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Tbh when there is a really dry year for SW content they should rehash CW sets


Have you seen their film line up?


Yeah I have. Maybe in 2030 or something they will do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Kandosii sa'karta, vode an...


Responding to a post from almost a year ago, one of the great mysteries of life.

Welp, they finally did it. Everything Wrong With The Clone Wars movie. And the sad thing is, is that they probably won't even give the series a chance.


Does it really matter? I've honestly grown really tired of Cinemasins. Their brand of "comedy" revolves around being absurdly negative about pretty much every movie ever. I find that it gets old really quickly and ultimately I think it's kind of unhealthy. They don't even make valid and well thought-out critiques of beloved media. They just constantly make dumb derogatory jokes (and maybe occasionally point out an interesting inconsistency or plot hole).

Ultimately, what does CinemaSins bring to the table besides a few flash-in-the-pan laughs and an unhealthy dose of negativity? Do they actually help people appreciate cinema more?

Honestly, I'd much rather spend my time watching CinemaWins, the positive knock-off channel how points out all the good parts of critically-panned movies. He recently did all three SW Prequels (which are worth the watch).

Apologies for the rant there. I maintain a very strong emotional connection to the The Clone Wars movie. To this day I find a great deal of enjoyment in it (in large part due to the excellent novelization) and have spent many hours over the past few years defending the movie (and the series).

Recently, I've realized that debating this kinda stuff over the internet is pretty futile. Nowadays I just let haters be haters (while trying to stay away from them as much as possible) and I just sit back and enjoy Star Wars the best I can.


Honestly I wasn't a fan of The Clone Wars film, but I definitely enjoy the series.


yeah I was not a really big fan of the movie... like at all, love the show though

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I saw it twice in 2008 (once in theaters and once rented from Blockbuster dang I'm old) and then went years without seeing it while watching the series. When the series was canceled and the movie plus all seasons were put on Netflix I gladly went back and expected it to hold to and... well, it didn't. There are some serious issues with it, mostly with animation and some wonky voice acting here and there. I still really enjoy it, but don't think it's the best film ever made. Thankfully the series basically gave us a bunch of sequels thanks to the numerous 3-4 episode story arcs that existed throughout the series.

Out of curiosity, why do you think you guys didn't enjoy the movie?

Yeah, the animation feels pretty stiff at times. I think that's in large part due to the fact that it was produced by a newly formed mostly-untested animation studio. I feel like this is most apparent withe characters' facial expressions. Just compare Ahsoka's arrival on Christophsis in the TCW movie to her departure from the Jedi Order in the Season 5 finale:


I really hated the "Jabba's Son" plot and the fact that Dooku was blaming the JEDI for all of this. It just doesn't make sense how Jabba owns a trade route, either. Those things are monitored by the Republic and this is never mentioned again.

It's pretty meh but it serves as a fairly decent motivation for the "hostage rescue/asset recovery" scenario that forms the basis for the majority of the film. It's not great, but it serves its purpose.

I mean, that's kinda Dooku's M.O. isn't it? He (justifiably) believes that the Jedi Order is corrupt. He's trying to cause as much trouble for the Republic as he possibly can. In order to achieve that end he attempts to sway Jabba against the Republic. A Hutt like Jabba wouldn't make a very trustworthy ally but he could certainly be a terrible enemy.

The Hutts have vast criminal empires across the outer rim. I think it's logical that they would control at least some hyperspace lanes that connect the major planets under their influence.

Actually it was said that the Separatists seized control of most of the major lanes in the early stages of the war (which explains why the Jedi had to go to Jabba in the first place). As for their use of Jabba's lanes - yeah, that's not brought up again. I assume it's more of a background fact that doesn't really need mentioning.


Yep. Which is also kind of a reason to not critique that, since this was the first thing they made ever.

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I don't agree with this. You should always critique a beginner, and thus you should always critique a new studio.


I think it's because the animation was pretty choppy and obviously not made for a film, also some of the voice acting was less than stellar and Ahsoka was kinda bratty

all of this is fixed in the show, just saying the movie was not really good, probably because it supposed to be some episodes and not a full length movie

thanks lucas with your infinite wisdom



Yeah... he didn't always make the best calls...

Then again, he allegedly funded a large portion of the later TCW arcs out-of-pocket, so we also have a lot to thank him for.


I have seen..maybe two episodes of this show. Seemed pretty cool...I was not a Star Wars fan back then, so I never went out of my way to watch it.


Recently watched the Pong Krell arc of episodes, I really enjoyed them, tragic though. After that, I went for the lost missions episodes. Call me crazy, but I actually liked the the Mace Windu-Jar Jar arc. The whole thing about stealing the force out of people was weird, but I still liked them. Fives though...


I just re-watched those episodes too. I absolutely loved them. They explored new really interesting aspects of the Force. They showed us Mace Windu being an extremely talented warrior (while at the same going to great lengths not to take lives unnecessarily as per the Jedi code). And best of all, they establish Jar-Jar as an absolutely hilarious foil to Mace.

Also, "hesa got all crispy-fried" is one of my new favourite Star Wars quotes.