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Treehorn smiled in a way that would make someone expect vampire fangs to be revealed, “Good answer.” He said.

“I would let you join but my partner also has to okay it for it to be official.” He said, nodding to the female.

I'm watching you.

The astromech said to Cooper, using his usual beeps and whistles.

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Cooper mad a low whirring sound as he pointed one of his claws at his own eye, then at the astromech’s.
@meepinater “Whatdaya say Miss?” Brorden asked flashing a charismatic grin.

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“Ah, yes.” Treehorn said, “Can you or your droid promise that they won’t doublecross us?” (@TheMOCingbird)

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“Whatdaya say Miss?” Brorden asked flashing a charismatic grin.

“Nothing, it was nothing.” Kay replied, shaking her head dismissively.

Digg passed by them as he started making his way back to his appartment.

The Zabrak watched as Digg passed by but said nothing.

“What are you looking at?” Growled Digg.

“Nothing.” The Zabrak said, his accent thick of Dathomir.

“That’s what I thought,” mumbled Digg.

Feeling the tight grip, the man was quite intimidated. “I-I can’t leave until y-you help me”

“What? Coop? No, that little guy wouldn’t hurt a fly.” He said with a dismissive wave.

“Just tell me what you know.” The Third Brother said in an almost comforting way, bending down to be on eye level with the man, though he still did not relinquish his grip.

“Buzz droids can be tricky.” Treehorn said. “If they are well-placed, they have been known to take down large craft.”

He flashes the vampire smile again, “If he can prove himself valuable to the team, I will see to it he gets an equal cut to the rest of us if we capture the Jedi.” He said.

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“He’s probably gone by now but I saw him by the old warehouse off Kesh” the man said giving up

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“Thank you.” The Third Brother said as he stood up, immediately releasing the man. He called over a group of passing stormtroopers. “Make sure this man has a roof over his head and a hot meal to eat tonight.” And with that, the inquisitor left the man, dashing off toward the warehouse. @Diero He called Darvin as he ran. “Brother, I have a possible location of the target: he was supposably seen at the old warehouse just off Kesh. Get there as soon as possible.”

Cooper made a chittering sound, to which Brorden interpreted with a chuckle. “He says it sounds fair enough to him!” Brorden stretched out his hand as he spoke. “So do we have an agreement, 25% four ways?”

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“Depends on how many of us survive.” Treehorn said with a devilish smile, “Now, I think we’re on a schedule: first come, first served.”

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TK-3516 turned towards Juliana.
“If he’s not here now, he will be when he tries to escape. I say we stay low and keep hidden until we find him.”

Kay turned towards Treehorn and Brorden.
“Shall we get searching, then?”

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“Understood, I’m on my way. Troopers, the Third Brother believes he’s found the Jedi’s location. We have no time to lose!”
He sets off running towards the warehouse, motioning for his troopers to follow.

Treehorn nods and begins muttering under his breath.

OOC: @EmperorDuckie, Ygdras is trying to use Dathomirian Magick to track Chimm.

Kay looks around, scanning the area for enemies.
She catches sight of TK-3516 but he doesn’t see her.

TK-3516 taps his comm on his helmet.
“The inquisitors think they’ve got a lead on the Jedi.” He told Juliana.
“Should we head over there?”

He’d detect him not far from where the inquisitors believe him to be. A couple blocks away hiding in an alleyway

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