Pretty much ye. Long projects with little to add to comprehension or depth (the books are often shallow and have little in the way of morals at that). It just feels like busywork and if anything it discourages me from wanting to read.

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Well, my junior year’s almost at an end. I’m quite surprised at how quickly these past few months have gone by, but even more surprised that I have around 14 days left.

Still, it’s gonna be an eventful 14 days, with SATs, Finals, etc.

I will say that, overall, I enjoyed 11th grade a good deal- though I moreso preferred Biology than I did Chemistry.

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My sophomore year has been quite unlike anything else. My average school year starts off easy and ends with difficult stuff, but this year I was hit by five long-term assignments right off the bat, with more following. And now, all of that seems to have slowed to a crawl in comparison to the stressful first couple of months of this year.

Basically, this was just one big curveball of a school year. I’m glad it’s almost over.

For me, my senior year will be technically be done by Tuesday, but we have a senior breakfast and assembly on the Wednesday. After that, I get to go visit my old elementary and middle schools in my cap gown. Finally on Saturday, I have graduation and then a school grad night at a mystery (only the organizers know where) location, probably downtown

Alright dude, this is how you succeed in life:
Most people slack off their freshman year. After all, why not? You don’t have to do the testing stuff yet, and the end is comfortably far-off.

Don’t do that.

Freshman year is your make-it-or-break-it for high school. If you work hard to get good grades, it’ll pay off for the rest of high school.



School got extended til’ jun 30th.

Oh well.

I have graduated high school

actually did it like a week and a half ago


Just finished exams. World Geo. killed me a bit more, but I did graduate freshman year. Woohoo I guess…

(and time to prepare for the next year in advance to ensure whether I end up in the top 10 or get kicked out of the house)

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What drunk people run your school system?

Who? I understand it is middle school but they are better off just leaving you to do nothing.

Last day of school and my principal confiscated my ring, I’m sad now.


Why would he do that?

I don’t know. But then again, I did go to the only school in my district that required you be in a special athletics class to trybout for extracurricular sports.

No, not realy middle school. This was apparently sent from the High School.

I heard a funny story yesterday about my old english teacher that I had in junior year and didn’t really like at all. Apparently, when the kid’s parents went to back to school night this year, the teacher praised him for how good he was, and then immediately went and accused him of plagiarizing himself only three days later.


In the UK we just got our GCSE results back. I’m quite pleased overall, but disappointed in some subjects

It starts in a few days…a new year, and more work…

Back to School Night. Estatic Jazz hands and sarcasm “Yay.”


In my first week of junior year. So far things are ok but forensic science is kinda eh. Not bad or anything, I just suck at it. This will also be my first year of dm’ing at my D&D club so I have that to look forward to.

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So my back to school tour/camp/thing ended up cancelled due to an incoming hurricane.

On the brightside, the hurricane did free up the weekend so I could finish my summer reading project.


I still have to finish my summer reading project. It’s due on the first day of school (which is a week away). Making 30 annotations and analysis for three books is more frustrating than I originally imagined.

same lol

but i kinda have a different situation. i forgot to pick up my assignment for AP Lit, so i emailed my american lit teacher (who was transferring to teach somewhere else) to see if he still had it. he did, but he sent me the wrong booklist

needless to say i had to read another book, write a dialectial journal (pretty much analyze important quotes) and write an essay in the span of a few days

and it’s due tonight :joy: :gun: