I finished my placement tests, and it took me about 15 hours. Not fun, not fun at all.

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Just started at a new school a week ago. I already found a Bionicle fan


Can’t remember the last time I posted in here, but I’ve already finished high school as of June (and kinda August, won’t get into details because it’s too long of a story). I’m right now just trying to raise my ACT score before I leave on a long two year trip, so I can get into the college I want much more easily.


So for the past two weeks I’ve been struggling to write an essay about how The Monkey’s Paw uses things like foreshadowing mad tension, only to find out today that I’ve been writing an essay on the wrong story.


I just started school again last week after taking a year off (family reasons). My last college cut the program I was going to take there, just before I could get in, so I just took generals. Now I have transferred to a college that has the program I wanted to take, Mechanical Design Technology. Over a week in and I am really enjoying myself. I am lucky enough to have all my classes in adjacent rooms (because I don’t have generals this semester). The downside is the over thirty mile commute there and then again back every day but even that could be worse (someone in my class has to drive for 2hrs to get to school everyday :frowning:).

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Junior year is smooth sailing thus far kind of because I’m paranoid of dropping down to an F in two classes and working overtime to pull them back up like I did last year.

on a side note: physics is reaaally boring.

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just took the ACT again, it was a bit less painful the second time

gonna stop you right there

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“on a side note: physics is reaaally boring.”

Junior year is age 16-17 right? If so I don’t agree with you here at all I’m afraid. Particle, nuclear and thermal physics are very interesting. As is mechanics. Overall maths on the hand…

Physics is never boring, its just schools who are not capable of making proper enviroment for practical presentation of what you are learning. If we actually did science experiments the proper way like we do now in faculty, the book learning part would have been a lot easier.

Same for any class that comes from natural sciences.

PS: I wonder if US people use Metric in natural sciences as oppose to the dumb Imperial system which actually makes math a lot harder with nonsensical measurements that dont exchange properly between each other? (Why do you still measure with feet, so primitive, also Farenheit measurement is a joke in the way it was created by subjectively assuming the coldest recorded temperature near Farenheit at the time being the starting point of the measurement instead of a universal constant like absolute zero, or freezing point of water in standard earth conditions).


Perhaps I’ll find physics more engaging in the future. It could be it’s just my interest in a subject suffering from the absorb-then-regurgitate-information learning system. I’ll try looking past that for now and see how I like it.

More often than not, yes. It does not help our case at all.

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Oh thats actually tragic. The sooner you all tranfer to metric the sooner math becomes easier.

(Also you are all already using metric with measuring hard drive space )

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when I took AP Phys 1 and chem. honors, we’d mostly use metric, which was easier most of the time. but I don’t see anything wrong with imperial, miles are far superior to kilometers


Miles cant be divided or added in an even 10 digit interval change. Meter is 1000 part of a kilometer. A centimeter is 100 part of a meter, a decimeter is a 10 part of a meter…it also applies to square spaces, liquids, computer drive space, weight, and speed.

Way more practical with and objectively better for use.

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maybe so but i prefer miles bc that’s what i’m more used to, it’s easier for me to imagine 10 miles than 10 km.

School has definitely upped the ante since I’m in college now. This is good, though. I’ve wanted a proper challenge for a while. I finally have a place to learn, speak my mind, and have a community full of people who are serious about school yet enjoy having fun as a community as well.


my school has stupidly easy normal classes but super hard AP classes.

I finished every AP class I’m able to take but I’m still required to do this one year so I took just enough regular classes to fill my schedule.

It’s mind numbingly easy.


That’s how it was for me in high school as well. I took normal classes to keep my GPA high and took hard AP classes so I could actually challenge myself academically lol.

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What are AP classes? Probably a stupid question :joy:

@BioKnight Cheers, we don’t have them over here

AP is short for Advanced Placement. Basically, they’re harder versions of classes


*That can give you college credit if you take an exam.

Never forget that little bonus. That’s how I managed to get ahead in college.