone chirps.

“S-so, yes then?”

“Invalid query,” the drone responds, bobbing up and down in mid-air. “Please clarify.”

Daria nods,
“I will use to the best of my abilities and nothing more.”

“No, I don’t have spirit. What I have is the lack of fraks that I don’t give and the fact I can be the most patient thing helps.”

“Not now, not ready!” SideStep yelled.

“I am allowed to leave?”

Salvo nods, a bit disappointed at the response; she was hoping for something with more witty.

Forcep throws his head back, looking up at the ceiling of the main hangar.

“You are the most boring person, dude,” he complains.

Grommet looks over at SideStep.

“What?” he asks, confused.

“Affirmative,” the drone replies.

“Thank you!” She tells it, she then gets out of the cot, and walks briskly out of the infirmary.

“Don’t let him! Please!” SideStep yelled.

“He’s not going to do anything to you,” Grommet firmly asserts.

Daria comments,
“Though I suppose I’ll find some reason to tear apart an enemy ship with this.”

Actaeon nods,
He had a slight grin hidden away in his complexion.

She made her way as fast as she could to the Antillian Sunrise hoping that Halfrunner wouldn’t be bothered.

“Mr. Halfrunner! I’m sorry I’m late!” She exclaimed as she walked through the door.

SideStep calmed down slighty.
He coughed up some more energon, wincing from the pain.

Salvo laughs. That was more like it.

“That’s the spirit,” she says.

“Well, let’s get this show on the road,” Facelift says, walking toward the door of the Peace and Tyranny.

“No need to be sorry, lass!” Halfrunner calls to Juliana. “I don’t expect you to work with a hole in your gut, for spark’s sake!”

Grommet keeps working on repairing SideStep.

Eventually SideStep completely calmed down.

“Wait, how did you find out?” She asked, taken aback

Actaeon nods and goes to enter the pub.

Daria smiles,
“Well now I know where to go if I need anything.”