New Urbanization, not even once. Other written responses, were taught, and were basically the majority of what was covered in the class. Multiple choice was full of stuff we never learned. Half concpets and application, half real world examples there was no way only one person would know or could be taught in a single course.

ayy, nice my dude

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I’m done for the year.
3 more after this, and then college and independence.

eeagh i have an exam this friday

Which one did you take? And was this your first one?

AP human geography, and yeah It was my first AP test.
I found it less to be hard and more a matter of knowing stuff we weren’t taught. If you studied you’d easily get about half the test correct. Other half was basically random facts that relate to the concepts we were taught but the random facts themselves weren’t taught. EX: city structure of a random city or listing a bunch of third world countries and asking what country some listed traits describe. No rhyme or reason to it. (One of which was the written response that I had to make up an answer for only to write basically the exact opposite of what it was… RIP)
There were a few concepts on there that also weren’t taught and weren’t really mentioned on the released written responses they have on their site. Kinda annoyed about the waste of money.

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Wow RIP. I’ve never had that problem before. Thankfully multiple choice won’t detract from you (usually) if you don’t answer a question. You can even get questions wrong and get 1/2 the credit.

Those written response questions are evil though.

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It is at times like these that I’m thankful of my school system for paying for our AP exams. This year I took the US History, Calculus AB, and English Literature and Composition exams.

The History and English ones were alright in terms of difficulty, though while I understood the writing portions for both fairly well I think I did quite bad in my responses. I just can’t write well under such a short amount of time and pressure.

The Calculus AB exam left me traumatized. Like one third of the multiple choice I knew how to do, another one third I sort of knew what I was doing, and the last one third I had no clue. But that’s not the bad part.
The bad part came with the free response questions. Six questions in total, each with four parts. Half I left blank and the rest was random guessing. It was really frustrating knowing what the question was asking but just not knowing how to do it with the information given. That and the fact that some parts required you to use the answer from the previous part to solve it.

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that’s like the worst, dude

Speaking of AP and Honors courses I’ve heard through the grape vine all the AP Government teachers are awful, either giving long lectures and nothing else or tons of projects. I’ve also heard the Honors Algebra 2 teachers are really hard…
Guess what I signed up for next year…
Why does my school refuse to let us get out of Honors or AP in favor of normal classes. ;-;

i finished my first and last year of college

honestly the worst thing for my health since i discovered my grass allergy while mowing the lawn


What are you gonna do now?

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Just graduated middle school today, now I’ve got High School to look forward to.

You don’t really “graduate” middle school. Still, congratulations and good luck in high school

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So you just finished 8th grade?

Yep.[quote=“BioKnight, post:1174, topic:11768”]
You don’t really “graduate” middle school. Still, congratulations and good luck in high school

Yeah, Graduate was just a fancy way of saying finishing. Because why not make it fancy.


2/5 of my exams are done… it’s going fine i guess


Hope you do well. Just took my math one today.

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I’ve been done since the 25th. Summer is fun, but now begins the looming task of summer reading projects (I could rant for a while about them, but put simply they are shallow, busy-work projects). I could do them now and forget the books (yes books) by the end of summer, or I could wait until later and find out I don’t have enough time.



Yeah, my summer reading project is a joke. It’s so insanely easy but they require we read two books.