Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

Ygdras thought for a minute then had a thought, “You know, we did fail to share the same views on lightsaber class names but we came to a middle ground and found an agreement while learning a bit more about one another.” He said, trying to help him get out of that crestfallen look and see something good had come from their interaction.

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Kaiden didn’t reply, leaving an awkward silence.

“We will make it out of here; all of us.” Ygdras promised.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Kaiden said, regaining a little confidence. “Though we still don’t know why any of this is even happening.”

Ygdras sat back for a moment, “Yes, that is a mystery.” He said, “but right now, we need to focus on the present and trust the Force will guide us.”

Kaiden stood, and straightened his back. “You’re right. Right now, we can only hope the others finish the gathering soon.” Kaiden took off the shield on his back, as well as the energy pike. Won’t be needing these anymore. He thought to himself.

Ygdras began sifting through his pack and set aside the vibroblade, riot shield and examined the second blaster he took.

I’ll keep these. he thought as he put the blaster ammo and second blaster back in his pack while leaving the first one clipped to his belt.

“Is your arm okay?” He asked, remembering how he felt pain from Kaiden before they reached the armory.

“It’s ok. I’ll live.” Kaiden said with a smile, not wanting to worry the other youngling too much. “How are you recovering from he crash?”

Ygdras looked at him, “You should get that looked at once we’re all out of this system.” He advised.

“Got a bit of a headache along with some bruises and strained bones but I’ll live.” He said, “And take some time to rest when I get the chance.” He checked his head and winced a bit at one of the cuts he had gained from the crash. He then rests his head on the wall, using the ice to help dull out the pain to a bit more manageable level.

He tries to sense out Kaiden’s feelings towards him, remembering the fear he felt from the other younglings when he saw the vision of when he killed the clone trooper.

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OOC: What happened while I was gone?
IC: Bower and Han were still walking down a hallway, having no idea what was supposed to happen to them.

OOC: mainly just Ygdras and Kaiden talking about what they experienced in their trials and just chatting in general between the two.


He would feel a lessening sense of unease toward Ygdras in Kaiden, though he would be able to sense that Kaiden was still on edge.

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Ygdras felt the urge to try and help him relax but felt he needed some time alone to decompress a bit.

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Kaiden leaned against he wall, thinking and waiting for the others.

Ygdras was also wondering about the others, hoping they were faring well in their trials. (@EmperorDuckie)

@Toa_Vladin: As Bower was walking through the caves, and would suddenly feel a pull to a cavern apart from Han.


Here’s my reminder, @EmperorDuckie

Bower turned his head towards the new cavern.
“Where are you going?” Han asked as his friend walked away.
“I 'll back…” Bower said, leaving.
Han remained there, waiting for him.

Ooc: guess we’re in different time zones. Tbh idrk where to go with Kay’s trials. I’m going to do them one at a time from now on for the sake of my sanity


Han grew restless as he started walking in circles, waiting for Bower to return.
Bower, meanwhile, was walking deeper into the cavern, feeling the Force attracting him closer and closer to something.