Salvation: Part II

Pixel leaps up and catches Spectrum’s head, letting his own continue falling.

Daria thinks about it,
“Can you make two modifications then? I would like it to be a bit more powerful than your average rifle, but that would normally mean a longer charge time. If you could make a short charge mode and a long charge mode that would work perfectly.”
She stops speaking,
“Actually to explain myself further, if possible I want to switch between the two modifications, so I can use the rifle with more variation. The mods being the reduced charge times, and an increase to the fire power.”

“Fine… I guess you can weld a decepticon symbol over my autobot one,”

Spectrum catches Pixel’s head.

Pixel’s head cackles wildly as his body tries on Spectrum’s- upside-down.

Juliana continues to laugh at the spectacle.

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Spectrum’s head lets a giggle escape as well.

Pixel suddenly trips, letting Spectrum’s head slide across the floor.

“wh00ps,” he giggles.

Salvo nods, understanding perfectly. Light shining from an overhead fixture gleams off her opaque visor.

“I can do that,” she says confidently. “It’ll cost you, but it’ll be worth it.”

Really?” Facelift reacts, unimpressed.

“You’re thinking too small, my friend! You need a disguise; you want to really sell it to all the bots in that dump that you are a Decepticon- the baddest Decepticon on the ship! That, my friend, is a disguise!”

Zepar nods, “How are you willing to help aside from giving us shelter?” He asked.

“Well, as I said,” Corona replies, switching back to modern Cybertronian, “we can repair Salvation, and perhaps shed some light upon the many mysteries I know you face.”

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“What about our pursuers?” Zepar asked, “There is the risk they’ll, somehow, be able to spot us from orbit.”

Spectrum’s head lets out a delighted squeal as it slid. Her body gently placed Pixel’s head on his shoulders then ran after her head, weaving between tables.

“Bludgeon is not here, Zepar,” Corona assures the angelicon. “I’m not sure where his fleet is now, but it is not in this system.”

Juliana picked up the head from where it had slid near her, and handed it to Spectrum.

“They are never far behind us, because they have a spy informing them of our movements.” he told her, the last part in Ancient, stepping into view of the hologram camera, still in his beast mode.

“T-t-h@nkz!” Spectrum replied, placing it on her body and spinning it.
She took a moment to study Juliana, before transforming into a miniature version of her.

“It was my understanding that Bludgeon’s informant had been killed,” Corona says.

The rest of the bridge crew watch on, confused by the back-and-forth switching between languages.

Juliana covered her laugh with her hand.


I have a feeling they may still be a threat.” he said, genuine concern in his tone. “Decepticon spies always seem to have a tendency to cheat death.

Pixel reels back, falling to his rear end in dizziness. His eyes transformed into swirls, and he began spinning from exhaustion.

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