Star Wars: Survival over Illum (RP topic)

OOC: the point of this is to help her to learn to not doubt herself.

IC: The crystal clearly called to her.

Kay shuffled her feet in place, looking for a way over. When she didn’t find any, she focused on the crystal and tried to use the force to bring it to herself.

Kaiden backed off a little but still kept his defensive stance. “You want to keep going?” He asked.

“You scared?” Ygdras asked as he began to step forward.

The crystal appears to be encased in ice.

Kay attempted to use the force to break the ice.

The slightest of smiles began to appear on Kaiden’s face. “No,” He said as he braced himself for a coming attack. “I was just making sure you wouldn’t mind a thorough beating.”

She would sense it starting to give, but she’d need to try harder to succeed

Kay closed her eyes and put all her effort into it.

It would start to crack slightly

Kay focused harder, and stretched out her arm.

“If you’re so confident,” Ygdras said, “come at me.” He readied for Kai to react.

The ice would crack a little more, but she’d have to reach deeper into the force to get it

Kay attempted to do so.

The ice cracked more. Eventually it would break and the crystal would float to her.

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IC: Ygdras gave Kai a smug look, like he was trying goad him into attacking. (@TheMOCingbird)

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Kay smiled and grabbed the crystal as.soon as it reached.her.

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