Salvation: Part II

Spectrum transformed into her original form and rushed over.
She ran a quick diagnostic on Pixel.

“A fair point,” Corona says. “But at present, there is no danger, I assure you.”

Daria nods,
“Then it’s settled. When should I expect the gun to be completed?”

Actaeon looks at Facelift,
“I don’t really make much company in this place, and the last group i hung out with were decepticons… so it’s likely that just changing the insignia will work.”

“I will hold you to your word.” Zepar said.

He was half and half when it came to his belief in the chatter regarding the legitimacy of Corona’s gift of prophecy.

“What happened?” She tries to get up, and does so, but it’s painful, she walks slowly over to where she could see them. “Oh my goodness! Pixel!” She exclaims, and she slowly kneels by Spectrum, not noticing the small trickle of energon now flowing from her side.

Spectrum noticed this and pushed Juliana back slightly, transforming her hand into a tool.
“St-t-tay zzt1ll.” She urged.

“O-of course!” and she backed up a little, then did as she was told.

Spectrum began to patch the wound.

“Oh! i didn’t notice, but what about Pixel?” She asked, obviously worried.

@meepinater @ProfSrlojohn

Any scanning or observation would point to only one symptom: Pixel was simply tired. He fell back and sprawled himself into a starfish of metal, wheezing out a small laugh.

“You seem a bit tired, where is your cot?” She asked him.

He points toward the nearest ventilation shaft.

“I don’t think your in any shape to go crawling through air vents young man.”

Spectrum finished her work.
“N-n-n0 f1ghtigng or stre-e-enu0s activity!” She told Juliana.
She turned to Pixel.
“St@y h3re?” She suggested.

Pixel shakes his head.

“Bblliigghhtt!” he grins, flipping his back around. With one solid motion, he was strutting on all fours, prancing towards the vent as if he had never fallen in the first place.

Out of curiosity, Spectrum began to follow Pixel.

“H3’s a FRienD,” he stated as he clawed into the door, taking one last glance at Juliana before he went through. @ProfSrlojohn

“Fr13nd g0od.” Spectrum said, clambering after Pixel.
Her body cast a pleasant pink glow on the walls of the ventilation.

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Corona only nods in reply.

@meepinater Grommet drags SideStep into Shockwave’s lab. The cyclop’s workspace had sustained little, if any damage during the fight, and was very neat and orderly. Shockwave had been given some of the best equipment to work with (with some restrictions), along with what few items he had been able to take with him from the Adjutant .

“Well, if you’d be patient enough to wait a couple minutes…” Salvo says as she continues to quickly assemble the rifle.

Facelift sighs.

“Alright,” he concedes, disappointed.

She waved good by with a chuckle, then she shuffled back to her cot.