Sokodas weekly builds

This is incredible, Sokoda! Well done once again! Can’t wait till next week!

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Ooo, now this is shiny. Almost looks cooler than the original, I think. Very nice!

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As some of you probably know, this week I’ll be uploading my 100th weekly build and I want to celebrate that milestone!

Join me on Nov. 28th 6:00 pm EST on the TTV channel for a special video going over the project and the builds!


I’ll have to mark the calendar; looks cool!

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I probably wont be able to make the live stream :slightly_frowning_face:. I am looking forward to it regardless, and I am anticipating the 100th weekly build!

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Very excited!

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Thank you all!

@wild_toa don’t worry, the video will go up on the channel after the premiere


yeah, I know, I was just hoping to be able to see it all live. aside from part of Eljay’s remix reveiw for '06, I havent seen any live ttv stuff

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[SWB 100] Creativity [SWB 100] Creativity

Wow it’s still incredible for me that I built 100 of these!
Thank you all so much, especially here on the Message Boards, for checking out these builds, the fun talks we have in this topic, the cool requests and build ideas and just for always comig back to this topic!
Just thank you all so much!

For this milestone I also made an imgur gallery with all my weekly builds as an easy way to scroll threw them and take a look:


Also the 100th build is buildable and instructions can be found here:

PDF Instructions

Once again, thank you all so much! You guys keep motivating me to build more and experiment with new ideas. This project has been so much fun!


You’ve done it, you’ve gotten to 100. Great job.




Wow, very cool! It definitely feels “Lego” in the purest sense.


This communicates “lego” very well, and looks really nice. Also, congratulations on making it to 100!


Thank you all!
Yeah I very much wanted this one to be a “LEGO-themed” build. I think this was the best way to go for something celebrating the project as a whole, because there is so much different stuff in it, LEGO is the one thing that holds it all together, so I wanted to build something that represents LEGO building on a very basic level


Congratulations, man. Glad to see you make it all the way to 100


This is the most historic event since the TTV 366 days of art!


Just had a chance to watch the 100th build video! Was not expecting the face reveal at the end.

It was awesome hearing what went into these models - your talent to come up with so many creative solution to things on such a tight schedule as one week is very impressive. Fantastic achievement, you should be very happy. I loved that 100th build so much.

Was that a Toa Mata Nui revamp hiding on the shelf behind you? It was very cool.


@Sokoda Are you still open for requested builds?

@Oonie , I love ongoing projects like TTV 366 days of art or Gringat’s Community Chibi Project and other topics like that. So that was one reason I started this in the first place

@Toa-of-Snow Thank you! I’m happy you liked it. The Mata Nui is just the regular 09 Glatorian one, I modified his shield and built him a sword back in 09 though.

@LegoDavid Yeah I’m still open, but be warned they will take a long time before being uploaded. I have all the 2020 stuff done and while I plan to continue in 2021, I might do some special weekly builds for early 2021, not sure yet, but that might push all requests back for quite a while.


So I assume you’re still going to be continuing the builds?