Oh me? It’s just a couple…

of months…



oh jeez i’m sorry dude.

I go until the end of May

Two months left.

I kan do this.


Just took an AP exam… US history, ugh.

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Glad to know I was not the only one that took it. Those were 4 hours of pain and suffering.

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did you just say AP test?

starring me hehe

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Weeell, it wasn’t too awful. I’ve never taken an AP test before this (mainly because the price always worries me), but I’m 100% certain physics would’ve been worse

Are you talking about physics 1 or physics c. I took the physics 1 test and I would say it didn’t go too badly

“I’m never going to pass the AP test”

guy walks past


chucks book into kids hand and continues walking

Still better acting than most I’ve seen.

Physics 1. I was bad at the class when I took it, tho.

I remember taking that one. It was the hardest one I’ve taken TBH.

The Ap Gov exam was easy for me this year though. Which is weird because it’ supposed to be the hardest test for Social Studies.

That’s probably it then. I remember the AP Euro exam being really stressful for me, as well as APUSH, but I’ve gotten used to the enviroment of AP tests and was pretty comfortable when I took AP Gov this year. I was even nearly late to the exam and I felt relaxed and ready to take the test.

I think what really gets to you is the essay portion, which thankfully the AP Gov exam didn’t have. The writing section is definitely the most difficult out of all the tests.

You thought so? I think writing sections on tests in general are easy, and this was no exception. It was the multiple choice that got me.

The multiple choice is a breeze for me; I can determine what’s correct or not just by looking at the context of the question, seeing which one is obviously wrong, and then figuring out which of the last two good options are better, and that’s just with guessing. If you know your vocab it should be pretty easy.

The writing section for me always comes down to not having much time to organize so it becomes a mess, which makes me further stressed.


2 days left boyzz.

You know, I wouldn’t mind poetry if the teacher didn’t grade assignments based off of how she interpreted the poem instead of how I interpreted it.


In 11 days I graduate high school. I’m pretty excited to go to university, but I’m pretty sad to see my best friend go to a college out of state.


so yesterday i walked onto a stage and this dude handed me a piece of paper

i guess im done with college or something?


“Now that you’re done with college, what are you gonna do now?”


Oh god the AP test. I swear half the stuff there wasn’t even taught. I’ll stick to honors, good enough for me.

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This describes the AP human FRQ questions.

I swear on my armor that we hardly dealt with what went into those questions.

And then I had to pull facts from my head to at least put something on paper.

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