Sorry I'm Late (Canon Contest #3: The Honor Guard)



It’s better I enter this contest late than never at all. I’ve never entered a canon contest until now and I thought why not try?

I’ve had these MOC’s finished for a couple of weeks since the contest started and have honestly not looked at anyone’s submissions. This is mostly for me to work on my vision and not attempt to copy someone else’s work. With that said, let me move to my mindset for designing my Toa Hagah.

Mindset/Design Decisions


When designing these other four Toa Hagah, I restricted myself to what was available at the time when Toa Iruini and Norik were released. They didn’t really incorporate any Hordika specific body parts, so I excluded those from my parts pool. I wanted to build the Toa Hagah as if they could’ve realistically released alongside the other two had they been manufactured. With that in mind, they might not be the most complex or wild compared to others. However, I wanted to present them as believable sets.

Group Photos - The following photos are of my four remaining Hagah (group shots and solo photos), as well as Toa Iruini being used as a measurement of their overall height.

All of my Toa Hagah use either the Iruini or Norik main body build. The only different are the legs use to differ their height.

Toa Gaaki

Toa Pouks

Toa Bomonga

Toa Kualus



The masks used are as followed and are credited to the people who either created them or helped port them to

Additional Credit


Included are packs I utilized in order to build my Toa Hagah. Highly recommend supporting all these packs because the creators do an amazing job.:

Consent To Change Stuff


I give consent for my mask to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: NO

I give consent for my metallic color choice to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: NO

I give consent for my spear tip to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: NO except for Gaaki since her tip is slightly longer than Norik’s spear tip piece. Just don’t change the overall design outside of the length.

Hope you all enjoy them!

Studio File Link:


I rate the Title 10/10 perfect name for the hagah

Yeah the Mocs are cool. They have a weird sense of union. Nice

These ones look very good.

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I dig the masks you’ve chosen. Everybody seems to use the same four.
I’ll definitely vote for your Gaaki and Bomonga.

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Well thank you!

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Just a heads up, as far as I am aware you need to provide links to where those custom masks can be downloaded.

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Oops I forgot.

Alright got all the links for each mask and also all the links for the packs I used.

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You also have to upload the Studio file with your entries.

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Just to confirm, are the Shapeway model links you posted available for free download? If not, a free download link must be included before the entry period ends. Thank you.


Bomongas mask is currently unavailable

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Everything on Galva’s “Chronicler’s Vault” shapeways storefront is available for free download, I run the page for him and make sure every item is set to allow downloads.


How do I upload the studio file? It wouldn’t let me at the time of the post.

Edit: Okay added a link to the file in Google Drive. Please let me know if it’s fine now :+1:

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I’m not a moderator but I checked your entry and seems to be fine. The Studio file was fine (but for some reason it showed me the Toa with the torso inverted).

The one thing you should edit is the links for the custom masks. The link should direct to a free 3d model download and not to a shapeway page. Use the links that @Senit posted above for Pouks and Kualus. With that you only will be lacking Bomonga’s mask.

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I honestly don’t know where to find the right links. I had only used the masks in studio. They are obviously free but of course I got the wrong links by mistake.

Minirigby did help state they were free to use.

I’ll try and get the links fixed though. I hope Eljah will let me know if it’s a big deal. I just want my first time entering a contest to be as correct as possible. I’m really good at following rules.

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They are downloadable for free from shapeways.

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Gaaki is my favourite

Yeah either her or Bomonga I love. She looks like she can mess someone up lol. Sadly Studio doesn’t yet have the visorak shells or I would’ve done a render of them fighting visorak.

Edit Post Entry Period: Good luck to everyone who entered the contest. I wish you all the best of luck :crossed_fingers: