Salvation: Part II

Zepar looks at the captains, waiting to see what they had to say about all this.

SideStep blearily looks around

“No…” he mutters. “I don’t like…”

“An old spaceport, eh?” Topside repeats. “Sprocket and Daria might’ve been onto something with that lost colony theory, then…”

“I wish I could tell you everything now,” Corona says, “but it is truly best that we meet in person.”

“Ten shanix says that’s a traaaap…” Broadband quietly sings to herself.

Shockwave begins to walk over.

“Shockwave!” Grommet calls to the cyclops. “This man is in dire need of medical attention. Is there anything you can do for him here?”

“Yes,” Shockwave bluntly replies. “Set him on that table.”

The cyclops points a sharp, slender finger toward the table in question.

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Daria replies,
“I am.”

Actaeon lets out a slightly relieved sigh. He had no idea what the bot was going to do to him for a second.

“No, no, no…” SideStep continued muttering, coughing up some energon.

Pixel scrams through the tunnels with surprising speed, bouncing off walls and propelling himself over vertical halls.

Gronius was exploring the main hangar of the vessel.

Song lost her patience. She stood up and headed towards the bridge, to find Topside.

The piece of metal, together with a multityde of smaller pieces, were burried deep withing Redstocker’s spine, blocking essential systems that, if damaged, could be easily get fixed by a CR Chamber.

Spectrum follows Pixel in kind, her metallic fingers and feet making a cracking sound as she moved.

Salvo wordlessly puts the inner workings of the rifle together, attaching some additional components she pulled from a compartment to her right- likely, these were part of the modifications that Daria had asked for.

Salvo finishes assembling the rifle, giving it a swift slap on the stock. The pieces all click into place, and now the weapon was complete.

Per Daria’s request, the weapon had two modes of fire: a semi-automatic mode that dealt moderate damage, though with the benefit of a faster rate of fire; and a single-shot mode that took a few seconds (one post IRL) to charge, dealing a more deadly blow to targets.

Facelift pulls a scratched Decepticon symbol from a compartment on his person, and deploys an arc welder from his right hand.

“Now, hold still…” the Decepticon requests.

Grommet and Shockwave help SideStep onto a table.

“Do not move,” Shockwave says in his usual baritone.

“Restrain him, if necessary,” he advises Grommet, who remains near SideStep.

Gronius was in Little Iacon, then. The miniature city had certainly seen better days, but the crew was carrying on, helping each other get readjusted after the recent battle.

Song would walk onto the bridge to see the crew, along with Zepar and the Splitter brothers (@BlackBeltGamer98 @meepinater) gathered around the communications console, speaking to a hologram of a cybertronian woman with plain armor and components suggesting an automobile alt-mode.

“Now who’s the idiot who left that there?” the prison medic snorts.

“Ah well, first thing’s first,” she sighs, pushing the scanner away. Transforming her hands into surgical tools, she induces stasis lock before working on extracting the bullet that Greasemonkey had shot into Redstocker’s chest.

“Old man’s either losing his touch, or he wasn’t feeling particularly murderous…” she comments.

SideStep struggled.
“Not him, not him!” He said, his voice rising.

Shockwave looks over his shoulder.

“Hm.” he reacts. “Doctor Grommet, perhaps the more logical course of action would be have you render aid to SideStep alone.”

“Eh? Why?” Grommet asks.

“SideStep was a former test subject of mine,” Shockwave explains without hesitation.

“Uh… ah. So I see,” decides Grommet, who begins to look around the cyclops’ lab for the necessary equipment.

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SideStep stared fearfully at Shockwave.

Pixel whips around a corner, and explodes into a room. It seems to be an ordinary living space, with some cloths hanging from a rack and selection of medicines and chemicals set sloppily on a shelf.

Spectrum follows, although much more cautiously. She lands softly and looks around.
“M3ssy.” She said, beginning to tidy up.

Pixel reforms into a more compact shape and slides himself into an empty bottle with an vexatious snicker.

Spectrum continued tidying up.

Shockwave returns to trying to assemble the Cortical Psychic Patch, using the ancient machines that some of our heroes, among them SideStep, had brought him. Even for a genius mind like Shockwave, it was a difficult task.

Grommet, meanwhile attaching cables to SideStep which would evacuate the water from the bot’s innards. Usually, it was used to drain fluid from pods, not people, but it would do the job.

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Daria smiles,
“How much do I owe yah?”

Actaeon stood still, waiting for the decepticon to finish.

Salvo looks over the rifle, before presenting it to Daria.

“Eight-hundred,” she says, holding out the weapon for her to take.

The procedure took only a moment; not the most comfortable moment, mind you, but a moment nonetheless. Actaeon soon had a Decepticon symbol welded over his Autobot mark.

Juliana sat up on her cot. “M-mr. Drone? Can I have some help please?” (@Chromeharpoon)