I was getting pizza with a few guys from my school’s drama club yesterday. One of them randomly brought up a bionicle commercial, and I had to restrain myself from fully geeking out.


We use both, at least in my line of study, and conversion between the two is annoying as heck and something we have to do all the time. I absolutely agree with this statement.


For me we’ve always used metric, at least in Chemistry and Physics. Guess it just varies by school/teacher.

I’m currently doing this thing called Pathways which is basically a program that will help me get into the college I want without having to take ACT or SAT. I’ll be finishing a semsester before I leave on a long trip this December and then finish the last two semesters when I return, then head straight to college.

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Anyone here going to Faculties instead of Colleges? I imagine those are quite rare in the states.

Not sure what this is.

Only aternative (besides foregoing the endeavor altogether) that I know of is Trade Schools that aren’t as extensive as colleges but they teach you skills to get directly into the workforce.

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Faculty is a group of university departments concerned with a major division of knowledge.

Example: I go in a Faculty of Natural Sciences, but my department is Physics, but my specialty course is for graduated professor of physics.

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We have effectively the same however it’s just more classed in regular college.

I doubt that you have more classes. Everyone has a standard amound with including extra ones.

i started school not too long ago and there has been nothing but bad news since then…

Sorted stuff on my shelves today and stumbled across old school things…

It’s kinda weird that now I do look back at school somewhat fondly. There were funny things happening back then on a somewhat regular basis after all. I’m also glad that I decided to not play by the rules anymore during my last years - made some exams much more enjoyable.
Still I’m glad that I’m finished with school. No more completely useless classes to attend, no more weekly tests, no more getting up early in the morning every day. University is SO much better.

School sucked. But since it’s over I can finally enjoy the good memories.

Did I ever talk about how this lead to me dropping out entirely?

I didn’t go to another day after those three.

For the last two years my life as been nothing, and I hate myself for lacking the strength to go to school everyday. My year have done thier exams, and had thier formal, and I remain a hopeless pathetic drop out, who contributes literally nothing to society. I only speak to one person from my school on a regular basis. People have told me more times than I can count that graduating highschool is only one of many paths you can take through life, but as I spend another night unable to sleep, I believe them less and less.

Don’t drop out of school.

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I have a high B in one class and a high C in another, so these past weeks have a been a frantic rush to pull them up before the end of the quarter.

Uh… can’t say much. Good luck in the future, I guess, but also good advice.


Why don’t you suffer through the embarrassment and go back to that pit of suffering? I mean, let’s be honest, high school is awful. However, the diploma at the end really helps.

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Horrible depression.

There are days when I want to do something as simple as help my family with grocery shopping, but can’t.

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That’s rough. You should talk to someone about this. Have a chat with your parents if you’re able to, otherwise it’s better to seek professional help through school.


Finals are coming up/ here, what are your thoughts? I only have two, so it isn’t too much of a problem.

Homeschooled so despite lacking many of the downsides of “regular” school, there isn’t as many social. Tho my church’s youth group helps

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Finishing the second year of Gymnasium(Swedish equivalent to High school but 3 years instead of 4-5 years) on Friday. This year been rough but I’m glad it’s over soon. One year 'til I graduate tho I’m gonna miss my classmates once it’s over. Time flies by I guess.

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