Samurai Tahu: LDD MOC

Hello, all! This is my first MOC posted here. I was caught in a moment of inspiration to add yet another Tahu revamp to the massive collection of Tahu revamps out there: The end result was this bad boy. This is some sort of blend of the Nuva and Mata versions, with the samurai element added more or less accidentally, since I stumbled across the skirt design completely by chance.

Below is a shot of a detail I’m fairly proud of - those are two non-functional gears put in there just to add a little texture.

Below are some deconstructed shots for use if anyone wants to replicate any part of this.

If you want to see more by me, head over to my flickr, below: Note, there is no Constraction on my flickr. Thanks for taking a look at this!


I would love to see this build with peices.

I don’t always expect good work from LDD, but this isn’t half bad! Really feels like a Samurai, and the head design is awesome.

Also that car is noice.

Thanks! LDD definitely is not nearly as good for constraction as it is for system. This is the first time I’ve really had much success with it.

I’ve always been fond of the idea of Tahu with a man-skirt, and this fulfills my desires rather well. I only have 2 gripes:

  1. The silver seems like it’s a bit too much, and the torso construction makes him look a bit disjointed along with that.
  2. The middle part of his skirt…um…let’s just say it looks like it’s being pushed out for some odd reason and leave it at that.

'Sides that, I like it. Not like I could do better myself. I haven’t tried, but I’m fairly certain this is ahead of anything I could poop out.

It’s funny you mention the silver I’ve actually been tinkering around with other colour schemes. Also, I put this into an FB group as well. They were far less… Careful… With how they discussed the man skirt. Never even crossed my mind until people started mentioning it. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks, though!

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the moc is pretty cool but that delorian tho

It seems like the Hyperlink isn’t working, so since multiple people have expressed interest, I’ve tried again.

If this fails, my flickr is picardsbricks.

The torso and lower arm designs are really cool, but the I think it could use more red on the arms and lower torso, and the open ball joint under the chestplate kind of makes it look unfinished.

He does look good in a kilt

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