Self-MOC ~ Valerix The GodsDemon

This is the newest version of my Self-MOC. Valerix was originally created back in 2008 on December 7th. Origionally he was just a mata foot with two green eyes on top of a Phantoka Makuta body.
He comes stocked with fully custom limbs and head. (All my design except for the normal Herofactory build for lower arms.) The Jaw can open and close as well as it has a tongue that can be moved. fully posable fingers and toes, and that is it.

Full Body pictures:






The Evisceration Blade:

So, have any questions? Anything I should work on?
Be sure to let me know!
(P.S. Sorry for bad lighting, one of my lamps died. And the blue pins stick out like and eye sore… I just dont have the black ones :P)


This is a LOT of info. Might want to tone down on that. Most people don’t want to know the moc’s foot size. Other than that. This is a pretty good thing. Its got a very good, clean aesthetic. I liek it.


It looked great all around until I saw the back of the neck. Is there a way you could fill that in or make it flow with the rest of the MOC?

I have been experimenting, and still XD. And Thankyou.

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Other than that
He looks really cool!

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I just want to point out that I’ll give credit if I’m ever getting around to steal that hand design.

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Cool MOC…why would his mother and father be Dragon Aspects from WoW with different spelling tho? and you have too much pointless info to him, which I’m not bothered to read.


Well, the MOC looks good. The scale is impressive. However, that is far too much information.

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Because I like the game and I just gave them names :P. There is also no point in telling me that you aren’t going to bother reading it. Just don’t read .-.

Too much yes, that is only to get the info out for the first time. Anytime after this should just be normal explaining the MOC. Also Thanks.

Just as long as you give credit anywhere it is posted, otherwise go ahead.


It looks pretty cool, and your definitely a good moccist, but it took me like 10-20 minutes to read the info that doesn’t affect the moc at all

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I wanted to hint with this on the fact there is too much unnecessary info for this OC.

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Well, I just like to put as much detail as I can into my OC’s profiles. Unnecessary or not, I like having the information.


The question you have to ask yourself is “Will people even read that?” If the answer to that is no…then do not write it.

And myself the question? No. They don’t have to read that, I put it in there because i felt the need too. Weather someone wanted to read it or not. Oh well

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I just feel the length of the text hinder something that might seem as interesting/ok character…anyhow, I’m here because the MOC which is essentially good-looking…the head is too big tho.


Considering it’s upsetting or other things. I removed the profile. I thankyou for the compliment and the opinion.

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by the way…for the profile, go to the Literature section…where it might get appreciated.

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The MOC looks awesome, but the distribution of Mata red could be better

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Fantastic MOC! The snake is a clever toung, and that is a big sword! Although, I do believe that you forgot a space and an apostrophe in the name.