Should they bring back old pieces to 2015?

I was just wondering what Lego should do. Should they bring back old pieces or should they make new moulds, or even use HF pieces? should they bring back old masks or make new ones?

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My main problem with Bionicle was that they looked too much like robots. HF pieces have shown through Chima that they can make an action figure feel very organic . This would be perfect for Bionicle imo ,but it all depends on how they execute the sets, I Really hope the Toa (or Maters) dont look like HF 7.0 with boring armor .


Then my question would be, will these new pieces be compatible with the old ones?

And will they be making new masks?

I've always thought HF was too sleek and plastic-y for bionicle. I loved the look of all the gears and details. And tere was something about the feel of the bionicle pieces vs HF pieces.
So I do hope that they bring back the bionicle style.

Im my opinion they should use mostly BIONICLE pieces but also some HF parts.

I think they should just stay with the current HF pieces.

Use the HF building system, but use BIONICLE-styled armor and pieces.

I've seen a lot of posts out here about compatibility with old parts and the answer is, of course??? HF parts were compatible with Bionicle gen 1 parts, so I don't see why the Bionicle gen 2 parts would be incompatible with everything else? Lego always makes parts compatible with each other.

But LEGO scrapped the part molds for most of the parts BIONICLE uses. (This is a rumor, don't quote me on this)

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I have very mixed feelings about this. There are some parts, like masks and other useful parts that I think would be great to have back in lego's current model of 'use this part a whole bunch and recolor it in lots of different colors" like they did with Hero Factory parts. That was one of the great things about HF, Armor comes in so many colors, it provides more options than we were used to.

Then there's the fact the Bone system is really intuitive and versatile. I hope lego takes that system and makes it look and feel like the old bionicle parts. Much more detailed and textured and with a focus on aesthetics, as I thought that's what HF lacked. Everything was simplified in terms of aesthetics and they didn't pay enough attention or place enough importance on it. The backs of most HF sets always looked atrocious. We already know that the first wave of the new sets use HF builds and parts with some new stuff in there.

Ultimately my answer to your question is a mix bag. use old and new, but also they're making new parts for them so that could help be a nice middle ground to. I always like new parts and recolors More of the same thing is boring so if they do reuse old parts at least make them in colors we haven't gotten before, or make rare colors more plentiful again.


I was referring to existing Bionicle gen 1 pieces, I seriously doubt they would use the old moulds (if they still exist) to create new parts, since they have perfectly good, durable moulds currently in use - they'll almost certainly make some new ones as well.

Incoming slightly unpopular opinion: The HF slightly better as it gives lots of different coloured parts that all fit together in the same way, whereas bionicle had a lot of parts that some where more of a hassle to put together.

EDIT: "Much more detailed and textured and with a focus on aesthetics, as I thought that's what HF lacked." -3rdeye88

The style of HF was building robots to fight and capture villains, it was very industrial, not as organic as Bionicle, so I can see why they did that. Also with the news of Bionicle gen 2, it's almost like HF was a test run of the new system.

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IT would be in everyone's best interest if they made new pieces that were based of of HF. I may hate Hero Factory, but I will admit that it did have far better pieces than the original Bionicle. And from the images that we got, it looks like they are trying to make the Hero Factory pieces look like they are apart of Bionicles set style, if that makes sense, I don't really know how to word that. I just hope that we don't have those annoying blue pins.

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Its clear they will use the hf pieces.
I dont have any hf ,but my friend does and he says that the broken ball-socket pieces are a thing from the past. HF is much more durable

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I can attest to that. They redesigned both the ball joint and the socket piece and they are indeed much sturdier. I've literally yet to have one break on me. I save them up for MOCs that I know are going to need sturdy joints.

I coulda sworn I saw Piraka feet (not the over-used claws) on at least one of the sets!

I just really hope that Lego brings back some old pieces but I don't want sets that look like HF series 1.

But what about Masks will they remake those with an axle inside or just start with a whole new design?

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Those were indeed Piraka feet on Dragonbolt and Scarox (and some others) But I compared those to my own Piraka feet and the HF ones are much sturdier and thicker.

You see, the Piraka had two types of feet. 3 had one type, 3 had the other. One is the over-used claw foot, and the other is the one I think I saw on the 2015 pictures.

Jeah guys your probably right.

But one of my questions is still not anwsered.
What will they do with the masks?

Are they using old parts?

Should they? Not really.

Will they? No.

The HF system is lego's constraction building system right now, and regardless of whether you like it, they are going to be using it. They probably don't even have the old molds anymore! I've been buying HF sets for parts since it came out, and there really are some neat things you can do with the new system, and while it's a new system, these are still standard sized ball joints, pin holes, mini pin holes, axle bits, and ect. If you've seen any mocs with both systems used, then you know that the systems aren't at all incompatible, and the overly detailed 2010 and before parts often add some nice contrast to the newer sleek shelled parts.

In other words, it's not the end of good Bionicle mocing as we know it because Bionicle uses the new system. There's really no reason to be mad that lego's not using the old system.

Anyways, the masks seem to be new molds. Similar in shape, but yeah, new molds.