Star Wars: Lockdown OOC and Signups

As does Ygdras…

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Right, so at this point it’s a race haha

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Tick, tock…tick, tock…

Oh, could R3 have been listening in on the Imperial comms? And would Juliana have seen the Zabrak running like heck by now?

Hey guys Jsyk I won’t be able to post past 10:30 PM EST Most days

@BlackBeltGamer98 Maybe not passively but if he can actively attempt it (it’d be a very secure frequency and without being able to focus on that it’d be difficult)


If the Third Brother is who I think he is…MOCingbird is gonna have some explaining to do…



Is this canon or legends? I don’t think you mentioned.

It’s canon isn’t it? Legends didn’t have Inquisitors.

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I think we’re using Canon as that’s what we used in Survival over Illum.

I mean, I wasn’t in that, so I dunno.

Actually it did. They occured alot in Jude Watson’s books. The ex-jedi Ferus Olin was in control of them for a while.

They weren’t quite as developed as the canon Inquisitors, nor did they have the same naming structure. The filled the same niche though, top-teir jedi hunters, directly beneath Vader.

Also, the Third Brother figuring out the deception feels a bit like metagaming to me…

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Couldn’t he use the force to discern your motives though?

I think its more canon, but if it’s like the older rp, then it would also be pretty flexible.

^ he has his ways

good I can make Jude Watson refrences

Sorry guys I’m not gonna be responding much for the rest of the day as I’m with my woman


Have fun!

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daw… i want to fight too!


Here’s a question: can someone resist stun blasts?

I’m pretty sure Digg will likely hit a rebel trooper due to them trying to protect the Jedi but I’m not sure.

Not really, no