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He gave a thumbs up, and began to resume walking, but stopped when he heard his knew partner muttering strange words. He shot the Dathomirian an odd glance before turning to the Miralian, who seemed slightly more sane. “I didn’t catch your names.”

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OOC: That is why I wanted him to have learned some Magick; it’s flipping useful!

IC: Treehorn’s eyes have a few wisps of green mist flow from them briefly before he opens his eyes again, a fading green light to his eyes, “My name is Treehorn and I have found our target.” He said, shaking his head to clear it of the voices of the spirits whispering briefly in his mind.


“Ok. You’ve uh, got some… never mind.” Brorden said, obviously noticing the green in his eyes.

The Third Brother quickened his pace as he dashed through the streets, his black cloak flowing behind him. He had studied this target for a long time, and he was not planning on missing his chance o finally catch the Jedi.

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“A little Magick from home.” Treehorn said with a smile, the light and mist gone from his eyes, “Now, we must hurry.” He told the group.

Chimm faintly felt Ygdras reaching out with Magick. He was irritated that his friend tapped into the dark art, but glad that they found him. He would wait here unless someone found him

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“Emerald.” Kay replied. “But you can call me Em.”

“Everyone, follow me.” Treehorn said to Em, Brorden, the astromech and Coop as he began walking.

“Nice to meet ya, Em.” Brorden remarked as he began to rung along side the others following Ygdras.

The Third Brother tapped into the force, pulling on his fear of failure, to give himself a boost of force speed, anything to get to Chimm faster. True, he would be going in without the backup of the purge troopers, but if was he able to stall long enough for the rest of his own squad as well as the rest of the Eleventh Brother’s squad to catch up, well, then it would be over. He just had to get there.

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Treehorn was moving quickly, practically running, and with great urgency…he must really want that bounty.

The red astromech actually activated its jet thrusters in order to keep up with its master.

Kay (Em) nodded.
She broke into a sprint, signaling after the ground troopers to follor her and Ygdras

“Hmm, the faster that guy is found, the faster things can go back to normal,” Digg thought to himself, before he noticed that the guy who had given him a strange look bolting like his life depended on it, “Must be one of those bounty hunters, maybe I could steal the bounty out from under him, and they’ll finally let me into the Imperial Flight Academy! But how to do it?” Digg thought out loud.

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The Eleventh Brother continues sprinting through the streets, ducking and weaving between the crowds of people to remain unimpeded. Seeing that his troopers are struggling to keep up, he resorts to using the force to part the crowd and make his path clear.

Treehorn (Ygdras) picks up the pace, wanting to reach Chimm before anyone else could.

“I’ll catch up, and stumble em with my blaster, that’ll work. Probably,” continued the Shistavanen, turning to follow the stranger from before.

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“I suppose so.” She said, sounding somewhat doubting.

“We can stay here, too.” TK-3516 offered. “The inquisitors can take care of one jedi. It’s not like there’s gonna be three of them.”

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“No it’s just… it seems too easy. How did they find him so fast… maybe a decoy? Hrm…” she said, hand to her chin, “My dad always said ‘If you’ve found your quarry in under 30 minutes, somethings wrong’.”

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“Wise words.” TK-3516 said.
“We’ll wait here until they call for backup. Keep an eye out for rebels.”

“I have a feeling they’ll show up… it’s usually what happens with things like this, or so my cousin tells me… he’s been hunting jedi for a while…”

The inquisitors wouldn’t know the exact location, so Ygdras And Kay would find him first due to force speed, followed by their team and Brorden. “Ygdras, Kay” Chimm said, approaching his Friends