Speculative Prototype Mocs

Using the parts document mentioned in the Rare Kanohi research topic, as well as some other early material, I tried to recreate what a few of the 2001 sets may have looked like at some point in development. As the title says, most of this is speculation and shouldn’t be taken as fact.


The first thing to note here is the Kanohi. While I don’t think the Toa were ever intended to have these specific masks, the element ID’s suggest these were the first ones created in their respective colours. Maybe they were placeholders?

The models are primarily based off this Legonaut segment. At first glance, they look very similar to the finals, but looking closer there are a number of differences. The most obvious is Onua’s upright stance (which can be seen in a few frames of Lomn’s cutscenes). Other differences are:

  • A different axle piece in the gearbox
  • Eye colour - Onua’s glow in the dark, the other Toa use either orange or lime green (like future waves)
  • Tahu and Gali have Slizer limbs like most of the other Toa. (I’m not sure Gali’s were asymmetrical, though the orange in the video is strange). Interestingly, these pieces weren’t officially released until the Visorak.

Although not seen in the video, there are several oddities that made their way into the building instructions, including Pohatu’s 3rd ball, and Lewa’s green axles. I’ve also moved Gali’s pins to her legs as they appear in LoMN.


I’ve added solid versions to make the colours more obvious.

As speculated based on the “misprinted” Kanohi, Kopaka and Pohatu were probably intended to use light blue and yellow Kaukau respectively before the colours were finalized. However, once the Turaga were created, they needed to come up with 4 new mask colours, shifting them around to suit the new characters.

Kaukau 2
Why 4? I believe Nuju and Whenua were the last to be created, as their parts are grouped together later in the index from the others. Perhaps they wanted to stick to the four classic elements (you’ll notice Onewa has Whenua’s Earth drill in prototype images). Though if this is the case, it’s strange that they still had 12 Kanohi.

Regardless, there is evidence that at this point Lego had been toying with the idea of printing them in all 10 colours. With the addition of 2 greys, however, there was no longer a suitable equivalent for the Kaukaus. (The only other transparent colours left at the time were variations of green, blue and pink.) Of course, they probably also realized 120+ masks to collect was a bit excessive…


With 6 of these parts recently discovered, these are the ones I’m most excited about! Who knows if they actually intended to release 12 of these guys, but I’d like to think they considered it. There’s also no reason to think they would’ve come with tools, I just thought it would add a bit more variety.

I tried to make the colour schemes as cohesive as possible, starting with the 6 we got. (Though “Macku” uses a blue-violet rather than blue). Although we have no idea what Matoran they created from these parts, it seems like a strong possibility that Nobua, and the “wizard” from QftT may have been some of them.

I should also mention that some of the colours here weren’t listed in the document: namely dark blue, bright green, and the sand green feet. In addition, there had been brown, and dark grey feet listed that I decided not to include.


Ooh these look pretty cool and it’s nice to see some “what-if” mocs. Neat job!


ah neat, these all look pretty cool


I think you did an amazing job bringing these “would be” sets to life!
Your speculative choices seem very plausible, especially for the Matoran. Very good point on Nobua and the wizard characters - there are many mask colors and Matoran body part colors in those early games, which we have not ever seen realized, but are present in the parts sheet. We also know both Saffire and Templar studios recieved many prototype sets to use as references and some of them may have had these parts. Medium lime Miru being used on the wizard is very clever and I didn’t even think of that possibiliy :+1:

Also, the fact that purple Hau did exist (and probably still does) makes me even more confident that Nobua has been there all along and was meant to be a prominent character.

I wish they went ahead with violet Macku - she is the only 2001 Matoran with no special color.


Purple and green is an interesting colour combination.


Something interesting that we can see in MNOG, is also the use of some yellow Hau for other matorans than Jalla/Jaller…
Maybe it was supposed to be a real thing ?


I think the Jaller lookalikes were probably just a case of reusing assets to save time, but it’s possible that some of the other Matoran were built from real pieces we haven’t seen. Like maybe the early “George” Takua ?

Also, thanks to KDNX’s topic, I realized I mistakenly gave Gali the wrong mask. The one listed in Aanchir’s spreadsheet was actually an Akaku.

Seeing them all together like this, it seems strangely fitting.


You’re totally right !!


Hey, these are really great! I had one thing I wanted to add: the original “Mata hand” piece has the element name of “SHOULDER LINK”. I think early versions of the 01 sets would have used this to connect their arms to the torso, i.e. as a shoulder link lol


It was used that way on Slizers too…


Can you show us ? :3


Doesn’t the original prototype Tahu do that too?


Not sure. I’d love to see pics of this if that’s true. EDIT: actually, I sort of recall this with the prototypes who have Slizer-head feet. I may have to revise my own prototype mocs I’ve been making… Another edit: never mind, they have the hand connector shoulders



Here you go. This was on this topic. It appears to be some early promo artwork.


Oh right, I had forgotten that model had the Slizer shoulders. That makes sense.

Seems like we know of at least 2-3 iterations of the Toa before they were finalized, though I’m sure there were plenty more.


Awesome, thank you, this is exactly what I wanted to see.


This was recently shared by Christian Faber, showing the full version of the video used in the LegoNaut segment. Now that we have a better look at the prototypes, there are a number of things we can compare.

The first thing I noticed was the confirmation that Gali did have asymmetrical arms! The weird orange was just a byproduct of its original colour.

I took some liberties in my image using information from different sources, so I’m not surprised things like Tahu’s arm and Pohatu’s ball were inaccurate. There were a few things however that I didn’t anticipate:

  • Neither Gali or Pohatu have any pins on their hips or legs
  • Gal’s hook is held a bit differently
  • Kopaka’s hand is black instead of white

And if you look closely, you can see the same prototype “Toa Vahi” seen in the teaser image DuneToa linked!


Lego probably only added the pins later in development specifically for the kaita.